Deck pictures finally!

At long last it’s done! The beloved husband took some shots of the deck which were better than anything I took. Thanks to all you great people encouraging my sanity during this project. In the end it is worth it but I was way beyond my patience level.

Looking at the deck with the pergola.

Same section from doorway of house

Other side with privacy screen. That rounded pergola in the distance is my next door neighbor’s pergola. The wood surrounding our privacy screens needs to be stained with a second coat of driftwood gray. Our siding is gray so I chose to stick with that.

The staircase

This is one of the piles of trash we looked at for 8 weeks! There were others scattered around the yard.

More on the people who worked on this to follow. It was certainly a motley crew!


59 thoughts on “Deck pictures finally!

  1. I like that Kate, everything … from the color, the lighted steps and the pergola and you have matched the accessories perfectly. I guess your lawn took a beating from the pile of scrap/materials sitting there for so long, but soon this scorching heat will have all lawns crispy and looking like Brillo pads anyway. The deck is quite long – you have lots of space. Will you be filling up the flower box this year or wait until next year now? Did your plant do okay, the one you were trying to keep safe in the very beginning?

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    • No plants were lost. I bought new flower boxes as the old ones didn’t fit the narrow handrails. The grass took a beating. I picked up all the cigarette butts. They cleaned most of them up but there were still quite a few around.

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      • That’s great – you were hoping you could protect it from where they were working. I imagine so, but if we keep getting 90s+ it will be crispy anyway. I used to water more, but by August it was almost pointless to water more than the flowers and trees/bushes.

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  2. Well it looks REALLY gorgeous. One heck of a long wait but I think it was worth waiting for as it’s quite spectacular……nice spot to relax and entertain. Wooo Hoooo! Your relative (!) patience has been rewarded…..LOL

    Hugs, Pam

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  3. I love it! And all that green in the back yard makes it the perfect place for relaxation. Lots of nice touches–the lights on the stairs and up above, the metal lattice panels …

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  4. It looks awesome. So cozy and comfy. I don’t blame you for losing our patience. I’d have been long done with mine, especially with the mess. That kind of stuff doesn’t bode well with a neat-freak like me.

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    • The working style didn’t help. He didn’t finish one thing before going on to the next. So the pergola part wasn’t finished and the stairs weren’t finished, etc. I needed to see something accomplished!

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    • They cleaned up everything on the last day. The privacy screen is similar to our neighbor’s and I liked it. It’s especially great from inside the house. We don’t look at the rear neighbor’s back porch anymore.

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  5. It really is beautiful. I imagine that it will be a relaxing and enjoyable space this summer – and I’m so glad you made it through construction with your sanity intact. Hi to the rest of the crew. I bet the kitties are much more relaxed.

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  6. It is so very lovely, Kate. Peacefulness settles over me as I look at the photos. Loving the second photo where the beautiful canopy of trees is a curtain of lush green. I like what he did with the steps with the inset of wood… a little detail that makes them special. The privacy screen is so pretty. Congrats to you and the Beloved Husband. Let the deck/porch season begin!

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  7. I would hope to get an invitation to the deck-warming party? This autumn, when you’re enjoying crisper days and the leaves on the trees start to change, I will bring the apple cider for in the crock pot, and some kind of finger food as well.

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  8. Wow, it’s absolutely gorgeous. What a lovely spot to contemplate the complexities of life with a tasty beverage in hand. It was definitely worth the wait, Kate. Bravo to you for keeping your “haven’t killed a construction worker yet” motto in tact. πŸ˜‡

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