Sassy cats — Taxes and spa days

Gracie here. I spent this week making the peep crazy. It’s not hard to do. First I hid for a whole day and didn’t eat. (Don’t worry I was sneaking kibble when she wasn’t looking.) That created a spa day for me with large amounts of attention including a full body massage with the zoom groom thingie. I highly recommend. It took out all my loose hair and scratched my itchies.

The following day I decided to help her on the computer. She was doing something called taxes. How hard can that be. I was able to dump her papers on the floor, walk across her keyboard and came close to sending them off. Instead of being grateful, she was grumpy. She moved a new cat bed on her computer desk where (she thought) I would sleep. He he. What respectable cat would do that unless you didn’t want me to.

I’m still barfing so that nasty medicine had no effect but I’m spunky and playful, peeing and pooping. No other signs of illness. I don’t want to go back to the vet who wants to do a dental. Last time I lost teeth during that primitive procedure. We’ll see.

In the meantime, have a good weekend. I’m including a shot of the rest of the crew. Sasha gets all bent out of shape when she hasn’t been featured for a while.

53 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Taxes and spa days

  1. Everyone looks so relaxed and cozy in the last picture – it must be an instructional photo for humans! Appreciate the effort
    Paws crossed cat immunity will sort through and solve that barffing….natural and organic is better than vet according to previous cats…but we think they just said that and wished themselves well to avoid going to the vet – no cat enjoys those trips.

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    • Waiting for a vet return call. So if her white blood count is up do we go ahead with a dental (under anesthesia) or not. All I remember is last time my white blood count was high I had appendicitis!


  2. Hi Gracie – I hope the Peep is doing the taxes with pencil and paper and not on the new computer – what if you stepped on the Send button? Ask the Peep for some dental floss – it might help keep you from dental treatments. Great pic of the siblings – keep up the good reporting kid.

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  3. Oh Gracie! You really do need to try just a little bit harder to help your main peep out a bit! She’s multitasking as best she can, and can’t afford to work backwards. I think you may find yourself in time out if you don’t relent a little bit. 😦

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  4. Gracie – glad you are feeling better except for the barfing! Hope that stops soon too πŸ™‚ It is so wonderful of you to help your Lady Peep with the taxes. I know she is so happy to have your help! Hope you got to join the crew and have a nice snooze πŸ™‚

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  5. Gracie, we don’t want you barfing and I know the Lady Peep definitely does not want you to be barfing. Her head is probably busy trying to think of anything that could be causing it. It’s good you helped her with the taxes, I know she really appreciated that. Thank you for the picture of the crew all snoozin’… so peaceful, it makes me want to nap. Take it easy Gracie and make sure your Lady Peep has your help if she needs you.

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  6. What a bummer that you had to take Panacur for nothing. That stuff is soooo ICKY!!! It was kind of you to give your feline companions a little space on the blog. We all enjoy seeing that everyone is happy and well.

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  7. I have a cat with stomatitis – which is a tooth/gum thing – with the main symptom of throwing up foamy liquid. She’s treated with steroids and provided she doesn’t have other symptoms, I often do the shot at home. I wait for her to come cuddle, lure her into relaxation, and slip the needle in before she even knows it. At least that’s the goal. Right now she is laying between me and the laptop. It’s challenging to type without moving but it’s better than when she is standing on the keyboard.

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