Today’s the day!

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Today I get my second covid 19 shot. It’s almost like the first day of school. I need to make sure I wear the right outfit. In school that would have been something really cute but today it’s something that allows access to the upper arm while being modest (not that anyone wants to look at old lady arms). Hydrate the day before they say. I think they tell you that for everything these days. Then there’s the excitement of checking off that box. All good. Add a touch of anxiety and it would be just like ninth grade (except for the wrinkles)!

Yesterday was lovely here. Sunny and warm. We haven’t had a lot of those days this spring so I took advantage of it and cleaned out the flower beds. I don’t think the leaves have been cleaned out in years. They came up like a thick carpet exposing struggling plants underneath.

This is how I’m feeling!

It only took a few hours but my body was not a happy camper. Bend, lift, bend, lift. The muscles on my back thighs are screaming this morning and I have some fatigue. Okay a lot of fatigue. All of this is from working outside but I don’t want to jeopardize getting my shot. I don’t want to look like I have “something” that would exclude me. I’m practicing my “I’m perfectly healthy” look without limp or grimace. Big smile and happy face. I’ll be pulling that one out of my butt!

Unfortunately, my shot location is in the city. That means I will be parking and walking a few blocks to get to the location (all with my happy upbeat face and aching legs).

Yes these are first world problems. I am very grateful to be getting the vaccine and I’m grateful I don’t have to travel hours or in truly bad traffic to get there. I’m grateful to my nephew who set it up for me (and really annoyed that anyone would need a techie to snag an appointment on-line but that’s another post).

I hope your day is as exciting as mine!

82 thoughts on “Today’s the day!

  1. I was just reading some of the comments (since I’m behind in Reader) and looks like you got a reaction and felt crummy … I’m not looking to that part of the second shot which I get on April 20th. I was very tired after the first shot and eight days after the shot, got a rash around the site and it swelled up like my allergy shots do. Did you get Moderna or Pfizer vaccines?

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  2. Hi Kate, I found you from Marty (snake in the grass) where our shared love of Mony Mony inspired me to visit.

    Delighted to hear you’ve also got your second vaccine shot. The UK is doing pretty well with their vaccination programme, but our local area seems to be in the forefront of doing second shots, for which I am hugely grateful. We had Pfizer and were both rather sleepy the day after, but it being the weekend, it caused us no issues. Hope you had no undue side effects with yours too.

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    • I got a reaction and felt pretty lousy for 12 hours. It was just like the guy who gave me the shot said. It would start exactly 12 hours after getting the shot and last for 12 hours. I also had some fatigue the next day. Lots of sleep but all worth it.

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  3. I’ve heard so many people say they had problems getting set up for the vaccine that I feel a bit guilty that mine was so easy. I clicked on the MyChart link and schlameel, schlamazel I had a drive thru appointment. Very efficient the drive thru. Although it probably takes more people to run than a walk up. The did move a ton of people thru quite fast.

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  4. It’s a good feeling to be fully vaccinated! And finding plants waiting for you under years of leaves! Having them will help while you decide what to do with your new yard. The plants are probably happy, too!🐱

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  5. Congrats on getting your second vaccine. It’s unfortunate that the rollout was so botched from the beginning with different rules in different states. It could have been better organized to avoid excessive driving and teckie hoop jumping.

    As for the garden cleanup, I hear ya. I used to be able to do the whole kitten-caboodle in one weekend but now have to do it over multiple days lest my body revolt beyond the usual objections to bend/lift/repeat. One it’s done it’s nice, but getting there takes a while these days.

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  6. YEA! It is like the first day of school. (Having to choose the best outfit and the “of course I’m healthy and just fine” look).
    As you say, the vaccine gives a bit more feeling of it’s OK and additional level of comfort (3 masks would be soooo hot, annoying, and smothering this summer…I’d just stayed home most of last summer)
    Hope your reaction was a tiny one….you have gardening to do HAHA Now that’s back to normal. Cheers

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  7. Woohoo, Kate. Congrats! What a strange time we live in when we’re so excited about getting a vaccine. Our first shot is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully, it is nearby with plenty of parking. It feels like one step closer to a more normal life again.

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  8. Wonderful news, Kate! This is really exciting. I truly feel celebratory every time I hear that a friend has successfully made it into the line! And then when the day finally arrives, I am almost teary. Having this layer of protection has meant a lot to me. I’m still very careful, but I’m also living outside my bubble a bit more comfortably. Congratulations!

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  9. Having just spend 3 hours this morning and 3 tries to book an online vaccine appointment which is still 3 weeks away is morning I would have to agree! You can’t call and book though, as they don’t even answer the phone. Ah, technology….

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  10. Woo hoo for #2 Kate! I’m sure you’re just happy to have it done and feel protected – that’s me too. As for your gardening – fun to find surprises under all the leaves isn’t it. I bet they will LOVE getting sunshine and some care now. I have to do outside things in SMALL doses – I just get tired…knees ache, etc. Getting old is definitely not for the faint of heart (I used to hear that and think how corny it was but it’s true!).

    Hugs, Pam

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  11. Look at the gardener as a workout.
    Hope all goes well today. We won’t get our second shots until mid and end of May…. unless the government change their mind. It’s unclear as to what we’ll have now as we understand different vaccines don’t mix!!

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  12. Awesome news about your second vaccine dose, Kate. I am still waiting for my first shot — but it is getting closer and closer. In the meantime, each and every person that gets a vaccine makes us all one step close to getting out of this long dark tunnel. I have made our town’s vaccine center part of my daily walking route. Seeing it up and running (although usually more slowly than I would like) gives me more confidence that we will get there! Good luck!!

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    • As I’ve gotten older, the parking issue has gotten more important. We parked in a deck (which I also hate) but we were in and out in 15 minutes so it doesn’t get better than that even if we had to walk a few blocks.

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  13. Oh, I feel you. A day working in the flower beds, with all the up down, kneel, squat, down, up, reach, dig?! Everything hurts, even when you’re the queen of ibuprofen.

    In good news, if the flower beds have been lying fallow under thick leaves, they’re probably nutrient-rich!

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  14. I hope all goes well Kat, my husband has his second shot tomorrow. The vaccine certainly seems to be helping keep our case numbers down.

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    • I’m getting Moderna. I understand the giddy part. I’ve been in situations out of my control where I was sure I was going to pick up something especially with the house buying/selling/moving. I will continue to be careful but I won’t worry as much.


  15. Congratulations! Drive safe and be happy! Got our second shot, Moderna, last Wednesday. Turn the radio up! Jerry and I were talking about clothes yesterday at wine time and I told him I had lost my signature quirky look. I miss it. Florida heat and humidity ruined it.

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  16. This is great news, Kate. I got my first vaccine through work, but I had to drive almost fifty miles roundtrip. I didn’t want to do that again, so I popped onto and scheduled my second right down the road. It was a simple sign-up and the process at the store was well organized and very fast. I didn’t experience any side effects with either shot. Drive safe!

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    • Locally you have to get your second shot where you got your first one. It’s not far as far as driving goes. It’s just a hassle with parking. It’s at a RiteAid and I wished I could get it at the local RiteAid that’s in a mini-mall. Easier parking. Many people have to drive a distance so I am lucky.


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