Random 3 for September 20 – Election signs, ER, brain fog

This week has been crazy here so we are abbreviating our random thoughts.

Best sign ever – There are a lot of election signs out. Our neighbors had one up that said “Any stable adult!” with the stars and stripes adorning it. I went to take a picture of it yesterday and it was gone. I hear sign theft is a thing. Mostly it’s by the “other” party but in this case it may have been sign envy.

Yet again – There was another ER visit this week that resulted in an overnight stay. (No, it wasn’t me.) I was the pick-up person. The doc who released the patient said it would take 15 minutes to an hour. It took 3-1/2 hours. I went home to get stuff done in the meantime. Seriously? How can you be that off?

Distraction – With all the crazy this week, I went to pick up my Starbucks this morning. I went inside, picked up and coffee and when I got in my car I realized I didn’t have my mask on. I immediately felt so guilty. No one was in except the baristas who all greeted me by name. I wanted to go back in and apologize but thought that would be odd. Perhaps everyone without a mask isn’t a political statement. Maybe it’s a case of brain fog. If someone else would have been inside, I think I would have realized it. Maybe…brain fog is a powerful thing.

So how was your week?

67 thoughts on “Random 3 for September 20 – Election signs, ER, brain fog

  1. Best lines of the day “Perhaps everyone without a mask isn’t a political statement” and from comments “brain fog is the new pandemic”
    We saw lots of those signs a couple of years back – really funny ( and how most of us feel). Didn’t know it had become a “mask comment”. The political nonsense can’t be over fast enough either.
    Really what I want to comment is “here’s a big HUG”. Life is too complicated. Hang in there.

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  2. We had sunny weather over the weekend after a week of gray skies from the wildfires, so I spent some time walking around the ‘hood taking pictures of harvest decor … and signs. There were lots of signs and one said “Women for Trump” and it had a pink border. That was a first for me so I decided to add it to my collection of signs and the homeowner came out as I was taking the picture. I never take addresses and the sign was not near the address anyway. She was very nice and said “you must take a picture of me with the sign, okay?” I said “sure” and I never said why I was taking the picture – usually if it’s a person I say “I have a blog about walking” or something so they don’t think I’m a kook. She posed and I snapped the picture and she said “I’ll pose again in case it didn’t come out.” I was a bit amused but said “great” so we did another picture and then she got another sign that said “Trump, God and Country” and said “I had to thumbtack it because people kept stealing it, so they’ll think twice now.” So she told me she special ordered both of the signs. We took another picture with both signs. The conversation was bizarre and I was tempted to say “I can’t vote, I am not an American” but just thanked her, waved and was on my way.

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      • Our area is just the opposite – they are not nice signs at all. And some of the signs are made to look like political signs (red/white/blue & stars background) but are comments on the state of the country. Today I saw a sign aimed at our Governor for her restrictions. Our state’s tourism motto is “Pure Michigan” … this sign said “Michigan’s Governor – Pure Moron” … no need for that. We are status quo with COVID deaths and cases … right at the minute anyway.

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        • We don’t have the signs but there are many raging against our governor. However, our state is doing well with the virus. Even with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh our count is down. It’s because we closed fast and long. I know it’s tough on businesses but in reality even the restaurants which are open do not get a lot on-site business. Most of it is take-out. I’ve eaten outside a few times and the outdoor seating was sparsely filled. Many people are very cautious. When my gym opened, they didn’t get many takers. Maybe in some areas people aren’t as concerned.

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          • Same here – they disparage her all the time and today someone has gathered enough people’s signatures to submit a bill to have her executive powers reduced. Also mothers of high school athletes rallied at the State Capitol at the Governor’s office to allow athletes to remove the marks. Craziness for both these things and we are down a lot from the very beginning when the National Guard arrived and commandeered the conversion of two large convention centers and built them into field hospitals! Then the cases abated so they housed 100 people in one field hospital at the most.

            I am being very cautious and I’ve not been out to eat in many years due to our Hep A epidemic here in this state. We have lost 1,000 restaurants since the pandemic began – closed up shop and have already stated they will not reopen.

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  3. I’ve forgotten my mask a couple of times, too. If you aren’t sick, you didn’t harm anyone. Guilt and fear are powerful motivators for manipulators. You’re an innocent, considerate person, not a criminal for forgetting to wear a mask. There are serious criminals who don’t feel guilty running around doing horrific things to our cities.

    We’ve had places vandalized here that had certain political signs up. On the other hand, I see many political signs up for other politicals that haven’t had a single grass on their yard touched. I told my husband we should probably take down our American flag, which is a shame that I can’t feel free to fly it. But with the vandals around, our rights are being bullied down.

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  4. We don’t leave the house more than 1 or 2 times a week, and we almost forget to put our masks on almost every time. We have them with us – they are in my purse or Dave’s pocket – we just forget to put them on until we see other people with them.

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    • Usually that’s what happens. I get out of the car without it but see them on others so I go back. I was the only one on this day so there was no one to remind me. I’m surprised that no one inside said anything. They all know me so maybe they were being polite. I just walked in, picked up my pre-order and left so I wasn’t in there even a minute.

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  5. I guess lots of people stopped going to Starbucks during the pandemic. Today (I think it was on “Wait,wait. Don’t tell me”.) they said the average person has saved $2000 since March by making his or her own coffee. I don’t know if that’s an authoritative source.

    Even more embarrassing than forgetting your mask is forgetting a tip. I usually cook for myself, so last week when I did pickup at a local restaurant, I was so excited that I just signed my name and forgot the tip. As soon as I got home, I called them up and asked if I could tip over the phone, and they said I could. Whew!

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    • Well, that’s not true of me. One of our local Starbucks stayed open and I was there every day. I think they should send me a medal for being their best customer! Didn’t miss a day! They did some weird things for a while. It was closed to walk-in so everyone had to go through the drive-through and that was awful. It could take at least 20 minutes to get your coffee. I was so surprised at how many people (who weren’t retired like me) opted to wait. It was the one routine I wanted to hang on to.

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      • I’ve saved Starbucks for a special outing. Most of the time when I go there, I stay, either to talk with a friend or to write. I’m looking forward to those special outings. In the meantime, my homemade coffee is an enjoyable routine to hang onto.

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  6. It’s astonishing to me how quickly (in my world, that is) wearing a mask has become an everyday part of life – when hubby would on an errand – I’d remind him, “Do you have your wallet” – now I make sure he has a mask, as well.

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  7. Our development doesn’t allow signs, but we see bumper stickers aplenty on cars and even a few random windows (technically the latter isn’t allowed, though I guess they don’t bother enforcing it to that level). I have one close to your featured one here, which I like very much. My wife forgot her mask on a solo trip to the supermarket; she said she ran back to the car out of embarrassment to put it on! Happens to all of us at some point. – Marty

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  8. I’ve seen that sign in a few places in my neighborhood too. Funny, when you think about it… the “other side” (I wonder which one that could be) thinking that the sign was obviously against their candidate.

    I haven’t forgotten my mask yet but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. I guess I should stash one in my glove box just in case.

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  9. I might have put on my mask and gone back inside to explain that I meant no disrespect with my unintentional oversight ~> yes, it would be odd, but EVERYTHING about the landscape today is odd. And surreal. Dali would be pleased.

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  10. So far I haven’t forgotten to to put on a mask to enter a store although I have forgotten to bring one with me when I’ve left home. I’ve taken to stashing masks in my car, my purse, my coat pockets so I won’t ever be without one when I leave the house…I just can’t go into a place of business without a mask on anymore. I feel it’s so disrespectful to the people who have to work there to knowingly enter without one.


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  11. I had to go back to my car more than once when I went to pick up food because I forgot my mask–more than once. Usually I only get a few feet before I figure it out.

    You know your baristas probably think you are a Trumper now! Oh, no!

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    • I’ve gotten out of my car without it already but never actually did a whole transaction and left without realizing it. My worst fear is that people think it’s a political statement. I stand fully behind wearing masks. If there is a chance it helps, I’m all for it!

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