The silent monks are back!

Here is a picture of Dan (in his favorite winter position) wishing you a warm Merry Christmas!

The monks are one of my favorite traditions so they are back today. I love this video. I’ve posted it before but I am always moved by it. It makes me laugh and cry. There is a newer version done by the same group but it’s too perfect. Part of the charm is hearing the audience laughter and the slight imperfections of the monks. This is worth three minutes of your time!

I can assure you that any Christmas concert I was in as a child was not near this entertaining!

Credits: South Kitsap High School, Port Orchard, WA

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all who celebrate.


53 thoughts on “The silent monks are back!

  1. I wasn’t in Dan’s position before Christmas, but I sure am now! LOL! Too much of a good thing perhaps?

    I love the monks! You first introduced them to be at another time, and I still delight when I see the video. So very clever. 🙂

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  2. Love the monks!

    Just back from a walk on the beach and a beer while watching kites flying.

    While there, had a delightful exchange with John (one shoe off and one shoe on ~ do you know the poem?) and with John’s younger brother who listened with rapt attention as I sang his favorite Christmas Carol ~ The Little Drummer Boy.

    About to have a light lunch. We’re having Chinese Food for dinner (broccoli with garlic sauce, lo main, egg rolls, and chow mien).

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  3. The Silent Monks are a fun treat… thanks for sharing! Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Day. Quiet here for now but heading out to have Christmas dinner with friends just around the corner around 4! The Beloved looks comfortable… if I got down on the floor like that I’d have to yell at SSNS to come help me up!

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      • Well my day started off badly when we had freezing fog which lasted until mid-day. I knew it was coming so I didn’t set my alarm … big mistake because getting up later took a big chunk out of my day. I was going to return to the park where I took all the photos of the birds, but it was a little late, so I just went to my regular park, but that wasn’t until 1:30. It got to 55 degrees today! I know the bottom will fall out soon so I made the most of it and walked six miles.

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