Jabbering notes dusted with thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. It’s a day of outrageous overindulgence prior to a full weekend of shopping (at least for most people). Football games screaming on the screen and biscuits burning in the oven. Here it will be relatively quiet as the aging group no longer lunges at the TV screen nor do they really care about Black Friday.

I recently had a series of medical tests and appointments. It was a stressful time. I’m allergic to docs, mysterious equipment that goes up your butt and all the rest of the stuff. When I get stressed I retreat. I am very grateful to the beloved husband who carried the ball and had my back all the while trying to celebrate his birthday and act normal (or what passes for normal in our house).

The cats were particularly supportive if you call 30 pounds of cat fat draped over you support. They know when something is up or isn’t right. I can put out the cat carrier and won’t see anyone for 24 hours. They sat with me in the bathroom for hours on end. They don’t need Alexa to spy. Those whiskers are antenna. They know my deepest thoughts.

I’ll get to see my brother and SIL later. They taught me big lessons earlier this year when they were almost killed in an auto accident. If you are helping someone you love, it’s not work. Being part of the recovery was better than watching from the outside. Curiously I’m not allergic to docs and mysterious equipment when I’m not the subject. I also learned that my brother had a wicked sense of humor. I was standing in ICU with a doc when my brother introduced me as the person who could pull the plug. He clarified by saying that I didn’t have the power to approve a circumcision. He’s 89 and all banged up and worried about…well…you get it.

There are no words about the weather this year. I felt like I whined every week. It’s too hot or too cold or too snowy. It was never too dry though and for that I’m grateful. Today is sunny and extremely windy but we have not seen snow yet.

My husband’s kids live in Denver. His daughter sent us this. They had a major snowstorm this week. I thought  it was an appropriate closing.

53 thoughts on “Jabbering notes dusted with thanks

  1. I am glad you found ways to connect to gratitude even though it’s been a very difficult time. I think the dramatic accident and recovery of your brother and SIL is likely a game changer for everyone. And I do hope that December brings calm. 🙂

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    • It was truly a game changer for me. I am in awe of caretakers in general. I understand the plight of being the patient without control. I also understand the upheaval when these things happen. Right now all is calm and that’s good.


  2. Did not see this until this morning (the 29th)…I hope your feast was festive. You brought tears to my eyes when you said taking care of someone you love isn’t work. So true. With any all of the complaining I might have done…I wish I was still doing it!

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  3. Three things I’m grateful for:

    1. We had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving in Orlando with my sister’s family.
    2. It didn’t snow “here.” And we weren’t “there.”
    3. I do not plan to set the alarm for crack of dawn Black Friday sales!

    Happy Black Friday, Kate! Hope it’s relaxing, calm, and not too people-y!

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  4. That’s a great cartoon about Abbey Road in Colorado – they needed a smile after getting dumped on with all that snow. We also had a wind event yesterday and I’m feeling thankful that I have my power since 100,000 homes/businesses lost their power in the course of about 18 hours … it was clocked at 60 mph in some places. Mother Nature has not been nice this year – that is for sure and I fear it is the new normal. Happy Thanksgiving to you even though it is nearly over.

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  5. Bwahaha! That Abbey Road is perfect for Colorado, especially since a foot of that white stuff fell Tuesday and our next storm is slated for…wait for it…tomorrow. We’ll see about that-I cannot imagine another shoveling session.

    We are especially grateful for our blogging friends and hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy a quiet day to chill after all the medical procedure of late and all the nursing by cats. Gobble, gobble.

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  6. Living in Denver, I can verify the big storm! It’s a bit usual, but not unheard of, for us to get 15 inches of snow at once. It’s usually in the spring, though. I hope that all your test results were good! Those tests are unpleasant, but the kitty patrol assisting and encouraging you has got to help.

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  7. We are getting so much rain. SoCal needs it, but I love morning walks when it’s a holiday and early and it’s quiet. Not during torrential downpours in places where it is so dry that raccoons and skunks build their dens in the sewers which means everything floods during our annual 10 days of rain.

    On the other hand, a cold and rainy Thanksgiving feels seasonally appropriate when you grew up in the mid-Atlantic region!

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