The grandkids are coming!

Shopping with the beloved husband many years ago

The granddaughters are coming next week. They live in Denver and it’s the annual pilgrimage east to see the old folks (yes that’s the beloved husband and me). We look forward to it and it’s always interesting (and exhausting).

When you see kids once a year you can see the change. You watch them grow. During the first visits they were toddlers so there wasn’t much going on. Then stalking the Target toy aisles was the highlight of the trip. We could spend a day there. Sometimes I wondered if we needed a toothbrush, jammies and a camping permit.

We did toys for several years and the toys morphed into big girl stuff still located in or near the toy aisles.

Then we moved to clothes. Still at Target but we looked at bright colors and really fun stuff (that I wanted to wear but…well…size…)

Target transitioned into other stores and eventually into Amazon gift cards because they had a bigger variety of things they could purchase. We would still wander around clothing shops.

We also transitioned into and out of fruit boxes, little yogurts, easy fruit and other foods little munchkins prefer. Their Gramps taught them to eat clams at an early age. (He has not instilled the love of clams in his wife!)

First day of school in 2017. More picts after the visit!

I emailed their mom and asked what they are into this year. She said they love Ulta so maybe a trip there would be great. Yikes! (For those who don’t know Ulta is all about makeup, hair and skin care.) I guess they aren’t munchkins anymore!

They will do a day at the local amusement park although I’m not sure if that’s for the kids or more for their mom and Gramps  both of whom LOVE roller coasters. (Grammy Kate will remain at home in a recovery nap with a mocha drip.)

They will be 14 in a few weeks. I’ve always said, kids both age you and keep you young at the same time. I’m hoping to learn some new makeup tips!

61 thoughts on “The grandkids are coming!

  1. I am with you, Kate, on interesting and exhausting. I extra LOVE the photo of the the girls and your husband! Genuine, huge smiles! First time I have heard of Ulta. Darn, they grow up fast. Totally funny on the mocha drip and recovery nap. Mine are still much younger. A different kind of tired. We also have the opportunity to see them more often. Thanks for sharing:)

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  2. I know the girls are going to have a wonderful time with you! I think having grandparents who take an interest in them and listen to whatever they’re interested in sharing is what memories are made of! I will look forward to the photos. Take a few extra vitamins! 🙂

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      • Yep, I remember spending most of the time in the Maybelline area … do you recall the Maybelline mascara in a red pull-out case with a brush and you had to moisten it to use it? And Maybelline’s flavored “kissing potion”? I wasn’t kissing anyone but that shiny goop on our lips and my long hair dragging through it and getting attached to it – oh, those were the days.


          • I think it was called “cake mascara” and cheaper than the regular kind. Yes, we put on Oil of Olay and didn’t need it back then. My mom and grandmother only used Noxzema Medicated Skin Cream and had skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. My grandmother had her big blue Noxzema jar sitting on her nightstand, and put it on before going to bed. It was a joke in the family as my grandmother had a heart condition and the doctor told her to have a small glass of sherry before bed to help her sleep, so she had the bottle of sherry, her small juice glass and the Noxzema jar on her nightstand. Everyone joked that Minnie better put the skin cream on first, followed by putting her hair in pincurls before having a drink. She was told to drink the sherry and hop right into bed.

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              • Yes it had a strong menthol smell – I always had oily skin, so Noxzema would have made it worse. I think I have read that about discouraging the cordial before bed. She has been gone since 1886. Her heart would sometimes flutter so badly, even with heart meds, that her heartbeat against the mattress would wake her up out of a sound sleep, so this put her out like a light.

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  3. That’s pretty exciting. Something to talk about before and after, like a trip–but you don’t have to do any traveling.

    I have parental units coming to visit soon. They will be enjoying the sunshine and I will be trying to drag umbrellas over them so they don’t get sunburn.

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