Laying low but rebounding

I’ve been MIA most of this week. The Easter bunny left something other than chocolates and it required copious amounts of Claritin and some other meds. I’ve never had seasonal allergies before but this year must be a humdinger!

I had other things hit me this week and for about 24 hours I was sure I had a kidney stone. I don’t. However, I learned some stuff.

One irony is that the ER is the last place you want to go when you are sick. Locally the wait is 4 to 5 hours unless you are having a heart attack. My niece went for her kidney stone a few years back. She is a quiet person but she started rolling on the floor emitting obscenities (gentle ones). That action got her a morphine shot. Good to know.

Our hospital has specialty “wings” named for families. There is the cancer wing and the children’s wing. No wealthy person has sponsored the ER to upgrade it and make it more…um…pleasant. In this particular case I couldn’t sit without pain so I opted to first go to my chiropractor because I thought it might be a muscle sprain. (Yes, I like when it’s simple.) It wasn’t.

Then I had to wait to get into my primary care. By the time I got there the “crisis” period was over and I was starting to feel better. He ordered tests and gave me more potent painkillers in case it started up again when he wasn’t available. (Please note that both my cats and I only get sick on holidays and weekends.)

I’m good now except for the exhaustion. The older you get the more energy gets sucked out when you’re sick. I’m more than a quart low.

By the way we have no idea what the pain was from so that limits my bragging rights. Boogers.

Author’s note: I am OK now except for regaining my energy. I don’t do sick very well. I have to apologize to the beloved husband who was so good (he even cleaned the cat litter). Yet I yelled at him almost all the time because he couldn’t read my mind.


77 thoughts on “Laying low but rebounding

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I don’t get sick often either–never get the flu shot because I don’t want to jinx my run of good health. How awful to just drag through the pain. I hope the chiropractor helped?

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  2. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well over the holiday. Emergency rooms are so overworked. There has to be a better method.

    I spent the weekend helping my daughter pack for her move and driving across the mts. and back. On Tues. I told my chiropractor that my allergies were worse, so he tested me for adrenal insufficiency, which he says sets you up for allergies. Sure enough, I had low adrenal function. He gave me some supplements, but the cure also includes rest, laughing, having fun, and eating well. This morning I slept in.

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  3. Is it possible you had a small fragment of a stone and then passed it? I’ve had kidney stones and I have some painful memories! I’m glad you’re doing well now. I can’t think of anything more frustrating than an ER visit. Sounds like you’ve had a very rough week!

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  4. I learned recently that there are things called none-allergy allergens. It was explained to me that allergy tests only test what are common allergens and couldn’t possibly test everything with which we come in contact. So now I have chronic sinusitis AND allergies! I’m glad you’re feeling on the mend. As for your husband, unless he’s an absolute warrior, you’ve probably dealt with him when he’s sick, so don’t be so hard on yourself for giving him a hard time!

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    • That makes sense. Something is bothering me this year that hasn’t in the past. Wish I knew what it was. When it all started, I didn’t even think of allergies until someone suggested I try allergy meds and damn it helped. Now if I don’t take I get the whole runny nose, sinus thingie.


  5. I am glad that you are doing better… and didn’t have to go to the emergency room (not quite an oxymoron, but there is nothing “emergency” about them). I have often thought that they should offer call-ahead reservations. I’d much rather be miserable at home than sitting in one of those cold and sterile (not in a germ-free way) waiting rooms.

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    • Absolutely! Call ahead! I tried that with the vet emergency clinic but they don’t make reservations or appointments. I had to sit with poor Hazel for 2 hours and then they took her in ahead of her turn because when they triaged her, she was deemed critical. Still 2 hours.


  6. I am glad you are feeling much better, Kate. Also very glad it wasn’t a kidney stone… one word, Flomax. I have to say I have been to the emergency room 4 times in my life as an adult and I was treated very well each time. It wasn’t any fun but I was very thankful each time that I had people that cared and were capable. I don’t want to ever find myself in an emergency room here in Florida. So true… you walk in and say something about your heart, they have you on a stretcher and moving fast enough to give you whiplash. I operate on the premise that I don’t go for any urgent medical thing unless I am about to die because I just can’t do the hospital doctor thing unless it is a last minute bid for survival… I am a chicken.

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  7. So glad it wasn’t a kidney stone since that opens up so many future treatment options, none of which are very much fun. The ER is simply an awful place to be especially when you’re in pain. How weird that it just disappeared, but I’m glad it did. May it stay away! – Marty

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  8. I’m sorry you’ve been down, but glad to read that you’re getting better. I agree with you about the ER. It sucks the health out of you. I suffer from allergies so I hope that this is a onetime event, nothing more than that.

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      • So sorry you’re under the weather. My allergies have been less this year, so far…knock on wood. We must both be allergic to some specific pollens that are either better or worse this year.

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