Random 5 for April 14 – Weather, pond, heron, Starbucks, attorneys

Four frogs cuddling in a pot (and squishing my plant)

Spring has sprung – Our springs are weird. We aren’t average. Mother Nature prefers to hop around, ten degrees higher or lower. Makes us crazy. Hot or cold. Yesterday I drove home from my Starbucks run before 8 a.m. It was drizzly but spring had burst overnight. The maples are pushing out leaves. The forsythia is in full bloom. Green! Lots of green (and pollen). Hallelujah (for the spring not the pollen)!

The pond is done! – There are two things in the spring that I’m glad to put behind me. One is the pond cleaning and the other is taxes. Now I can coast through the rest of the year. The pond isn’t a lot of work but over the winter I get sludge in the bottom. My pond is small enough that it’s easy to do a complete water exchange. The fish get cranky as they get netted twice. Once to go into a holding tank and again to go back in the pond. The frogs are all around me giving me hairy eyeballs as I drain the motherland.

Speaking of the pond – I lost half of my fish to the heron. I still have a lot of fish. I’ll put out the wine and Barry White music and there will be babies by mid-summer. I had two babies from last summer.

Make their day – One day this past week something was different about my mocha latte. It was richer with a dash of something like vanilla or almond. It was wonderful but I don’t know how to order it. Maybe the wrong milk or whipped cream. When I told the baristas at Starbucks, they were hysterical. They are used complaints. Today they put whipped cream on to see if that was it. Old timer (for Starbucks, not in age) Beth said I made her day.

Attorney woes – This week the beloved husband looked up his attorney only to find that he was disbarred. We were both shocked. He was a great attorney for us and was willing to give free advice for the truly simple question.  It appears that the disbarment had more to do with an investment that went sour. Sometimes it’s best to stick with the business you know instead of something you don’t. A CPA friend who started an automatic car wash on the side told me that he would have made more money if he had invested that time in growing his financial business.

So how was your week?



57 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 14 – Weather, pond, heron, Starbucks, attorneys

  1. The pond., The pond. Life will be better now…especially for the frogs who look as cranky as kids jammed in the back seat on a trip.
    Weird and sad about the disbarment. Things like that are hard on people – both those losing money and the honest ones who talked them into it only to have it go bad.
    Hope you find out the extra touch of that coffee!

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  2. This is probably a strange way to say it, but I hope your attorney was doing something openly illegal to find himself disbarred. I always wonder about professionals who lose their licenses after so much education and investment into their careers. If they do something wantonly reckless, that’s one thing, but if they just made a really bad judgment or decision that could be a very sharp punishment. Not sure why I care, but I do! Maybe because my son is an attorney? LOL!

    Glad your pond is “beautified” for another season, and let’s hope spring hangs around in brilliance!

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    • He was in his late 60s when he was disbarred. We can’t get he full story but he was in a partnership in another business and something happened there. I thought too about all the time he spent working on his training but at least he was retirement age.

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  3. That heron – you’ll have to put a net over the pond next year that prohibits him from sticking his long beak/bill in there to go fishing. The cuddling frogs were funny – pretty large frogs – what are you feeding them? They’d make a nice meal for the heron if he was so inclined. I was laughing at the Starbucks incident – the baristas ought to give you some mini free ones to try out the different combos til they hit on duplicating the one you really liked. LOL about your solution to restock the fish pond: “I’ll put out the wine and Barry White music and there will be babies by mid-summer.”

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      • I enjoy it – I have not heard the bullfrogs at the Park yet – I am hoping they survived the Polar Vortex and don’t meet the same fate as all the fish that washed up on the Creek banks. A friend of mine used to get these cute little tree frogs. She’d go out to water her flowers and they would be sitting on the blooms. Very tiny and bright green!

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    • To be honest I was lucky. I had purchased 2 blue speckled shubunkins to add to my pond last year. They are still there along with another beautiful speckled one. The rest are variations of gold fish, some with white. There is a big all white one that survived too. I don’t stock koi. They are touchy and expensive. I’d have to shoot the dang heron if he ate those! 🙂

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  4. Yesterday was so so nice! Allergies hubby wasn’t with me, so I drove with windows wide open. However, i am so ready for a string of those days. I promise I won’t take them for granted, but enjoy every lovely bit of them. Today, well….April showers bring May flowers…I just have to keep repeating that over and over!

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  5. Your pond being ready announces summer. Funny about the attorney. Over the years we have had 2 doctors simply disappear. One was a favorite highly esteemed physician (connected to a local hospital) we could always count on for down to earth answers. I finally found him in another state where he has opened a private practice….too far for us to keep him. Mysteries of life.

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  6. Froggie went a courting and he did ride . . .

    Most states disbar attorneys only for truly egregious conduct since there are other less extreme sanctions available for lesser infractions.

    Hope you solve the Mocha mystery so you can order it again.

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  7. Those frogs are too too funny! You have me wanting to get a mocha latte. It’s a bit warm here today and I find hot Starbucks isn’t a thing when it’s hot weather. When it’s warm in the summer I assume you still do Starbucks… 🙂 Do you ever order anything iced? Sorry about the fish but they will have fun catching up!

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    • One of the fish I lost was a large beautiful blue speckled one. I was sorry about that. The rest will produce. Yes I do hot Starbucks every morning. I only get fraps (never iced coffee) in the afternoon during the summer.


  8. Whenever I see a title with the word attorney in it, I feel a sense of dread coming on. After having worked in the legal field for 87 years, I’ve seen it all. The good, the bad, the ugly. The word lawyer almost instantaneously triggers an eye twitch, much like Chief Inspector Dreyfus did whenever encountered by Inspector Clouseau. Happy Sunday.

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    • I know! It wasn’t whipped cream. We tried that this morning. There were notes of vanilla and almond or some nut. Not sweet so I don’t think it was a syrup pump. I don’t know what coconut milk tastes like but I wonder. Yes, they were laughing.

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