Random 5 for April 1 – Easter, venue change, brunch menu, days of old, jobs

Could it be Easter (or Passover) already? – We’ve had such a dang cold March that it’s hard to believe something as springy as Easter is here. Where is my bonnet?

How did it get here? – We’ve always celebrated Easter at my brother’s house. He made his famous Chicken Kiev. Then my sis-in-law broke her shoulder. Last year was low-key but this year we are all back together…at my house. I really don’t mind. I’m doing ham. Easy peasy. No fancy Chicken Kiev from me!

Is it time for change? – Since Easter dinner is at my house, I can switch up the menu. Perhaps try a German Dutch Baby pancake! Or an egg casserole to go with that ham. (Throw easy peasy out the window here!) We’re doing an early afternoon brunch meal that will allow some folks to make another pilgrimage afterward. All good. The thought of wearing sweats at suppertime is thrilling.

Memories – Easter was always a favorite holiday. It was busy with church services and traditions, more so than Christmas. Weather was better too. I loved the special foods my mother made just for Easter. She always had a ham — the kind that you need to cook. So yummy. Her homemade potato salad was the best. There were also pickled red-beet eggs that you ate with horseradish, egg cheese and coconut desserts. There was always time for a walk afterwards to work it off.

No, I don’t need a job! – When I worked I joined LinkedIn. It’s a networking site for business people. I haven’t been active in years except when I get a note that someone I know changed jobs. Then the curiosity gets the best of me. Over the past two months or so, I keep getting notices that companies are visiting me for possible jobs. If I needed a job, this wouldn’t happen at all! I like retirement.

So how was your week?


62 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 1 – Easter, venue change, brunch menu, days of old, jobs

  1. Your mother’s Easter meals sound really wonderful to me. I don’t know that many people work that hard to make a meal/occasion that special anymore, but those of us with memories that include that attention always think of those we miss at our tables. I am sure your brother and sis-in-law were very happy to be included around your table!

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  2. My mom also used to serve ham for Easter. And she made excellent potato salad. For Easter, she made dresses and dusters for us, and we usually had a new hat.

    This Easter I was at daughter #2’s house. Daughter #3 had to fly back to MD on Easter morning, so we went to the vigil mass on Saturday night. It was two hours long, but a very nice service with beautiful music and lots candle lighting. We all picked up candles on the way in. Then they turned out the lights, and, starting with one candle, we shared the fire.

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  3. Chicken kiev! The gardener has been bugging me to make some for him gluten free. Sigh. So much effort and trouble with the cats around (hot oil and all). Perry climbs between my arms even when I butter toast!

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  4. Snow? Gads – these early Easters. Wow still have robins hopping around here – they should be long gone (we’re usually just a short rest stop late late fall-January and completely skipped on the way home…everyone always wants to just get home as fast as possible.
    Hope your Easter brunch/gathering was easy and comfortable. Nothings beats sweats and comfy clothes later in that day.
    Our trendy younger crowd members opted for bunch at a closely sushi place – shorts welcomed. (Molly was not unhappy about this – she hates to be fenced out but she overly enthusiastically knocks down little ones who have grown up with large dogs, but we still worry….)
    Things have changed (Although we always left town and never went to church on Easter – Dad said we’d just leave room for all those who only show up on Easter and Christmas.)

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    • The past few years we have had robins year round although this winter got cold. They must have young in nests because my bird bath water is muddy every day from their “showers.” They need their own bath!


  5. Kate, all the posts (yours included) have made me aware of how very different Easter is now versus even just 2 years ago. Yesterday for us felt like just another day….we did yard work because it wasn’t raining and mild temps (low 50s). No family gathering…no special foods.

    I stopped having the family over mostly because they never seemed to appreciate what I did…for years. When many just started not showing up, or canceling at last minute…for a sit down family dinner that I cooked (Yeah, with lots of sides)…it got to be too stressful. No one seems to care I don’t do it…no one has invited us to their house. I’m not sure how I feel. Missing the specialness of the day, but thankful for none of the stress.

    Hubby & I had a nice, store bought casserole…after hours of yardwork, it was easy & filling. And then we watched TV together…both of us sore from all the mulch moving! But the yard looks good. A renewal unto itself.

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    • I loved the family get-togethers when I was a kid but it was only our family. It didn’t include aunts, uncles, etc. I have veered away from big gatherings. I find them stressful and full of work and for all the reasons you say too. My brother and his wife (both in high 80s but very healthy) are easy to please and never stay long. I don’t worry about gourmet meals either. I was in sweats by 4 p.m. Technically I could have entertained in sweats but I like to dress up a little. It was a good day weather-wise here too. I got a walk in, watched some programs and took a nap. We woke up to snow this morning. Not a happy camper. My daffs are under a blanket of snow. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. A good holiday doesn’t need a huge celebration with tons of people. Our Christmas is only the two of us and we really like that.

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  6. I am glad everything went great and you had a nice Easter! And you got to get into your sweats. I would have liked to cozy up in some sweats with my blankie but we were in shorts and flip flops and took a walk around to check out the Ibis and their kids. We had a Chili Tamale casserole for Easter… 🙂 Good Morning!

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  7. How was the ham? Did you make a German Dutch Baby pancake or egg casserole to go with it? Wishing you a very Happy Easter (it is still Easter, right?)

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    • Everything was good except I thought the egg casserole was heavy. There was a lot of cheese and a pint of ricotta in it. I may have liked fluffy scrambled eggs better. Or maybe I just need a lighter recipe. We had a good day although a snow storm moved in over night. Weird weather for sure.

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  8. AARP magazine keeps recommending how important Linked-In is for those over 55 who still want to work. Eh, I deleted my account over a year ago, and I’m not interested in maintaining one anymore. I’m too old school, I guess. – Marty

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  9. I plan to wear sweats all day too! Easter isn’t really celebrated at our house, but both my husband and I hoped the other one thought to buy some candy… but neither of us did! Oh well… the elastic waistline on my sweats won’t get the workout it deserves. Enjoy the celebration with your family – it sounds wonderfully low-key.

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  10. Enjoy your time with family, Kate. Easter celebrations are very different from when I was younger…I suppose that’s just part of life. It’s kind of sad, though. I’ve been hearing that you all might get some snow next week. I sure hope not, your frogs need some warmth.

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  11. Happy Easter to you, Kate. It is a quite day here, which I am so looking forward to. Lots of time to visit my blogging friends and get my crafting on while I watch the Giants play on TV. Sweats, yes, although I will probably be in my comfy leggings.

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  12. Love the line about being in sweats for dinner. That’s what I love about my job and life now…no need to dress us at all. Don’t own anything that can’t go into the washing machine. Life is good.

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  13. For reasons I don’t understand, WP won’t let me ‘like’ your post. Maybe I’m being punished for yesterday’s overindulgence 😉
    Hope you enjoy your Easter Brunch today. We had our big Easter dinner last night and I have leftover ham for a small army. With son #2, the Great Carnivore, temporarily living with us again, I doubt it will last long 🙂
    Happy Chocolate Bunny Day.

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  14. Hi Kate – Like you, I am on LinkedIn (using every avenue to promote my books) and, like you, I keep getting notices of interest from businesses. I have to ask myself “Why would I work for a company that has trouble reading “Retired”? Why would I work for a company that chooses to ignore my wishes, like “Retired”? Why would I work for a company that cannot understand that I do not need any other income, as in “Retired”?
    Of course it could be argued that I might be looking for some additional income but then, don’t they think that I would have mentioned something like that in my profile?
    Much as I love the technological advances over the past 50 years, I am sure that the increase in technological abilities has caused a proportionate decrease in human brain activities. In retrospect though, it is much easier to press a few keys … and Send, than it is to actually think, and I never had a headache from keyboarding, but cannot say the same from thinking. I guess I just answered my own questions!
    Happy Easter! 🙂

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