Random 5 for February 4 – Superbowl, bots, merchandiser, spring, renovations

Fly Eagles Fly – Our local pro football team is going to the Superbowl! It’s been so long since their last trip that I didn’t remember all the hoopla. You can’t go anywhere without seeing the logo and hearing the fight song. Every night on the local news channels, there is a clip of some school kids singing it. The weather forecasts always includes temps at the game site too. It’s exciting even for non-football folks. They were such a dark horse and always underdogs. It doesn’t matter if they win (maybe it does), they have brought much excitement to the area.

Concerts! – Tickets for music concerts are harder than ever to buy these days. Big name concerts even in our area sell out in seconds. There are “bots” that buy them and immediately put them on the secondary market for two or three times their original price. It takes the fun out of concerts for sure.

George Foreman – You have to love someone who reinvents themselves successfully over and over again. The famous boxer turned grill salesman is now into women’s shoes (not literally – at least that I know). I don’t know if his name has the same appeal for shoes but you never know!

Groundhog Day – Friday was Groundhog Day. That’s when the rodent comes out from hibernation (allegedly) and predicts when spring will come. It’s an old tradition in my area and just another reason for celebration during the long, cold winter! Next up is fasnacht day when we gorge ourselves with donuts before lent. We’ll use any excuse to party on.

Room renovation – The new chair is set up, wall and carpet repaired. We still plan to rework another cabinet in the room to make it feel more open and roomy. So far all good!

So how was your week?



81 thoughts on “Random 5 for February 4 – Superbowl, bots, merchandiser, spring, renovations

  1. Tell me more about this “fasnacht day” – please. Here in Austria “Fasching” is a big deal – the crazy Tuesday celebration right before Ash Wednesday when everyone has to start fasting – i.e. giving up something they really like until Easter. I have always told Austrians that we don’t have a similar holiday – but maybe we do . . .?

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    • Heavy Austrian-German population where I live and they translated the celebrating into a big donut pig out. It’s to use all the fat before Ash Wednesday. Fasnachts are yeast donuts made with potatoes. They are good but hockey pucks the next day!

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  2. Concert tickets are more difficult to buy at face value. We went to a Garth Brooks concert back in December and unless you wanted to sit behind the stage they had to be bought in the secondary market which is always more expensive.
    But it was an amazing concert😊

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  3. The Super Bowl forecast was on constantly on every channel here all week – can’t figure that out.
    Quite a game, I didn’t really care who won, as long as no one got hurt and good sportsmanship was apparent. (I think they should pull any player who does helmet to helmet hits for the rest of the game – fines mean nothing to these guys.)
    Many here were more interested in Galveston Mardi Gras than the football game. (and we had out own grey drizzle and chill for that…will it never stop raining?) Beignets were the best thing about living in New Orleans!
    Glad your house is going well. We love our new fridge…black steel makes the place looks classy…but the old cooktop and vent hood look pretty shabby now…..it’s like painting one wall makes everything else look dingy and needy.

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  4. I don’t care one whit about the game, so I’ll root with you, Kate, even though I think the guys are in the other room watching it and rooting against the Eagles. I could be wrong! I only listen to football talk with one ear! But I learned a lot in this post, my friend. I have never before heard of fasnacht! To quote Homer Simpson….”Mmmmm…donuts!” 🙂 And Jay and I took my mom out to dinner on Groundhog’s Day. It would have been my parents’ 67th wedding anniversary. Mom says she didn’t realize it was Groundhog’s Day until after they were married. We never forgot the date, so there’s a plus!

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    • When I worked I always looked forward to Groundhog day because spring would seem so much closer. Not sure about the closer part these days. At this point the Eagles are winning but I’m not watching it. Too nerve wracking for me.


  5. George Foreman is pretty mature in age, isn’t he? I know that Carlos Santana and his family have been making shoes for quite a while, mainstream women’s shoes mostly I believe.

    Yeah, too bad the concert scene in the big picture gets wrecked by bots and crappy scammer websites. I am spoiled here near Woodstock NY where there are small venues where world-famous people show up and play for a ten- or twenty-dollar cover charge, and it isn’t usually sold out.

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  6. I’m so glad that the concerts I want to see are with the old fogies, and demand for them is usually pretty tame. To wit, I was able to get decent seats for Mike and the Mechanics a whole week after they went on sale. They were a “second tier” act back when they were popular anyway, and that’s just as fine with me.

    Congrats on the room renovation progress. I’m now more conscious of that since we’re doing all of our rooms seemingly at once right now. Go Eagles! – Marty

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  7. We go to a Super Bowl party every year but I always bring some craft to work on because I’m not that interested in football. The half time show will occasionally grab my attention depending on who it is. This year, ehh. I think I’m bringing some things to color. Glad your room makeover is coming along nicely.

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      • YES!! I’ve shared some of that on my blog a couple of times. I am at my computer, hand on the button at the exact time specified and as soon as the site goes up, almost all the tickets seem to be gone already. I try to get in on the pre-sales to at least get something and then when the regular tickets go on sale, if I can get closer, I try to exchange. My worst attempt was for Adele. She sold out in seconds. I am trying for Elton John too, he’s going to be in two arenas close to us. We’ve seen him once before but since this is the “Goodbye” tour, I want to try and see him again. We are fussy though and just being in the venue isn’t enough. I want good seats for the amount of money you have to pay! If I can’t get good seats, most of the time I won’t go.

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        • Elton John tickets are history in our area unless you want to pay close to $1K. Our local radio stations are having contests to win tickets but I’m never good at those either. I’ve read that there are 3 artists that have roadblocks to bots buying up large blocks. Hope more do that so their fans can get tickets at a reasonable price.

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  8. I’m more of a college football nut, not NFL. I don’t have any skin in this game, but good luck to your Eagles!

    George Foreman SHOES? I just looked them up on the Internet. You were kidding. And they actually look like something I’d wear: nice n roomy in the toes, soft, and breathable. Good for Mr. Foreman!

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  9. Never in my life have I been an Eagles fan. I am however a huge fan of fellow alum Carson Wentz, so I’ve been following the Eagles since he came on board. Even though he is injured, I still want that ring for him! And I cheer for anyone over Tom Brady. Go Eagles!!

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  10. Fasnacht? I’ve never heard that term. Is it the German-American version of Fat Tuesday? (My German-American ancestors must’ve jettisoned that with religion.) And why doughnuts? Don’t get me wrong, doughnuts sound awesome, but…why?

    I don’t watch football anymore, but I’m rooting for the Eagles. Because they are the underdogs and I’m so tired of the Patriots (both for their cheating and their politics).

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  11. Yesterday Whole Foods was so crowded I had to leave never thinking…a-ha, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. The shelves at 1 in the afternoon were bare.

    Foreman loafers? Really? Hmm. You’re right about reinventing oneself. Maybe they’ll run a special…buy a grill, get a pair of sandals. I’m in.

    So, what did the groundhog say? Was it good news as I take off my 14 layers? I’m so ready to challenge winter to a duel. Have a nice week Kate.

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  12. We are going to watch the Super Bowl. We will be for your team… knowing you are watching and hoping will give us some incentive to watch other than the commercials. I want to watch the Kitten Bowl, too… Ha! HAPPY your room turned out all good and now you can concentrate on the game! Going to have to check out Forman and the women’s shoe thing… had no idea.

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  13. Forman just has that happy feeling and, makes you smile when hearing him talk. He has done great.
    My week, was very busy. Roofer working on the roof, Michelle trading things with her friends, regarding their hobbies. I’m hoping for a big slowdown this coming week.

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  14. This Super Bowl contest doesn’t interest me at all. Usually I can pony up a reason to root for one of the teams, but this year… *meh* I’m pleased to know that your decorating project is moving along smoothly. Unlike football I’m good at always rooting for all things that make a house a home.

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    • Normally the SB doesn’t interest me either but I may occasionally peek at it (beloved husband will be glued to his seat!). Still have more on the house project but the chair part is done. We can sit there. Reworking the cabinet the TV is in.


  15. You know that song has been playing in our house for the past several days. Derek is already pacing and perspiring! I have a good feeling about this team, Kate. Hopefully they can knock out those ole Patriots! I’m tired of them winning. As for my week…continuous tooth pain. I don’t think I’m responding to the antibiotic. Enjoy the game!

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    • I’m sorry about your tooth. You would think with today’s drugs they could control it better. Tooth pain is one of the worst. We went to a birthday party for a friend and wore Eagles sweatshirts. We weren’t the only ones!

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