Random 5 for October 29 – Food, guests, computer ads, hairballs, cats

Roller coast shot from a few years back. Gramps in second car with Maya. Daughter and Rowan in next car.

Are they gone? – Hazel stuck her head around the corner and asked that question. For the last few days the cats have been scurrying around to both check on and hide from the house guests. They can immediately tell when they leave. Maybe it’s the fact that the luggage is gone or maybe they have a 6th sense. We all plan to take a long nap today to recover.

Speaking of guests – It was the granddaughters who were here to celebrate the beloved husband’s birthday later this year. There was great food and good cheer and a trip to the local amusement park full of roller coasters (more for Gramps than the kids!). It was the last weekend for the park to be open. Great weather, great time! What a great way to celebrate!

Cravings – The change of seasons always brings a change in my taste buds and cravings. It’s more than switching from cold foods to hot. It’s switching from salty to sweet and lightweight to savory. During the summer it’s potato chips. Right now it’s chocolate and pot roast that’s calling my name. I can tell the season by my taste buds.

Say what? – I saw the beloved husband making his way downstairs using a flashlight around 6 a.m. It’s darkish at that time but I’ve never seen him with a flashlight before. I asked later in the day. During the night there was a godawful hairball hacking. We both heard it but it was the middle of the night. It will be there to clean up in the morning. He couldn’t tell where it was but he knew there was a land mine somewhere on the floor. He was determined not to step on it. Alas, I did.

Computers! – Sometimes I click on something interesting when I’m on Facebook. (I know I shouldn’t but…) It never fails. There are tons of ads and I get a “long running script” error. Everything locks up. I click out and never get to see either the story or any of the ads. Programmers should test their products. What’s the point of many ads if no one can see them?

So how was your week?

89 thoughts on “Random 5 for October 29 – Food, guests, computer ads, hairballs, cats

  1. I’m recuperating after a week of houseguests, too, and I think that our dog is happiest now that we’ve reclaimed our quieter life. She doesn’t like change. And I laughed outloud that you were the one to step in the what must have been disgusting hairball! And here Beloved Husband was trying to take care of it and save you the experience!

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  2. I don’t think my week will be as fun as yours was with the grandchildren visiting and cats hiding and slippery hidden hairballs. I always love coming here and hearing about your fun interesting times. Now, stay away from those Facebook ads! 🤓

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  3. Visits from family is always wonderful, but so are the naps after they leave 🙂
    Hope you are close to being fully recovered.

    I can’t remember the last time I was on a roller coaster (a real one, rather than the proverbial 😉). It looks like everyone was having a very good time!

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  4. Because we’ve moved around to much in recent years, we haven’t had any guests. But I do recall both the anticipation of their arrival and then the relief when they leave. For me it’s not food so much during the change of the season but cocktails. I go from martinis to more manhattans (i.e. gin to whiskey). – Marty

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  5. I know exactly what you mean about your tastes changing with the seasons. We are having friends over tomorrow evening and I really, really wanted to make a pork roast with roasted veggies… but it’s been so dang hot here. Fortunately, the weather gods are shining upon us and have cooled things down enough to be able to turn on the oven. Yay!

    It’s lovely to have guests, but so nice to get your house back (your cats agree… except about the lovely to have guests part).

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  6. I love your randoms Kate…. I can relate to the kitties looking to make sure the company has left. I kind of do the same thing. I’m still expecting one of the grands to come out from the bedrooms looking for a blankie to curl up with on the couch. Sadly, they have all returned to real life now but I am still anticipating movement where there is none.

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  7. I love amusement parks. If you want to feel like a kid, it’s the best medicine. Gramps is a smart cookie.

    And those kitty cats. I’ll bet they’re anxious to get their domain back to normal, since, you live with them, after all. I can see Hazel with her paws on her hips saying…ma, come on already…:)

    Nice you. have cats.

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  8. Glad that you all had a great time!
    So next time are you going to use a flashlignt to avoid the hairball? 🙂
    Enjoy resting and now you gave me hungry for Pot Roast! Had Hot Chocolate this morning and Candy Apples last weekend.

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  9. Sounds like some fun was had there. We haven’t been to an amusement park in quite a while since the hubby hurt his back and the kids have grown. We went every summer for a few years. We have not had the hairball issue with this cat, thank goodness. I can’t really tell the seasons by food cravings but soup just seems to sound better in the fall and winter than it does in the summer. Happy Sunday to you Kate.

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  10. Well good morning! Hope your visit with the grands and their Moms was wonderful. About that computer issue you mentioned, it has happened to me as well. So, you never see the end of the “article” and you have wasted precious moments of your time. I am truly disgusted by those “teaser” articles and have stopped clicking on them for good!

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  11. Glad you enjoyed the visit . . . even if you and the cats must now re-charge your batteries.

    Tigger always enjoyed having houseguests, but he also enjoyed reclaiming his domain when they left. I might say the same about me. 😀

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  12. I’ve done that “foot-in-hairball-in-the-dark” thing too many times to count. I don’t know if it’s better with bare feet or slippers — barefoot is gross, but you know instantly, whereas I’ve tracked hair ball all over the house in slippers.

    Our heatwave finally broke. The slow cooker shall now reign over the kitchen with beef burgundy and stew!

    Do you think it’s the Halloween candy that sets us up to crave sweets? Followed by Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies?

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  13. I’m glad you all had a great time, including the amusement park and the cats are back to their routines..:)
    Funny how the seasons affect taste buds. I’m sure it’s a psychological thing and the weather has something to do with it. Maybe someone had done a study..:)

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  14. Yuck to the hairballs. None of those here but Jack eats breakfast too fast and throws up…everyday. Breakfast is only time he does it. Any suggestions? Sounds like the young’uns visit was fun. Naps anytime for any reason are good.

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    • No hairballs! Woohoo! Mollie is the hairball queen but they all do it except for maybe Morgan. Never saw her hack one up. They have toys you hide kibble in and they have to play with it to release the food but for my cats it’s usually the wet stuff they wolf down.


  15. I woke up one dark morning to find a cat had left a slimy hairball IN my husband’s shoe. For a fleeting moment, I had the devilish thought to let my husband slide his foot in, unaware, heehee! (SHAME ON ME!) I had a good laugh then cleaned it up because I do love my husband so!

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  16. Naps are good. Amusement parks are the bomb [not literally]. Cravings happen. Hairballs are par for the kitty course. And FB… well, you know I’m not a fan, but I’m sorry that happened to you. Overall your week sounds like it was pretty darned good! 🙂

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