Random 5 for August 13 – computers, joy, small things, memories, weather

My pond this week. Gotta love summer!

Techie stuff – I bought a baby laptop (not sure if it’s called something else – so many names for the same thing) this week. I really dislike having to spend the time researching, educating myself and making a decision on technology. I’d rather give someone money and have them do it! The whole episode is a blog in itself as it didn’t go as smoothly as hoped (they never do!).

It’s the small things in life – I read a blog post earlier in the week about the small events in a day that give joy. We are talking really small. Waking up to sunshine. The first sip of coffee. A cat head-butt. Things that just make you smile and glad you are alive but are not classified as a big event. These things are very joyful proving that it isn’t about the money or possessions. (Please God, let me win the lottery and I’ll show you that it doesn’t change someone!)

Speaking of small things – I’ve been walking faithfully every day. I’ve come to appreciate the early morning overcast sky as a dear friend. Glare bothers my eyes and no matter what sunglass/hat combo I have, it’s not as wonderful as an overcast sky.

The beach — Early morning overcast skies remind me of the beach. Sometimes in late summer there is that foggy mist that burns off quickly. Getting up early to enjoy the coffee (and a New Jersey crumb bun) on the deck is perfect.

No complaints – I have been whining all year about the weather. Too hot, too cold, too something. We have just had the most gorgeous week. Low humidity with cooler temperatures. I need to live someplace where it’s like that for 10 months out of the year.

So how was your week?

Mollie: Still waiting for a modeling gig!

60 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 13 – computers, joy, small things, memories, weather

  1. Love your sense of humor! I happen to think the joy those ‘little things’ give us are what really matters – at all. Walking early in the morning with a small overcast sky is one of those BIG little things. NJ shore early in the morning, walking on the beach, alone, and then getting a sticky bun or crumb bun – beyond joy into ecstasy. xo

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  2. I felt a little bit of autumn in the air this morning for the first time this season. It burned off, but the marine layer was heavy and the sun took its time to get out and blaze! And your pond is looking great. My lilies are still going strong, too, and when they begin to die back I’ll know autumn is really here! Surely Mollie will hear from her agent soon, don’t you think?

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    • It has felt like autumn. For one thing, it’s cooling off overnight. The pond is over the top this year. I’ve had to cut back lily pads and pull out some of the water lettuce. Very good year for growing. Mollie is waiting.


  3. Your waterlilies and flowers are beautiful. We also have a pond, so I know how calming they can be. My daily little joys are in watching the wild birds that come to our patio and eat the food we give them right in front of our patio French doors. Good luck with the little laptop. I’ve recently stopped using a tablet that doubled as a laptops as it had a dockable keyboard. I’m glad to be without it, but yours looks much better!

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    • I was advised to not get a tablet with detachable keyboard. So far, I am working my way through but I need to get the font size bigger as my eyes are crossing. I thought I did that but it reverted back. Must have forgotten to press some update button. I can only work for an hour or two before my frustration level makes me say bad words. I’ll get there. Still have 10 days to return. Miss my touch screen. Should have paid the extra $50 for that.

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  4. I especially like the part about appreciating small things. Forgive me for hoping that you never win the lottery. I want to spare you the disappointment that comes later – after half the people you know have shown their true colors and after you suddenly realize that you don’t really like yachts and that you would rather be back at that beautiful pond instead of exhaustively and uncomfortably traveling the world. You’ve got it good, Kate.

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  5. I adopted my son and DIL’s extremely timid shy cat, Annie, because she’s terrified of their three year old and my precious DIL is due with a second child in two weeks. Annie’s companion cat died last fall and my dear Karma died in January. Annie was alone. I was alone. This morning Annie leapt and tossed a new toy in the sunshine…and I can get up out of a chair sometimes now without her running under my bed. Joy is mine today. 🙂

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  6. So like that you’re walking. A very nice image to keep.

    It’s cool right now in New York, a welcome change from all that humidity. Love the pond photo, as always, yearning for one gurgling and flowing with frogs and their brethren.

    Here’s to the Random 5 to always remind us how blessed we are, even with the humdrum…:)

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  7. Love the pond! I keep.telling my husband that I want pond. Actually I tell him to make a Lazy River through our backyard, but hey I can be content with a pond. 🙂
    Yes we had that cloudy haze at the beach the morning after all the rain.
    YAY on the cooler weather!
    Totally agree about the little things bringing pleasure!!

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  8. I’m so glad you included a photo of your pond. It is gorgeous. Good luck with the laptop. I got a tiny one a year ago and loved it until I found it didn’t have enough memory to upgrade the operating system. I now have a desktop with lots of memory, but I still use the little one because it is so very portable. That’s wonderful that you had a satisfying weather week. I quit complaining about the weather when we moved to the mountains.

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