Random 5 for July 17 – Distractions, girl time, robins, Darwin, stupidity

inspiration signBumpkus – That’s been the level of my inspiration lately. I’ve said it before. It’s hard to write a humor blog when bad things are happening. “They say” the best thing to do is to keep doing what you do. I admire comedians who go on stage after major disasters. It’s hard to get your head ready but the audience needs something to smile about.

Girl time – I had lunch with three different groups of girlfriends lately. Summer seems to be the best time for planning especially with my teacher friends. Girlfriends are great. Intimate conversation, a few drinks, what’s not to like? I can talk about topics that totally bore the beloved husband.

robins egg2016A gift – I saw an unbroken robin’s egg in my bird bath. It hadn’t been there long. I didn’t know what to do so I gently removed it and put it on the ground. It was gone within an hour. There was no sign of the shell so it wasn’t crushed. Guess I’ll never know what happened to it.

Source: Wikipedia

Charles Darwin — Source: Wikipedia


Natural selection Darwin was right. People who adapt to changes are more likely to survive. This week I saw a new one. A bicyclist was talking on a cell phone while riding. It was a hand-held phone not the ear thingy. He had one hand on the handlebars, the other holding the phone to his ear. Totally distracted, he drove through a stop sign and into traffic on a highway. Fortunately the car in front of me noticed him and come to a complete stop to allow him to cross the highway. Wonder how long he will last.

That reminds me – The Darwin Awards are a collection of stories about people who did incredibly stupid things that caused their death. They used to be awarded annually. No, we shouldn’t laugh about that but we do. I googled them and couldn’t find any since 2014. I know that we didn’t get smarter as a society, just look in the newspaper. Perhaps stupidity has become so prevalent that the awards are no longer unique.

So how was your week?


44 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 17 – Distractions, girl time, robins, Darwin, stupidity

  1. I am feeling a little of the same lethargy in writing, as well, Kate. So much doesn’t feel worth sharing in light of all the emotional violence and turmoil. At the same time I think we need to keep going and if there’s not quite the same sense of lightness, sometimes a little edginess is honesty coming through. As for the Darwin Awards…there sure are plenty of candidates, I’d say! 🙂

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  2. For the sake of all other species on this planet, I can only hope that mankind manages to evolve into extinction BEFORE we ruin the planet and wipe out all the other species. Sincerely, I mean this. We’ve done enough damage! Am I being extreme again? Strongly opinionated? Crap. That’s all I know how to be. Sigh.

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  3. Found you! Ignore my comment on my blog, LOL!
    Yikes, I’m not sure it’s a good thing they aren’t listing Darwin award recipients. Perhaps too many nominees? Spot on, about girlfriends and wine, we can let our laundry air in their company! I am thrilled to be back among the blogging, so this a grand week thus far!
    Cheers 🍷🍷

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  4. I see cyclists talking and texting on their phones while they cut through our subdivision with its hilly, curvy streets. They bike along like this moment and place is the only chance they have to connect with people, so they must use that phone now. Darwin’s rolling his eyes on this one.

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    • My husband bikes but he doesn’t do it on highways; would never think of doing something else while riding; and stays to low travel roads mostly in developments. He’s not allowed to die from a stupid biking accident.


  5. ACK! I’m laughing even thought the stupidity is so…stupid! That bicyclist…URGH. You want to whap him on the head and scream “Think, you a–hole.” Sorry, I never talk like that, but if someone hit the guy, that someone would live with the pain all their life, even though it was caused by the stupidity of the bicyclist.
    I’m going to soften my thoughts now and use some fantasy for the blue egg. A secretive, invisible-during-the-day, gorgeous blue and purple-sparkled bird lightly picked up the blue egg and placed it in her nest, where it hatched and claimed the fairy bird as her foster mom.

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  6. Actually, there is a warning on Pokémon, not that it can cause death, but about staying aware of your surroundings. Of course, if people had common sense, they would know that. Re humor in the face of adversity: No one has a perfect life and writing and laughing about bad luck or negative happenings is a way of coping. When you can’t do anything else, at least you can laugh about it.

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  7. I decided earlier today my next post should be a serious one on the recent tragedies. I’ve since decided there’s nothing I can say that I haven’t already written about the previous disasters. We’re living in scary times; I’m glad my parents aren’t around to see it. I choose to believe the mother robin somehow got the egg back and is sitting on it somewhere.

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  8. Cyclists like that make me crazy. They set such a bad example for the sport (or mode of transportation). I hear disparaging remarks about cyclists all the time – and it’s idiots like that guy that people point to. Did he even notice that he could have been injured or died?

    Girlfriends are the best! Add a little food and wine and you have perfection.

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  9. I suppose I should comment on the bike, but I can’t get passed the egg. WOW!!!!! NATURE WAS HAVING A SPECIAL WORD WITH YOU.
    As far being light and airy when the world is falling apart, I don’t believe that’s the case here since you mentioned it first up.
    We’re living in scary times and humor is one of the great combatants. Love the R 5

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  10. I think the Darwin Awards went away because the internet made the world much smaller and there were just too many winners on a daily basis. Every day you read about people like your cyclist, only he wasn’t saved by a vigilant motorist. 😦

    Yeah, it’s been a very depressing year. But there are good stories still out there, and I try and find them when I’m about to give up on humanity.

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  11. Between chatting on the phone while bicycling and all the Pokemon players oblivious to their surroundings, natural selection may be having a field day soon.

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  12. I’m surprised the guy in the bike had one hand on the handle bars. I expected him to both hands off. You’re right, I wonder how long he will continue to be able to have others save his butt.
    Stupidity so prevalent that the Darwins aren’t necessary? Now that’s an unsettling thought.

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  13. As you know, I am a cyclist and I have noticed many (teen-aged) cyclists, TEXTING, with BOTH hands, which cycling! Not touching the handle bars. But the worst was a young guy doing it while riding on a street which was under construction!

    Yesterday I celebrated my Golden Wedding anniversary!!!!! Woohoo!

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    • Happy anniversary! That is something to celebrate! How is your sister (from Bermuda) doing? She never went back to blogging! I am stunned on the cycling thing. If I ride (which is rare) I need both my hands and my head focused!


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