Random 5 for June 5 – Sex, exercise, hearing, nature, politics

frogs-4-congo2016This is self-explanatory, isn’t it? — Gotta love them! Yes, that’s my pond! Yes, they need the sex talk.

There is such a thing as too much exercise I took a day off from my gym this week. We continue to work on outside projects. All that walking, bending and lifting gave me more cardio than the gym. I deserved the day off. It was like a holiday!

Say what? Either my husband’s voice is growing dim or I really need to go to the hearing doc. For the past month I can’t hear him the first time he says anything. Of course he is facing the other way and talking with mush in his mouth but I should check my hearing out anyway.

Letters to the editor – Oy vay! I never read them because they make me realize how stupid people can be. We have a local preservation area with a stream. It also has picnic groves, hiking trails and some groomed grassy areas for sunbathing or frisby throws. However, for the past five years or so 10 to 15 feet next to the stream has been kept natural. That means wildflowers and grasses are growing there. It’s great for the wildlife. Some doofus wrote a letter demanding that the area be cut clean up to the crick so no one gets the Zika virus. Good lord! Does he understand what nature means? If you want a manicured lawn go play golf. Don’t go to a nature preserve!

Along the same vein — I am going into a cocoon until November. This year’s election is making me crazy (and again reminds me how nuts people are). Locally this week’s drama was whether a candidate was the first or second one in her family to graduate from college. I don’t care. Can she do the job? (Maybe I said this before but I can’t seem to get away from dumb rhetoric.)

So how was your week?


58 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 5 – Sex, exercise, hearing, nature, politics

  1. Get with it frogs! (There’s certainly a lot of them hopping around here with allthe rain – I have to keep distracting Molly from nosing them to hop…frogs lose all sense of humor after the second nose prod.
    I gave up newspapers – the insane comments and writing drove me nuts. TV is turned off for the same reason – this election is like a bad dream.
    Laughed over the mushy mouth causing difficulty in communications…my husband swears I’m mumbling…father’s Day is coming up – he may get a handheld dry erase board…..

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  2. Yard work trumps the gym anytime for cardio, at least in my opinion. You’re welcome.
    Posted on Facebook recently: “2016 is an election year. The problem is, someone will win.” That about sums it up, doesn’t it? Love the Random 5, Kate!

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  3. Can I join you in that cocoon? Oh my goodness it’s a crazy political world. And I do think it’s tremendously hard for me to be respectful of differences in opinion when I regard the “other” as ignorant. I’m more concerned about ticks in the wilderness areas than the zika virus, but I guess there are those who have their concerns. Let’s stay clear of them! 🙂

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    • The weird thing is that there haven’t been any incidences of Zika in my are which is far north of what is considered the target area. Also the mosquito that carries it is not usually found in our area too. The guy doesn’t like the growth and uses anything to support his position. As for politics, this is the first time I really can’t discuss it. It affects my opinion of people so it’s best if I don’t know.

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  4. I’m convinced the work I do outdoors is more of a workout than anything else I do, especially when it lasts 7-8 hours.
    I think your hearing is fine, though selective at times as we all are apt to do when the mood is right..:(

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    • What? What? I don’t need a hearing test! Yay! Outdoor work is usually followed by some instant gratification of some sort, less weeds, flowers, etc., so it’s more rewarding.


  5. You have happy frogs! I can’t hear much of anything that is said at work. So I ignore it all. If I need to hear something they know to stand in front of me and shout. I don’t have tv so don’t hear much of the potty politics and read only headlines in the paper. There is something weirdly nice about being uninformed.

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  6. It is always a pleasure to check on what your frogs are doing! Politics make for entertainment these days. I want to look away but I can’t. I think my Husband talks softer these days. Have a good week and keep up some type of exercise and at least keep moving at whatever pace is comfortable for you! Cheers for the week!

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  7. I just love the froggy conga line! They all look so hopeful. I think this election is driving most people nuts. We will finally be done with our primary next Tuesday and I can’t wait to be rid of the expensive hit pieces that clog my mailbox almost every day. I will vote (I always do) but I’m not too excited about any of the candidates. I’m only passionately against one, and he won’t be on my ballot.

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  8. Damn we could be friends! OK, I don’t have a sex-fiend pond, but I find that we think about exactly the same things! Except that it is MY HUBS who can’t hear as well any more (at least I don’t think he’s ignoring me). And I’m with you – d’ya think we’ll survive all of the nonsense until November? Gak!

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  9. Let me just say, nature is fornicating across the board. I mean Central Park looks like Penthouse. That said…

    Hearing..hmm, something I know about. Even if your loss is mild, it helps when people look at you when they speak hopefully, not chewing.

    Lets find out who this anti-nature guy is and give him a good smack, or feed him to your frogs.
    Honestly…what a schmuck.

    And the election is rivaling Ringling Brothers and my week, well…sad about Ali and now Trump is even using him to ingratiate himself.
    Comb your hair asshole, have a little respect for the Greatest.

    Love the Random 5 🙂

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  10. “There is such a thing as too much exercise.” This hit home for me, Kate, as I sit here with an ice pack on my knee. I have to workout every day to keep my stress in check. When my treadmill bit the dust, I purchased an elliptical thinking it would be better on my knees. Well,not if you over do it for an hour each day on a steep incline. I don’t do well with injuries and often continue to push myself. I guess my father was right, I do have a hard head. Have a great Sunday!

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  11. I wonder if the frogs are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame? Next up, a sex tape to go with the photos!

    Election, ugh. Now that everyone has PR people, and the PR people need to get paid, they drum up the most inane things to inject into campaigns. TMZ says: sex scandals only, please. Old-fashioned corruption is too boring.

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  12. Girls just want to have fun . . .
    And frogs just wanna be horny toads!

    I tune out the news and politic rhetoric and stupid people as much as possible, but some of the incessant insanity leaks in any way. I keep a bucket handy to bail out the slop before I sink into the muck and mire.

    P.S. I hit “post comment” too soon on my previous comment. Please delete.

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  13. Thanks for the reminder Kate. I’d read about a telephone hearing test that can let you know if you need to go to a doctor. My husband complains that I can’t hear him when he faces the other direction, talks to me when I have my head in the dishwasher or he says something when I’m in another room. I’ve been meaning to take this myself!

    Here’s the NPR story on it: http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2015/12/21/459397027/is-everybody-mumbling-try-a-hearing-test-you-take-on-the-phone

    The pond will be looking smaller with more frogs pretty soon!

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  14. Politics!!! This week we were watching the news and I got so upset I thought I was having a heart attack!!! Seriously. it took a long evening walk to calm me down. I will not watch the news any more and will rely on hubby to keep me up to date with the important issues of the day – the weather…. Okay that’s it. Nothing else is important!

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    • With the warmer weather we have been eating dinner on the porch. That means we miss the news. Somehow I don’t feel like we’re missing anything. Yesterday I finally turned it on for…..the weather. We have a picnic today and I wanted to know what to wear. Now that’s important!

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  15. I feel your frustration – and agree with it. Wish I could avoid the news, but alas, we can’t avoid what’s out there, which includes, unfortunately, a lot of clueless, ignorant people. :-0 But, let there be frogs, and relaxed cats, and happy bloggers.

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