Sassy cats and fish – The talk

Some of my fish.

Some of my fish.

Way back when we started the pond in 2009 I bought 8 fish. The charts said my pond could sustain up to 15 but the store talked me out of buying more.

I know why.

There are close to 40 fish in my pond. There have been losses along the way. Predators got a few. I euthanized one. At least two died of unknown reasons.

Last year I gave away quite a few. Yet I always have 40 fish.

In the past few weeks I saw several small fry. That’s baby fish. They are less than an inch. They are a protective dark color, stay deep and are hard to see.

Yesterday I saw the signs again. I have a 10” white goldfish. Very pretty but she must have been spraying her pheromones because there was a trail of suitors nipping at her butt. Ah yes, more babies to come.

I have discussed contraception with my crew. Explained about overpopulation in a pond. However, love (and lust) cannot be contained.

I cut off the wine and cheese happy hours. Stopped the romantic music yet it continues.

In nature there is a theory that overpopulation brings infertility. Can’t prove it by my pond! I have a horny crew.

50 thoughts on “Sassy cats and fish – The talk

  1. In the film industry, there are flirty sets and fighting sets. You wanted to be on a flirty set. You didn’t want your spouse working on a flirty set, though. Sounds like Kate’s set is all make love not war. Lucky fishes.

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    • I do have some pretty fish that were bred in the pool. I have an all white one with red lips. Of course we call her hot lips. Then I have two other white ones with red around the mascara. None of my originals were white. They were all goldfish but 2 had white speckles. I like the blue shubunkin the best though. Love the red, white and blue coloring.


  2. Well, you cut off the wine, cheese and romantic music. I don’t know what more you could do, Kate. LOL!!! Enjoy your beautiful pond this Memorial weekend.

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