Old time fun

Source: cliparwolf

Source: cliparwolf

There was an oldies dance in the town where I was born and raised. How could I not go?

I was expecting to see old friends but that didn’t happen. Then again, there may have been people who I knew there. I left town in the 70s. That much time makes people look…ummm…different.

(Except for me who looks like my same young sassy self!)

It was a trip down memory lane. There was a lot of development in the area. I had a soda shop to go to. Now the kids have a lot of different places. The have nice parks instead of fields and dirt paths.

The skating place was closed. Maybe that’s out of vogue. I spent a lot of time trying to impress the boys with my skating skills. (And I failed miserably.)

The dance music was from the 50s, 60s and 70s with the Electric Slide thrown in for good measure. The inclusion of late 50s music made the beloved husband happy. He requested an Elvis medley with Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog.

I knew the words for all the songs so I sang. Loudly. A lot. (A good thing about an oldies dance with oldies is that no one can really hear and they really don’t care!)

We left when they started the Chicken Dance. It’s all downhill from that point! It gets really weird fast.

The average age of the group was just before “walkers” but after “hip and knee replacements.” That didn’t stop anyone from dancing. They did their thing just a little more gingerly with modified steps.

The twist with that waist movement was a challenge for sure. There was only one person who twisted down to the floor and back up (without requiring medics). It wasn’t me!

People shook their booty (even if it was protected with Depends). Sometimes other body parts bounced too. It was all glorious!

Older folks don’t wait to dance. The music started and everyone was out on the floor. (Ok, the beloved husband and I were the first!) We don’t waste time. No need to loosen up. You are as loose as you are going to get. You want to be sure that you’ll survive until the end of the evening.

Older folks don’t have inhibitions! I saw dance moves that were unique — no one ever did them before. (And there is a reason for that!)

There were some Arthur Murray couples. They obviously took dance lessons. Their dancing was wonderful and intricate and they didn’t trip each other up. The beloved husband and I took dance lessons…twice. You couldn’t tell from watching us. We don’t really care. We have fun!

There were NO smoochy couples. You know the type, young and horny (or old and horny). (Can you remember when you were like that? Me neither!) I sort of missed that. No show to watch. No eye rolls or snorting.

We had a great time. We were in bed early – tired but happy.

Well, party on!

47 thoughts on “Old time fun

  1. I keep trying to convince the hubs to take some dance lessons with me. I love when I see those “older” couples who look like they’ve been dancing together for a lifetime. But well, horses, water…drinking — just not happening really fast.

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  2. So funny and so much fun! Bill had a girlfriend before me who was an Arthur Murray dance instructor. I thought I had better learn to dance to keep up with him. On a trial run at the Arthur Murray studio, the male teacher said to me, “Forget it. You have no rhythm and no balance.” True story. I have been intimidated by dance floors ever since. 🙂

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  3. I can’t stand the Arthur Murray types but only because they are usually so good, and I can’t dance worth a damn. I tried taking ballroom dancing once, and I was a miserable failure. But it’s still fun to shake a booty or two and do what Billy Crystal called the “White Man’s Overbite.” 🙂 Sounds like a fun evening.

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  4. I wonder if the crowded dance floor would happen on the West Coast? When Andy and I go to weddings on East Coast, especially with New Yorkers, EVERYONE is on the floor, regardless of skill.

    On the West Coast, everyone is at the bar. Andy and I usually have the floor to ourselves.

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  5. That sounds like so much fun! My husband and l are also usually the first ones on the floor – we figure we need to get as many dances in before the floor fills up. Too bad you didn’t run into a few way back friends… that would have been interesting. Like you, the Chicken Dance would have been our signal to call it a night.

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  6. I love oldies music. That is oldies from the 50’s and 60’s. When the D.J. says and here’s a tune from….some 70’s artist I cringe. But, listening and dancing to the sounds of the “real” oldies is euphoric. I went to that oldies dance and when I left I felt better (exhausted) then I had in years. “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” is good for your heart and your soul!

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  7. Oh my! I remember going to teen dances, but never enjoyed them at all. Did you know that at some retirement communities down in FL they have “proms” for the residents? Everyone dresses up and re-enacts their high school experience. I’ve seem photos and was, quite frankly, horrified by them. I am not going to make a good senior citizen if this is what is expected of me! 😉

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  8. I love to dance, and I could do the twist down to the floor and back up with no problem. Now I’d just shuffle my feet and swing my skirt (if I had one). My Mum and Dad loved the oldies, waltz and two step etc. They were very good at it. Mum had had her first knee replacement and wanted to dance to ‘Celebrate’ by Kool and the Gang as it had a good rhythm. I got a couple of chairs and put them in the middle of the dance floor. Then we did arms out okey cokey style movements, and before I knew it, there were twenty chairs and everyone was doing it. Mum felt terrific for having taken part.

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  9. Good for you! Go out and dance! I remember watching one couple in high school (yes, high school!) who actually really danced instead of shuffling and groping. They were marvelous to watch and through Facebook photos from her sister I see that they are still together nearly 50 years later and I hope they are still dancing. Always loved to watch them and wanted to be like them.

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    • I love dancing. My husband loves music and is a great musician but it didn’t extend down to his feet! I know we will never win a contest or be “that” couple but we do have fun. At least he will dance to anything (even the Electric Slide which I wouldn’t be caught dead dancing with him to). He doesn’t need a drink first either.


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