Am I old? No, it can’t be!

old womanSome things have been happening that make me wonder. Things I saw in elderly people when I was a kid. (Elderly to a kid could mean 40. Now it clearly is at least 20 years old than I am and maybe even older than that.)

You can make me feel better by saying that you suffer from the same things. This will only work if you are under 30.

✔ I get cold between 2 and 3 p.m. every afternoon. I have memories of an “elderly” relative wearing heavy wool sweaters during the summer. It goes away around 5 p.m. when I get my daily hot flash. (Damn things should be good for something!) I even get this to some extent during the heat of the summer. My hoodie is my best friend.

People are mumbling more these days. They don’t speak up especially at the end of a sentence. I have to ask them to repeat themselves and they say the first part extra loudly drifting off at the end (again). What’s wrong with them?

✔ I like my music loud (in my head) but the first thing I do is turn it down because it’s giving me a headache. (It’s really hard to bounce and dance to swinging tunes like “Mony, Mony” unless it’s LOUD!)

I want to do anything until the day of. Then I wonder why on earth I agreed to do that? I have to change clothes and put on makeup (sort of). This doesn’t include eating. I am always ready to eat – anytime, anywhere (mostly). Perhaps I’m just a spontaneous type of person now.

There is nothing as pleasurable as a nice nap except a nice mocha latte. Stretching out at that time of day when you used to be in “one of those” business meetings and just dozing off. There was a time I worried about missing out on something. Now I believe that “it” will find me and I will be refreshed and ready to go.

Are these symptoms of aging? No, can’t be. I’m not 90 yet.

So click on this video and see if you can turn it up LOUD and dance around (even in your chair!). It’s worth it just for the outfits.



75 thoughts on “Am I old? No, it can’t be!

    • I don’t feel my age at all (well…maybe the lessening of energy). When I started to think about all these weird things I’m sure some are age related. I don’t think you age in your head unless you become very inactive. My brother is 85 and very active (physically and mentally). If you saw him you would guess he’s in his’ 60s.

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      • I agree, for sure. I am confident that activity is what holds off the negative attitudes that sometimes accompany age. I don’t take that for granted either. Some of my friends are aging very rapidly because of health-related issues that hold them more inactive. Your brother should be an inspiration to all of us, Kate! Fantastic!

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  1. I am so with you on wanting to do something until the day of. And the chilly thing, yes! I wear a hoodie all winter in the house and switch to one of CH’s flannel plaid shirts in the spring and summer. I also have a beach towel wrapped around my waist most of the time over my clothes. CH calls it my dress.

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  2. Good Lord, we wrote about the SAME THING this week! And I didn’t copy, honest I didn’t! When I was young, I swore I’d never become one of those old frumpy teachers. I don’t THINK I ever did. Just ask me…I’ll tell ya…I stayed fun and hip right up until the very end! I still feel like a youngster on the inside, but the body…ummmmmm, well, that’s a very different story! Like you, my body these days has its own personal weather system. I just keep telling myself, “It’s natural – be glad you’re still alive!”

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  3. Yes, I can relate to every one of these, Kate. Especially the mumbling. Why is it I can hear certain TV shows perfectly, and others I can’t make out a thing they’re saying? No way is that my old age showing up!


  4. The only thing I can add to your list (and what others have mentioned) is how FAST dialogue is now on TV. I don’t understand them half the time, and it’s not because I can’t hear them. The kicker is when we watch old Columbo or Gunsmoke episodes, and I understand every word. Harrumph.

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    • That dichotomy proves that the problem lies not with our hearing ~> it’s the constant annoying loud sound effects of car crashes and sirens that drown out dialogue and with actors, like Johnny Depp, who mumble their lines, slurring words together, as if they are drunk, or have marbles in their mouth, instead of enunciating.

      That’s my theory any way.

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  5. I feel you on the nap and latte one for sure! I can say I’m closer to 30 than 40 (just for a bit longer anyway), but my preferred dinnertime is 5! That’s surely a sign of something, right? My excuse is that I get up at 4:30 every morning for work. Yeah, I’ll stick with that.

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  6. Ugh, me too, except I start feeling the why-did-I-agree-to-go-to-this the day before, not even the day of. And I never take naps, but might start soon, thanks to Joey. And as far as music goes, it’s so annoying when young(er) haha people turn the music up in the cat roaming room at the shelter. The cats feel EXACTLY as I do about loud music.

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  7. I’ve noticed that as I get older, I cherish quiet more. The dog barking right now is making me nuts, for example. Why did I not stick with sweet, quiet cats? Oh, right, husband wanted dog. But I am still plenty warm and people aren’t mumbling. Yet.

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  8. I’ve been feeling old for years.
    It doesn’t help when I realise my eldest nephew is almost 50, and it doesn’t seem that long ago that he was a babe in arms.
    I heard some really loud music in the car going by the other day, and said aloud ‘Tinnitus is just around the corner girlie’.
    And i can’t hear Hubby above tthe noise of the vauum cleaner.
    On the other hand, i can still hear the sirens way before seeing their flashing blues and twos.

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  9. I’ve finally learned to embrace the idea of “old”, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still behave like a child sometimes. I so get it about the mumbling and the hesitancy about planned events. I’m the one that wrote them on the calendar, and even looked forward to them, but then the day rolls around and I get all “does that have to be TODAY?”. Apparently I’m never going to grow up!

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  10. Oh Kate! You are absolutely right with this one!!! I am 71 but when I am on my bicycle I feel like 17. That’s the good part. The bad part is how much longer it takes to “get over” something like a cold or to “heal” from something like a sore knee!

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    • Recuperating! What took hours now takes weeks. Also the energy drains faster. I usually take a mid-day nap once or twice a week. If I don’t I get very tired. It’s not as prevalent in the summer so maybe we can call it “winter disease.”

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  11. Oh, I can relate to these – especially the mumbling and not wanting to go somewhere after agreeing to it and even looking forward to it… until I actually have to get ready and leave the house. My husband accuses me of mumbling when he can’t understand what I say, and not listening when I can’t understand him when he’s talking. It certainly couldn’t be him!


    • The mumbling — we do the same thing to each other. My husband says his hearing is 20-20. Ha! What is it about plans? It sounds like fun (and often is). It’s just that get ready and go thing.


  12. I know what you mean about feeling, and looking, older. Most days I’m okay with it, but there are times when I wonder. Like when one of those insipid AARP magazines shows up in the mailbox. Who in this house is getting this, I always wonder?


        • Reminds me of something I have been saying to my husband for the past decade. “I never imagined being with a guy as old as you.” Of course I am visiting my young dreams of a virile 30 year old. Since he’s older than me I write AARP off as “his” even though I am more than age qualified for it.

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  13. You’re not old because I’m not old because even if these things are happening it doesn’t mean it’s age because age is just a number and numbers can be manipulated because that’s what people do to make things better so that’s what we’ll do here because we’re just not old.
    I rest my case.


  14. Don’t feel so bad, I just went down stairs to……. and that was the problem. I couldn’t remember why so I came back up stairs… and then remembered! I’m not old either, my memory lapses are simply the signs of living in a stressed world!

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  15. Love that video! I know exactly where you are coming from Kate. I used to think my parents were old when they were actually only in their early 40’s. Now I have kids of my own in their 40’s! What does that make me? Elderly I guess, along with you. Someone needs to come up with a different word. Elderly sounds so old…

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