Courtesy of AraiGodai via Flickr

Courtesy of AraiGodai via Flickr

My family was musical. My father had a band and everyone in my family sang or played instruments or both.  I am the only one that couldn’t carry a tune but I played classical piano. (That was a real guy magnet you may as well play a tuba….)

We would all sing and dance around when we did things.  My mother’s hips could keep time to the sizzle of the potatoes she was frying.

I danced with the refrigerator door. You did too. Everyone did. That was how I perfected my jitterbug. My mother always yelled because I would pull the door open, letting out cold air.

When the twist and other unattached dances came into vogue, I didn’t need the refrigerator anymore. It was unfortunate because I am sure he missed me. (I was gentle with him when we broke up!)

I slow danced with the vacuum cleaner; bugalooed with the broom and strolled down the hallway and out the door. It never stopped.

Today I am no longer infatuated with appliances but I wiggle and jiggle all the time. I especially enjoy dancing down the stairs. I do Rockette kicks and pirouettes. It’s amazing that I am not dead.

There was one near fatal accident. Never, ever dance on stairs with socks. There is no traction. It was a particularly good high kick that did me in. Both feet went up and I landed on my derriere which bumped its way down the stairs (in perfect rhythm).

You should not be laughing. I was in my 50s. I could have broken a hip! You know what happens then. You go in a nursing home and croak! I was out of work for two days. Try to explain that to your boss! (The key here is to say you are having female issues. If you have a male boss they really don’t want to know.)

I wish there was an ending to this story but there isn’t. As I write this post, I am keeping time with my shoulders to some songs playing in the living room. Later I will do a good drum solo with the spatula and fry pan.

42 thoughts on “Dancing!

  1. I would never dance on stairs let alone do high kicks. I have difficulty just walking up or down stairs. I am happy there is an elevator where I live…I live on the ninth floor so plenty of potential for a bruised butt or broken hip. I sometimes still dance with the refrigerator door and no one tells me not to.

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  2. Oh, yeah, I had a close encounter with a flight of stairs once. My tailbone ached for six weeks. Glad to hear your nasty spill didn’t end your dancing days, Kate.


  3. Stairs really can kill. I once did the same thing you did (sans dancing) on a staircase at work (federal courthouse). I think at the time I was reading something and not paying attention. I hit my tail bone and bruised it something fierce. I was out for three days, thankfully nothing broken. The doctor would only give me prescription strength Ibuprofen, which I suppose did the job.

    Air guitar was my fancy, not dancing. But I also had a mother who would yell at me for keeping the fridge open for too long. Honestly, I never could figure that one out. How much extra money could that possibly have cost???! 🙂


    • A work accident? My friend did something to her tailbone and it resulted in sitting on an inner tube thingie for a couple of weeks. I played air guitar too. I was quite good at that and it’s not near as fatal at high kicks on a stairs. As for electricity, it was cheap then. I think my mom worried about he baloney going bad!

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  4. There has been more than one time in my life that I’ve been appreciative that I have a more than ample derriere, and it sounds like you’ve had your share of near-death escapes that were saved by a little extra padding in that area. Thank goodness. A broken hip would surely have taken a little jiggle out of your wiggle. 🙂

    I’ve only very recently started really listening to music again, and it is almost comical as to the wide variety of different music styles you can find in my CD player. This morning it was the soundtrack from Alegria (Cirque du Soleil), followed by a snappy little tune from Sonia Dada (Old Bones from the album Test Pattern), and right now I’m listening to Bisquits and Gravy from Bareful Soul (album of the same name). Earlier this morning it was Stardust (Willie Nelson). Hey, I need someone soft and gentle that early in the morning! As we get ready to ring in the New Year, how about we go out there and explore, and find some new tunes to keep our wiggles in motion? 🙂


  5. Keep on dancing, Kate! You will live forever, now that you have learned the secret of the stairs.

    I sang and danced also. Still do, though a lot less than I used to. You’d think I’d dance more, now that I live with my dance partner, but 1) The house is small and 2) Dance partner is all, “I got the girl, whaddaya mean I still have to dance?”


  6. I’m in one of those musical families too with a band director husband, a band director daughter, and a son majoring in music in college. We listen to marching and concert music in the car on trips. It all revolves around that and I’m the one with no rhythm or beat! I just sit back and listen! Be careful on those stairs Kate…~Elle


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