Stalked by facial recognition doohickeys!

surveillance equipment-wikipedia

Surveillance cameras — Source: Wikipedia

Sometimes I look things up on-line. Product-type things. To find out typical prices and look at reviews. Many times I never buy it but it stalks me. For a long time.

I had a new one happen to me last week. I was thinking of a specific pair of shoes. I saw them at a store but I didn’t check them on-line.

facebook like-clkrMy next trip to Facebook had those same shoes in the side bar. (Today’s FB sidebar showed two other products I looked up yesterday. Not only that but it said that two of my friends recommended it!) The products turn up in the advertising section on other blogger’s posts. They show up when in emails as products I might be interested in.

I watch CSI shows. Way too many of them. I know there are facial recognition doohickeys everywhere. (It’s on TV it must be true!) Are they tracking me? Did the recognition doohickey see me fondle a pair of shoes and log it in my list of interests to forever haunt me? (I wonder if the doohickey camera got my good side…)

Sometimes the product keeps appearing for two weeks and then goes away, replaced by something else. Occasionally it will reappear after a few weeks. How does it know I didn’t already buy it?

I don’t know if a good strategy is to look at a lot of products so there isn’t enough room on the stalking sidebar or if I should look up things on the beloved husband’s computer when he’s asleep. It would make a nice wish list for him to buy me presents!

BTW computer folks, continual flashing of the items doesn’t make me want to buy it. In fact for shoes, it makes me tire of the style faster than if I would purchase them.

I still can’t figure out how that pair I saw in a brick and mortar store showed up on my computer.

Be very careful! Facial recognition doohickeys are everywhere.

48 thoughts on “Stalked by facial recognition doohickeys!

  1. I make mistakes online. I always look things up then call the 800 number. How much the computer knows about us more than unnerves me. You can have no secrets anymore. People know everything there is to know if they do a serious search. Forget about saying you’re younger. That ship has certainly sailed. Pisses me off. Oh well, clever essay Kate.

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  2. Most of my shopping, other than groceries, is done online because we don’t live near any cities. I feel like these ads are an invasion of privacy ~ very disturbing.

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  3. I guess by now we’ve all had items show up in our side bars and it is really a little confusing to me. It is at once a convenience and at the same time shouldn’t I be alarmed? Now if you’re finding items being suggested to you that you first saw in a brick and mortar store that really is a little spooky! You are thinking facial recognition, and I’m wondering if they can simply read our minds! I wonder!


  4. I few months ago I kept getting an ad (for car insurance or something) that had a dancing figure that drove me crazy. Ever since, as soon as I open my email, I click on an arrow that Mozilla Firebox has provided to expand my screen. Now I have no room for ads. After reading your blog, I went back to my emails and clicked the arrow to give some room for ads, and there’s not a single one there on the right hand side of the page. I guess they know I don’t look at their ads anymore.


  5. I don’t do much shopping ~ either on line or at brick and mortar stores. But when I do, I’ve noticed the products stalking me in sidebars, etc.

    The constant intrusion is one reason I closed my FB account. And why I won’t buy a smart phone. And why I won’t shop at grocery stores that require you to have a Savings Card so they can track purchases. Etc.

    The internet is amazing and scary and amazingly scary. Great Post!!!


  6. Oh, yes, the “cookies” from our internet searches. If they were truly indicative of our shopping habits, I’d be stalked by pet food, rather than dresses from Nordstrom’s. It just depends on who has the money for internet stalking.

    But shorts following you from real life? That is freaky. I think you should test out other stores. Like Babies R Us. Just to see what happens.


  7. I have had that happen too. A pair of shorts my husband was looking at (but not online) followed us for awhile. A toilet I did research on (and finally bought from a brick and mortar) haunted us for months. Do you know how scary it is to be haunted by a toilet?


  8. This is something that bothers me too, Kate. As Jill mentioned, even after I buy something it shows up all over the internet. I just bought it, internet, I don’t need it! But having those shoes pop up when you weren’t looking at them online. I’m scared!

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  9. I can’t believe you wrote this, Kate. Derek and I were just talking about this very thing last night. Last Saturday, I ordered a purse on line from Macy’s. That purse has followed me all over the internet since I placed the order. I even switched browsers and it’s still haunting me. I find this disturbing.


  10. This worries me. Not so much when I see the products I’ve looked at. But lately I’m getting a lot of emails on my yahoo account for very conservative causes — I got TWO on Sunday telling me the best type of survival food to get — it last 25 years! And tastes almost home cooked …

    The world is getting weirder.


  11. I use a private window on Firefox for shopping to prevent Google and others from tracking my interests and the products I’ve looked at.


    • We have a Netflix subscription where my husband usually does the ordering. He will occasionally get an action adventure flick. When I go on it had this list of recommendations that I wouldn’t ever watch. Mostly Superman type stuff. I’m more of a rom-com or historical drama type myself.


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