What was that?

Here it is on the second or third day. I couldn't get it out of his mouth the first day.

Here it is on the second or third day. I couldn’t get it out of his mouth the first day.

I heard a lot of noise. Weird noise. Not like a cat shredding the newspaper noise.

Words…naughty ones with some sort of jiggly dance (and not in a good way).

What on earth was that? I went into the kitchen to investigate (and check on the cats).

The beloved husband, who was screwing or unscrewing with an electric drill had drilled his guitar-playing thumb. Right in that nice fatty part in back of the nail. Not a good thing.

He was dancing in the kitchen with his thumb in his mouth.

“What did you do?”

“&#@!! mrph”


He was reluctant to take his thumb out of his mouth because it was spurting blood. (And there was the chance that I would declare the need for a trip to the doctor for a stitch or two.)

The dance was interesting. It was similar but not quite the one he uses when his beloved Eagles win. (For those not local, the Eagles are the local professional football team who often give him headaches.)

That Eagles happy dance hasn’t had much action over the past year.

Back to the thumb – despite anything I said (he doesn’t take my medical advice — I should bill him anyway) he used the suck and pressure method.

That method didn’t work as it seeped blood on and off for a day or so. Any little bump could get it going. Still no doc visit on the docket.

He finished his project and the Eagles won on Sunday so he got to do his dance again! For the right reason too! Woo hoo!

He didn't look quite this good.

He didn’t look quite this good.

51 thoughts on “What was that?

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  2. Yep! That suck and pressure routine is usually quite reliable. I did wince when I looked at his thumb. That had to hurt! When you first mentioned the Eagles I thought you were talking Don Henley! LOL!

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  3. Ouch! I am not a handy type peep so I stay away from tools that have batteries or power cords. I like my thumbs without holes and fingers attached to hands. Good to hear there was a real happy dance!


    • My husband has talent. When he was a child he had major trauma to a finger which initially went unfixed. A specialist operated to connect tendons and he had extensive therapy so he could continue to play guitar. In his workshop he has a guitar pick hanging over his table saw as a reminder to be careful. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) most of his mishaps involve a hammer.


  4. That looks painful! I hope he’s feeling better now.
    I had to smile because the female biped always checks me first if she thinks someone is hurt, then the cats. If the male biped complains, she tells him that he can speak up when he needs help!


    • His tetanus is good (I checked that out). The wound is nastier than it looks. There is no skin in the center of the hole. There are always traumas when there are projects but they usually involve hammering a digit.


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