I am one of them

Kindle with owl

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I blame it on the lousy summer TV.

I blame it on my glasses. (Reading gives me headaches.)

I blame it on everything and anything. It’s not my fault.

It all started about two years ago when I bought a fancy-shmancy Kindle Fire — the souped up version. Love it!

My old Kindle, although it could go on the internet, was slow and checking email was slower than that boat to China.

My new one is fast! Lickety split fast! Addictive fast!

I do most of my computer work at a desk top in my office. It’s comfortable and the lighting is right. I tried a laptop once and didn’t like it.

Now I find I can shut down my desk top after dinner and check my blog and email in the evening on my Kindle. (Is that an addiction?) This is especially good if I’m waiting for an email response. It’s too hard to respond from the Kindle because the keyboard is small and my lap isn’t firm enough.

All was good. I had things in control until the summer hiatus came along for my favorite programs. Except for a few shows like “Rizzoli and Isles” (you have to watch that if you’ve never seen it), summer fare is junk. A lot of it is reality TV. (Ok, there must be some of you who like that but not me. I grew up in a reality family and had enough of that!)

There are only so many “Big Bang” reruns you can watch before you start reciting the dialogue before they do.

This pre-sleep boredom was relieved by checking my Kindle. After a quick check I could play a game or two or ten. I found that to be a great stress reliever.

Then I started playing solitaire while the programs were on. It’s like listening to the radio. Let’s call it multi-tasking! (Or was that the word of the 2000s. replaced by something else equally meaningless?)

Now I can be just like everyone else. I can sit with a device in my hands vaguely following whatever drivel is being said while concentrating on my game.

Are there meetings for that? Will it go away when the new programs start? Or will I return to reading when I get my spiffy new bi-focal glasses with a BIG reading area? Stay tuned….

37 thoughts on “I am one of them

  1. During the summer TV doldrums, I’ve been binge watching Showtime’s “Masters of Sex” about Masters and Johnson on Xfinity’s On Demand. My summertime guilty pleasure.

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  2. During the summer, we watch more shows on the Travel, Cooking, History, and Smithsonian channels. When I’m away from my desktop, I’m UNPLUGGED and Loving It!

    But sometimes playing games is just the thing! Make mine Sudoku.


  3. I am not a summer person – reruns of reruns or attempts at shoving second tier programs on thinking desperate people will watch them – that’s part of the reason. Reality shows just send me screaming from the room – enough reality in real life – I need clever dialogue/plots or at least pleasant distraction.
    Had to laugh – so many of us are using TV as background paying half attention while we do other things – networks ought to be worried.
    A new Kindle…have to confess once I had a reader, it was binge purchasing or ebooks….tapered off a bit now….sort of…


  4. I’ve found I can determine if something on television is of quality or not simply by what you’re describing. If it has quality then I can’t really do two things at once. If I can place my attention on something more, then it usually follows that the television show isn’t really worth the time. Your fancy Kindle sounds like a worthwhile investment. 🙂


  5. I have found that it is very difficult to watch TV without my iPad in my hands. Solitaire, emails, Facebook… anything to fill in the spaces. Haven’t heard of Rizzoli and Isles but we are on the last season of Breaking Bad so I’ll need a new series soon.


  6. I am very jealous. I still desperately miss the tablet I was forced to return to my office once I retired. I’ve never bothered to buy my own because what I want (the top iPad model) is too expensive for me. So I make do with nothing out of… spite? I’m not sure. But I will vicariously enjoy yours.

    I could watch any Big Bang rerun a zillion times. But my wife fights me on it. So I wait till she falls asleep on the couch, which happens nightly. I too am looking forward the new season starting.

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  7. Well Kate, this is why I don’t write a post everyday. I’d feel guilty taking up all your time. I had toyed with the idea of trying to compete with all that summer reality programming, but it wouldn’t have been fair to them—as I would have won hands down. But, A NEW KINDLE!!! I can’t possibly compete with that!! How underhanded of you! 😀


  8. I’ve never taken to Kindle but adore my iPad. I play games on it to pass the time and to waste the time. I never would have thought that I’d become That Sort Of Person, but I have. And couldn’t be happier. So I say, enjoy whatever distraction gets you through the day!


  9. I am watching Rizzoli and Isles on DVDs from Netflix (I don’t have cable TV) and like it almost, but not quite as much, as Scott & Bailey (to compare shows with a similar premise). I have an original Kindle that I read on the bus (so as not to make eye contact with any shady passengers). I often like to go to bed early surrounded by my laptop (for checking and replying to emails), my tablet (for playing spider solitaire), my smartphone (for checking texts, not phone calls) and the TV on in the background…. ah… electronic paradise!!!!


  10. THIS: “I grew up in a reality family and had enough of that!” Yes, yes indeed. No reality for me either. Bring on the scripted, escapist fare.

    I haven’t broken down and gotten a kindle. I fear the cost of instant reading gratification.


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