Random 5 for April 19

Sayonara baby! – My Christmas ducks were lounging in public view at the beginning of the week. I have ceramic ducks that I rotate seasonally. They sit on my coffee table or fireplace mantle through the season and then they retreat to the basement for a long nap and the “other” ducks come out. Life was hectic (that means Kate was lazy). In February I took them off the mantle and put them on the bookshelves awaiting transport to the basement. This week I finally packed them off. My summer ducks were very happy to come out and experience the wonderful weather!

Talk about big brass ones – There is a road I travel frequently with blooming spring bulbs that a garden club planted on the berm. The daffodils are blooming now and it’s beautiful. Today I saw some ballsy older woman picking THEM ALL! Seriously? She was well dressed. She could have bought her own and let those for travelers.

Source: LL Bean

LL Bean

Not all side effects are bad – One “side effect” from my thumb is that I am wearing exercise pants with a stretchy waistband all the time. Zippers were annoying so I bought enough for a week. Last time I visited elastic waistbands (a decade ago) all I remember were bulky, bunchy waistbands that made me look huge. These new pants are amazing. Smooth and sleek — the black looks dressy when combined with a nice top. It will be hard to get back in my jeans!

Remedial class – The rehab team wasn’t happy with my thumb progress so I need to continue rather than enjoy graduation celebrations. Someone asked if the therapy was painful. It isn’t painful but it’s stressful, somewhat uncomfortable and isn’t like a spa treatment at all. After I’m done, I hobble to the nearest Starbucks where I put my tired hands around a nice hot mocha latte. It’s a lot like a cigarette after good sex (only there is no good sex).

In need of down time – The last two weeks have been hectic and this coming week won’t be any different. Therapy sessions twice a week take a chunk out of the day. Add in other stuff and I need a week of nothing. I love nothing weeks! They are rejuvenating. Sometimes I take myself shopping. I am the best shopping partner. I take myself out to lunch at a nice place or perhaps have an ice cream treat. I am very comfortable in my own company!

So how was your week?




42 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 19

  1. I looooonnnnggggg for a week of nothing and completely understand how great it can be.
    Rich people are rich because they don’t pay for a damn thing!
    I love the cigarette after sex line! That’s how I feel after a good workout as I lay on the floor sweaty.

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  2. I really liked the way you ended this: “I am the best shopping partner. I take myself out to lunch at a nice place or perhaps have an ice cream treat. I am very comfortable in my own company!” Women feel uncomfortable doing something alone in public like eating that could be done socially. We need to get over it. I need to get over it and take myself out to lunch when the urge strikes.

    Shame on that selfish lady who picked the daffodils. But it does remind me of something. When my sister was in high school, she worked for a few weeks for the bulb growers in Skagit Valley. In those days, they didn’t sell the daffodils and tulips to the supermarkets. All they cared about were the bulbs. So one of my sister’s jobs was to pull all the flowers off their stems, throw them on the ground, and then sweep them up to be thrown away. Can you imagine: Fields and fields of daffodils and tulips, and they just threw them away.


    • Yes women need to be comfortable dining out and going to a movie alone. Movies especially are best without someone talking to you during the film. No, I can’t imagine throwing away the flowers. I would have cried!


  3. Kate its been a long process and I am imagining that mocha after your work out too! Oh how I love to take myself out on a lunch/shopping spree. I can eat where I want and take all the time in the world without someone keeping time. I am so very comfortable with my own company that its scary. I hope you continue to get more use out of that hand and things get back to your kind of normal soon.


  4. I think I’ll have to wait until I’m retired for a week of nothing. I could use a weekend of nothing. 🙂 I’m glad you to hear you reward yourself after rehab, Kate.
    My week was good despite the persistent rain. I think next week we’ll get a break.


  5. Yoga pants are awesome.

    I am also a sucker for seasonal decorations. My Chinese-American guy was very resentful of my 6 boxes of Christmas decorations, 1 tub of fall decorations, and 1 tub of Easter decorations taking up space in the garage. Then we spent Christmas with my father and his current wife: 30 just for Christmas, 5 for fall, and 7 for spring. It takes my dad a week to put up all her Christmas stuff.

    My guy hasn’t said a word about my boxes since.


  6. I never understood some people’s preference to go shopping with others. I much prefer to go alone; I can take my time and try on what I want for as long as I want. Best of all, I don’t need to be considerate of someone else’s schedule or needs. You’re description of a “me day” at the mall fits the one I enjoyed yesterday… it was heaven.


    • I occasionally shop with friends but it’s more of a social outing. We split up and meet up later but I have to be considerate of time. When I’m on my own I drift around and look at things not planned. I bought my favorite handbag like that. Wasn’t on the list but it was (and is) perfect. Going on two years now and it’s still new looking.


  7. “Oh Kate” said one of the summer ducks, “if only you had brought us out sooner.” As for the woman who picks daffodils; sounds like she is single-handedly trying to keep the garden club busy planting. Going all Vogue on us with stretchy waistbands huh? Maybe your thumb wants to feel the heat. I think you really are onto something here with this take yourself to lunch week thing. I’m going to try that this week.


  8. Well, now that the ducks have been rotated, it must officially be Spring! The latte after therapy equals cigarette after sex analogy made me laugh, but it also got the point across. It’s always good, and only better following something … uhmm … satisfying. Or strenuous. Or both. 🙂

    How lovely to have the daffodils along the roadway to enjoy, and how selfish that there was a lady picking them all. Reminds me of how some people at a salad bar with gobble up all the goodies, even when there is a long line of folks waiting their turn. Unless her birth certificate says “Everyone”, then she should have left them for everyone to enjoy. Some people.

    Here’s hoping you get a week of nothing time, where you can relax in your stretch waistband pants while enjoying your Spring and Summer ducks. It won’t be long until the sandals come out. 🙂


  9. 1. QUACK!!!
    2. She’s a quack too!
    3. Yay!
    4. Boo! Hope you continue to see improvement.
    5. Treat yourself to something nice . . . maybe some daffodils?

    Our week suited us ~ walking, biking, swimming, donating stuff to Goodwill, planting flowers, sending birthday cards, shopping for mother’s day, updating the photo album, cleaning out a few drawers, watching Murder in Paradise & Elementary & two decent movies, and an Open House to attend this afternoon.


  10. Line of the week…It’s a lot like a cigarette after good sex (only there is no good sex). Got a good chuckle out of that one.
    The rich woman picking daffodils…this is why they’re rich, they never pay for anything if they can help it.
    I worship at the altar of L.L.Bean so I’m not surprised you love your comfy pants. Why can’t you keep wearing them. That waistband can be our little secret, it’s why I’m always gallivanting around in tights, it’s one step from being naked.
    As far as a nothing day goes, there’s nothing like it 🙂


  11. Your blog reminded me to take out my lovely silk daffodils. Wonder how long it will take my cats to try to eat them! Loving this warm weather!!!!


  12. Glad to know there’s someone else out there who enjoys their own company. I sometimes take myself to lunch at our local restaurant/bar. The other day the friendly waitress asked if I was alone and I was surprised and answered way too quickly, “Always.” So nice to have professionals help with your thumb healing. Keep up the good work….in all your endeavors.


    • I was raised as an only child (my brothers are much older) and I was single for a good portion of my life so I learned early how to entertain myself. A “me day” at our local big mall is heaven. I’m not on a time schedule. Lots of places to eat and I can waste time looking at the inane things I’m not going to buy anyway or try on 30 pair of shoes (what companion would enjoy waiting for that?).


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