The seasonal transition starts



After two weeks of wearing pull up pants (because of my thumb surgery) I am back in big girl pants with zippers. The thing about pull up pants is that they are soooo comfortable. Think sweats and exercise pants (no, not the compression ones). No pinching or tugging. Everything stretches. All is good. Just like pajamas.

Now I’m wearing jeans. The zipper takes some navigation but I can work it. Still it’s not the same.

I’m wearing exactly what I wore all winter. It was comfortable then. Soothing with its warmth. Just like chicken soup.

Something happened in the last few weeks. Everything is snug or short or something. (No, my weight didn’t change. Don’t even go there!)

Or maybe it’s that thing that happens every spring. Pants get shorter. And less interesting. Boring even. Tops get worn and faded. I hate everything I loved three months ago.

As excited as I am to climb into my beautiful winter plaids and sweaters, I am now sick of them. I long for a nice tee-shirt with capris. One with birds or butterflies. Wild splashes of color.

It’s the weight. Winter jeans are heavier while summer capris, even if they are denim, are lighter.

There is the color. Summer clothes are more colorful, the jeans are more washed – softer and lighter shades. The tops are just wild.

Pulling clothes out of storage for the new season is like coming home from a shopping trip. It’s finding treasures I forgot I had. Not quite like gold doubloons but close.

As for shoes, I have beautiful sandals for the summer in all shades.

Come on spring, bring it on! Let me at those treasures!

30 thoughts on “The seasonal transition starts

  1. I always wait until at least mid-April to pull out my spring clothing. I have a few transitional pieces that bridge cold and warm weather, which I wore last week when we had a few beautifully warm days (high 50s to low 60s). But now I’m back to my winter wear. Sigh…


  2. We’ve hit 60F in the last couple of weeks, amazingly warm weather for March. Yet it came in like a lion with unseasonably cold temps (0 and lower). Hopefully, that means March will go out like a lamb and these lovely days of sunshine and warmth will continue right into spring. The snow is melting at a furious rate.

    I wear shorts all year too. I don’t do it for warmth or lack of it but due to the fact that my legs get pretty sore with diabetic neuropathy when I wear slacks or jeans. So I don’t really get the thrill of switching to spring/summer clothes. But I do appreciate less pain lol


    • The weather here has been like a ping pong game. One day it’s 60 and the next day doesn’t get out of the 30s. Wet snow is predicted for tomorrow. I’m hoping it won’t last since things have warmed up a bit this week. My cat Jake occasionally gets diabetic neuropathy where he can’t walk more than a couple of steps without resting. Fortunately, it’s a signal his insulin needs adjusting. He doesn’t have to worry about pants.


  3. Am dreading the moment when the warm weather will force me to confront my Spring clothes. There’s always angst and disappointment for me. That which I adore will be too small or large. That which I despise will fit perfectly. Happens every Spring. Like clockwork. *sigh*


  4. Most of the year here I wear spring/fall clothes. And yet, I buy summer clothes and winter clothes. They may not get as much use, but I still need them. This winter I bought some wonderful fur-lined boots. I only wore them a few times, but they sure were nice. I haven’t brought out my summer clothes yet. I hope I’ll still like some of them.


    • I always hope my clothes from last season fit. They usually do but I seem to go through spells of liking clothes more fitted or less fitted. I bought a pair of pale pink jeans (what was I thinking?). They are below the waist but not too much until I washed them. Now I really don’t like the tight low fit and don’t think I can take them back.


  5. Actually last year’s “treasures” don’t look so treasurable when I bring them out to see what’s what. They make me want to shop, shop, shop! At least new summer stuff costs less than cashmere sweaters.


  6. The only seasonal transition I am dealing with is yesterday it was 90F (32C) and today it’s in the 70s. I’m not looking forward to the summer.


    • That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Each season has its good points. I had a doc apt this a.m. so I shaved but I am a couple months away from doing that regularly. On the other hand I do look forward to not wearing 3 layers, coats and gloves.

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