R5 for January 25 – magazines, Mexican food, quality, chips, Matthew McConaughey

Source: culinaryschools.org

Source: culinaryschools.org

Cinco de Mayo where are you? – I am craving Mexican food. We don’t have great Mexican restaurants here – not authentic ones. I was in San Antonio a few years back and still dream about the food but it’s a little far to drive for dinner. This week I am trying a new restaurant with some friends. Maybe this will be the one.

Magazines, rest in peace – I am transitioning to a new hairstyle. You need to use the right words. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos but I am old school. I wanted to leaf through some hairstyle magazines. We have a local store that has a huge magazine and book section. There were books on chickens (several — raising chickens must be the in-thing), gardening, cooking and food, clothing styles, teenage heart throbs but none devoted to hair. Are magazines a dying art form?

Quality control on strike? – Last year I bought several pair of jeans. After trying a gazillion on, I found the right manufacturer with the right style, color and size. I bought four all the same or so I thought. After washing them (big warnings that they will discolor your skin if you don’t wash them first!) I put them in rotation on the shelf. One pair is very snug. I wore them twice, now they are in the donation basket. I hate when that happens!

It’s not the same – Last summer my brother-in-law brought a bag of cheddar-buffalo waffle-sliced potato chips to the beach. I shouldn’t like them for so many reasons but his wife and I finished off the whole bag in a half hour (that has to be a record even for my chip fetish). I found them this past week. Same brand. I didn’t enjoy them as much. Maybe they need to be eaten at the beach or with friends or while having fun. Or maybe it was the beer chaser!

Alright, alright, alright! – It’s been a week of things going right. I had to make a few decisions and some appointments. Everything worked out. That is so unusual that we are going out to celebrate. (Then again, we will use any excuse or none to celebrate!) Don’t you just love that smooth voice??

So how was your week? Alright, alright, alright?


25 thoughts on “R5 for January 25 – magazines, Mexican food, quality, chips, Matthew McConaughey

  1. Raising chickens is a very in thing around here. We have friends who raise chickens on their property out in the country. They are looking to move closer into the city and the first criteria of their new house has to be zoning that allows them to keep their flock. I think that they’re nuts, but that’s what they believe is important. It takes all kinds, eh?


  2. We are lucky that about 25 minutes away we have authentic Mexican food! Mexican food calls to us regularly.. I ALWAYS order chiles rellenos. CH orders something different all the time. Their beans and rice which I crave are to die for… I like to mix my beans and rice together and scoop them up in the homemade chips. Hope the Mexican restaurant is the ticket!
    Jeans! It’s a befuddling situation with jeans these days. I used to just buy my Levi jeans in the boys department. Got out of doing that, messed around with Levi’s screwed up sizing depending on where they are made and have now settled on Lucky Brand. But I am getting tired of jeans and have purchased a couple of pairs of pants and tights (not tight tights) from Athleta… I LOVE them!


    • In the fall I wore exercise pants (not the tight ones) a lot — even for going out. Loved them. Pull up, no bulgy elastic waistband but the fabric is too cold for now. So back to the jeans and corduroys. At least for another 2 months or so. Never tried Lucky Brand. We have a store here but it’s outrageously expensive. If I knew what fit, there are sales at stores.


  3. We’ve never had as good of Mexican food – fresh salsa, pico de gallo & home-made tortillas – as we did while living in Houston. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

    MM – he can make driving around in a car look good. And he does! Alright alright al-flipping-right! MEOW


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  4. When I lived in central California, the Mexican food was omnipresent and universally incredible. But that was all there was of any consistency, and I got tired of it. When we lived in Portland, there were more Thai restaurants than I’ve ever seen. Although they were very good, I soon got tired of them too. I wanted “1950’s Italian” instead. Now in our central Florida hamlet, it’s seemingly all Italian and the Mexican and Thai pickens’ are few and far between. There ain’t no pleasing moi.


    • I couldn’t live without some good Italian restaurants around. We have faux Mexican and Thai restaurants here which sometimes fit the bill. The best place I lived (for restaurants) was northern Jersey. That is so transient that there was any nationality within easy commute.


  5. Love the call 9-juan-juan. I was afraid I was the only woman who doesn’t mind hearing Matthew McConaughey say that phrase. Would love to sit and talk with him for a half hour or so. No, nothing heartthrobby, just a talk. That reminds me – maybe I can order some jeans soon.


  6. I remember hair magazines…rows and rows of models in flips and page boys….love rest in peace. That can apply to so many things in our current culture.
    Jeans that run and shrink. I can top that. How bout a pair that steals what little ass you have. I looked at myself in Panera’s mirror and was like clip art from behind…no behind to speak have…may I fedex them to your donation pile?
    As far as Mexican food goes…ole is all I can say.
    Love the R5


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