An upbeat Monday

Created by John Wagner for Hallmark's Shoebox Division

Created by John Wagner for Hallmark’s Shoebox Division

After a week of rolling around in crabby city, I woke up in a great mood.

How can I tell? (So glad you asked!)

I started singing right out of bed.

I hugged the cats that were foolish enough to stick around after I started my “a cappella” version of a Christmas carol.

I danced into my closet.

It was very much appreciated. I have things to do and accomplish and it’s always better when I’m not grumpy.

Friends are coming over tonight and I am going to serve sangria. For my recipe, I should have put the fruit in yesterday but a few hours today will work.

This is one of the easiest groups to entertain. Everyone is bringing their own takeout food. I am providing the sangria and everyone is bringing their best holiday spirit. (Damn well better!)

I wish there was a way to pull this mood change out of the hat when needed. Sometimes I can do that by playing fun music (like a little James Brown in the car!). Sometimes I can by being silly.

But sometimes I just can’t get it going. Maybe my battery is dead and the charger can’t be found. (Probably under the refrigerator with all the catnip toys.)

In any case, today I am going to enjoy it and get as much accomplished as possible.

I have to go, my cats are asking for another song. Here is one of my favorite groups. Music starts at 30.

40 thoughts on “An upbeat Monday

  1. What a great way to start a week! Don’t we all wish we could rise every day with a song on our lips. Maybe some people do, but I’m sorry to say I’m not one of them. I wish you’d printed your Sangria recipe…I’m going to be thinking about that. LOL!


  2. Whoa it’s Tuesday and I just caught your Monday, Monday post singing a different tune than — are you ready for this–I date myself–a different tune than “Monday, Monday” featuring Mama Cass. Hope today is as good as yesterday.


  3. Hey Kate….keep that sparkle going, it’s wonderful. Always fun having friends over and I think that new sangria recipe sounds mmm…good. Will try it. That helps one sparkle…woohoo!

    I usually go to bed happy and get up happy…happy being alive and functioning well. Two fantastic gentle men sent me such nice e-mails this morning…how good is that to wake up to? Wow!
    Had an important medical check this morning…I have kidney disease so good news is very welcome…have another tomorrow w/my Nephrologist and hoping it is upbeat as well. If not? Well, I’ll just shift into overdrive and smile while toodlin’ along.
    Good post…happy you’re happy…hugs!


  4. Glad you’re back in your Happy Place.

    I woke with an improved mood this morning too. I think we spent too much time with too many people for too many days in a row . . . causing the grumps to set in.

    Today . . . no holiday events. Just catching up at home. Aah . . . that’s better!


  5. The days just seem so much easier to navigate when our enthusiasm and happy place return. Glad to hear it found you today. I’ve only ever had sangria one time, but I remember it being a very pleasant experience. Fruity goodness. Have fun!


      • I wasn’t peeping, just figured your house was the same as ours. Well, on Thanksgiving when they played, the Cowboys only had four days of rest between games. Prior to last night’s game, the Cowboys had a ten day break because they played the previous Thursday. Oh, and the Eagles defense was horrible. 😦

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    • Bottle it and send some my way! I usually am an upbeat person. I don’t like being around crabby folks. I have been blaming it on the dreary weather or maybe I’m losing some of my sparkle. In any case I am really enjoying it today!


    • Reminds me of a story — I took Hazel our chubster cat to the vet. She has radiator heat. That chubby cat got under the radiator and we had a heck of a time getting her out. On my next visit I noticed all the radiators had complete covers where a cat couldn’t crawl under. We have a door that slides out of the wall and she managed to get a bunch of mice under there. That was so hard to get them out that my husband made a stop to put under the door.

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