The speed of light

Courtesy of clker

Courtesy of clker

Readers Note: This is written from the perspective of someone living in the northern hemisphere area that “celebrates” all four seasons (but not with equal enthusiasm).

I was at my local think tank last week. (For new readers that’s my gym which is populated with mature opinionated ladies.) It was dark and dreary outside focusing the discussion on the changing of the clocks.

(For those of you who live in other parts of the world, we set our clocks ahead one hour for the summer months to take advantage of the extra hour of sunlight. This results in two clock changes a year – one to move ahead an hour and one in the fall to set it back to standard time.)

We concluded that next weekend was the most likely day. (A google search confirmed the date as November 2.)

Then, of course, we started to whine about time.

The speed of it all. It wasn’t this fast when we were children waiting for Christmas.

There is a very noticeable change in the speed as you age. Etc., etc.

The conclusion? Summer is a flirt. Winter is a bear. Fall overcompensates and Spring…well…meh.

Summer pops in to show her face then disappears for a while (perhaps she’s fixing her makeup).

She reappears a few days later as if nothing happened. She is temperamental and undependable and undeniably beautiful.

She tempts you with blossoms and warm weather, then gets jealous when you buy beautiful summer sandals only to disappear again so you to shiver in your new shoes.

Make plans that require nice weather and she’s off to the tropics for the weekend leaving you with a cold and windy party.

When she finally settles in she radiates everywhere. You hide from her heat. Plan another party and you need water games and lots of beer.

Winter on the other hand is a helicopter mom.

“Where are your gloves and boots? Not wearing them? We’ll fix that” as she cranks down the heat and turns ups the precipitation.

She’s always eager to give us a good reason to wear fleece and Uggs. I believe she is a part-owner.

Hot chocolate mix suddenly appears in your cart when you’re not looking and she overstays her welcome.

She promises she’ll only stay for the holidays but she never says which holidays.

As the spring equinox is approaching she is still scattering snow around but just to make it pretty (so she says).

She is tearful at her departure, so tearful that the month of April is dedicated to showers.

Each season has a temperament all its own.

Fall is apologetic because Winter is coming so she colors everything so beautifully that we love her.

Spring is overshadowed by that foxy bitch Summer and overbearing Winter. Sometimes she’s not around enough to enjoy.

As for me I want a “do over.” I am convinced that July was a week-long and September only had three days. August? Did we have an August? It’s almost November I don’t remember starting October. How does this happen?


16 thoughts on “The speed of light

  1. This is great…real poetry you got there Ms Kate 🙂

    Summer pops in to show her face then disappears for a while (perhaps she’s fixing her makeup).
    She reappears a few days later as if nothing happened. She is temperamental and undependable and undeniably beautiful.


  2. How funny! I was just writing something about time and how we perceive it. I’ve been going through old boxes of photos, and what did I find? That some of the clothes in my closet are more than twenty years old. How could that be? I thought they were still in style–more or less.

    Summer is always too fast and winter way too long. We have a good long spring here in Seattle, but why couldn’t fall last at least all the way through November?


  3. When we lived in Central New York, I thought no one could love or appreciate Spring more than we did – especially after a long, bitterly frigid winter.

    In Florida, we also have four seasons, May 23rd – spring, Oct. 22nd – fall, Feb. 1st – winter, and all the rest is summer. I know. Do you want some cheese with that whine? 😉


  4. Winter isn’t as extreme here where I live on the south coast of NSW Australia. Since I’ve been living here for the last few years after spending 25 years in Queensland I’m really enjoying proper seasons again.


  5. Thanks for the reminder about the clocks, Kate. The only good thing about it getting dark earlier is I can go to bed at 7:30 and pretend it’s 9:00. I’m with you, the summer went too fast…it always does.


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