Movies and things….

I am not much of a movie going person. I am short so it was always a challenge to see the screen without head bumps. This was especially true during the big hair years of the 80s. How rude can people be?

Whoever invented the VCR did me a big favor. I loved the movie rental stores except that you had to get there at weird times to get the movie you wanted. Even if you hoped to rent an oldie, you can bet someone beat you to it. I ended up seeing movies I can’t talk about because of that.

Then along came Netflix. I was in heaven. You didn’t have to go anywhere. It came to you. It was timely. Cool!

There was this one movie that I saw in a real theater. I loved it, really loved it.

I loved it so much I saw it six times in three months at real theaters. I can’t say that about any other movie ever. I paid to see it and then bought the tape. Of course as soon as I completed my tape purchase, “they” immediately stopped making tapes and went to DVDs.

The first time I saw it I was on a training gig two hours from home with another trainer. There was nothing to do so we went.

I was so moved. I laughed and I cried. It was set in my era so I could relate. I took people to see it because I thought it was so good. Sometimes I even paid for their ticket. I wasn’t happy until everyone I knew saw it.

It was so bad that when people saw me coming, they would say to each other, “When she asks just say you saw it or you know what will happen.”

I gave pop quizzes just to be sure they weren’t lying. Complicated pop quizzes that only the costume designer would know the answers.

The movie was Good Morning Vietnam.

For me it was so real and so damn good. I had always liked Robin Williams. I mean who didn’t? But this was different. Now I was a disciple.

He did a lot of great movies but this is my favorite.

I kept the tape long after I got rid of my VCR machine.

I feel like I lost a friend.

35 thoughts on “Movies and things….

  1. I am sorry to be belated in this shared condolences for the loss of a true comedian, who was part of everyone in the world’s lives, one way or another! I really felt his heart and soul, in “Good Morning, Viet Nam.” I became part of the movie, that is a sincere talent he had, we ‘believed’ in his characters! My grandkids loved “Aladdin,” I loved him in so many movies, from “Dead Poet’s Society” to “Patch Adams”…he will be sorely missed!


    • He did make you believe in his characters. That is talent. I once heard a story from Steven Spielberg. When he was filming Schindler’s List, which was so sad and draining, he had Robin visit to bring up the spirits of everyone working on the film.


  2. Robin Williams did feel like a friend as he was in our living room every week on the TV set when he starred in “Mork and Mindy.” He had a wide acting range. “Good Morning Vietnam” was one of my favorites. But the one that stands out for me was a drama, “Awakenings,” with Robert DeNiro. In it, he administers a drug to people who were in a catatonic state after surviving an encephalitis epidemic. The drug revives them. Powerful film. I also loved “Dead Poets Society” and “Bird Cage.”

    His death was a real loss to all those who loved him.


    • Judy, I loved ‘Awakenings,’ which held so much hope for those who had fears of going into catatonic states. Didn’t it also help those with memory problems? I need to watch that one again! He was great in every role he took on, you felt him, you ‘believed’ in his character. Robin was a genius, in so many ways!


  3. One of the best! I was just telling my son about this movie yesterday. My kids grew up with Robin as the hilarious animated Genie in Aladdin, so it was a little hard for him to wrap his head around Robin being in a movie like “Good Morning Vietnam.” I really hope it is on soon so my son and I can watch it together.
    Great send off Kate.


  4. Half-way through your post, I was guessing which Robin Williams movie you were talking about. Good Morning Vietnam one of his best. It takes place in 1965, the year I graduated from college. I think he improvised most of the radio broadcasts, which would be hard to believe if it was anyone else.


    • I think he did too. Many of my friends went to Vietnam and I heard the stories so maybe that made me feel so connected. I watched one of the tributes about his life last night and was amazed at all he did.


  5. He was much loved down here to. He loved NZ, came often and was always kind about us. I have many favourite movies that feature him – but probably the best, simply for the pairing, and the fact that I saw it for the first time on DVD at about this time of the year with a bottle of wine shared with my eldest daughter when we were both in a bit of a funk for different reasons – and he cured us – The Birdcage remains my firm favourite! Be in peace!


  6. I still have a VCR player, and Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poet’s Society, Patch Adams, The Birdcage, and Good Morning Vietnam, all on VHS, and August Rush on DVD. Of all of them that I’ve seen so far, I guess it would have been either Patch Adams or Good Will Hunting for me, but when I’m in the mood for Dead Poet’s Society, nothing else will do. I’m looking forward to going back and viewing them all again, this time, with eyes awash in even more appreciation for his ferocious talent. I think you got it exactly right. We lost a friend.


    • Good Morning Vietnam and Mama Mia are two movies I go to for feel good. I liked all his movies that I saw. I didn’t see August Rush. No one could do the Birdcage like he and Nathan Lane.


  7. My favorite was “The World According to Garp!” But then, he did everything will. BTW, I still have a VCR in case you want to have a showing!


  8. Yes, we all lost a friend. When ever I saw one of those questions for who you would like to meet or have dinner with living or dead it was always Robin Williams. I so wanted to be in the presence of his genius.On any regular day, my goal is to make at least one person laugh. I will keep at it now more than ever, but I will also listen, carefully, to anyone who needs to talk.


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