That’s why he’s Mr. Wonderful!

DanSometimes the stars don’t line up and everything gets all fouled up. That was the kind of day I had yesterday.

I had an appointment in the BIG city which is about an hour drive. Since my eyes were getting dilated and I wouldn’t be able to see, the beloved husband drove me. He would have driven me anyway because I’m a princess!

The drive is fairly easy but a little tricky at the end. Somehow in the switch from the old car to the new car the detailed directions with our quirky notes were missing.

All we had were the directions from their website (which were complicated) and Mr. Google’s version. As is often the case, Mr. Google’s streets didn’t match what was really there. That always makes an interesting trip.

We got there just fine with only one wrong turn and an illegal U-turn despite a missing street (could they have moved it in the past year?).

I was taken in for all the testing and emerged an hour later with pupils as big as saucers and a whopper of a headache. Eye exams always do that to me.

We were halfway home stuck in the most incredible traffic jam when I realized I didn’t have my Kindle. @#x! I said some naughty words.

When I walked out of the building I felt like I was missing something. You know that nagging feeling that something isn’t right. I checked my jacket and my purse, all was good but that feeling sat on my shoulder. I didn’t figure it out until halfway home.

The beloved husband just asked if I wanted to go back. No eye rolls, no admonishment, no nothing. We were in stop and go traffic barely moving for more than a half hour just to get off the limited access highway. Then we had to make our way back.

He asked me to pull out the map to see if we could get around the traffic jam. Did I mention I couldn’t see anything?

I found the map and then I told him I couldn’t even see if I was in the right car. He was on his own.

We got back to the medical building with only one wrong turn. Not surprisingly we had managed to make a different wrong turn. We are definitely overachievers!

They had my Kindle. Oh yes, I tried to call them from the car but my new navigational system failed me. It was probably user error.

It took three hours to get home while it usually takes one hour. There were no harsh words, no bickering, not even a glare. Of course I was near blind and I couldn’t see much.

We even had leftovers for dinner. The princess was exhausted!

This is why I call him the beloved husband. If I ever grow up, I want to be more like him although it’s unlikely. I always think a good eye roll or two is necessary occasionally just to clear the air.

36 thoughts on “That’s why he’s Mr. Wonderful!

  1. What a good guy, you are so right! I have a very patient and calm husband, too. I need his calm, because I can be quick to react and that isn’t always a strength. LOL! I’m certainly glad you didn’t lose your Kindle. It’s like an appendage, isn’t it?


    • On one trip our GPS tried to get us to exit from a large interstate at a place where there was nothing…nada…no road to anywhere! We do download updates but this shouldn’t have even been an update!


  2. You are a very lucky lady! There would be far more than eye rolls should I be in the same situation. Although I must admit my own beloved mate has “off days” when he is positively saintly. Funny post Kate. I love the term, “user error.” 🙂 LOL!


    • OMG! As soon as it gets warm here (and I mean just nicely warm) stores and restaurants crank up the air conditioning. So during the winter you carry coats and stuff and during the summer you lug sweaters and stuff. I have found that since I am retired and not subjected to cold air conditioning all day, my body adjusts to the temperatures fairly well. That is of course, except when the humidity is close to 100% and it 100 degrees out.


  3. He’s a keeper! Mine is too. Glad you were able to reclaim your Kindle with only one wrong turn.

    Have fun at your medical class tonight ~ bring a thermos of coffee to share!


  4. It’s sweet having a ‘Mister Wonderful’ that will do ’bout any and everything for his ‘Princess’; I’m blest to also have one…a keeper! Love’s like that…doing for each other. My Prince and I roll out of bed at 4:30 A.M. tomorrow morning for yet another procedure for him at 7:00; oh wow, that’s a biggie for me…when I KNOW there’s something scheduled early? I don’t sleep a wink all night waiting to get up! I think his ‘eye rolls’ are in order…what can I say except ‘he loves me’…and life is good! P.S. Your Mr. Wonderful is also Mr. Handsome!


  5. I can’t even imagine how many times that man turned around for something much less important than a Kindle when I was growing up. Glad to see we got him trained for you. 😉


  6. Why does it seem like bad days snowball? One mishap in the morning and suddenly everything that can go wrong does go wrong. That’s how it seems to me anyway. The good thing is that you’re traveling (literally and metaphorically) with Mr. Wonderful, so there’s someone to commiserate, and to have the tact to roll his eyes when you’re not looking (or can’t see).


  7. I’m sorry you couldn’t see and were in the car for an eternity, but Hubs stepped up to the plate and well, I like him for that. I love when men are men. Hope you’re better today…and I would have gone back too.


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