Decompressing finally

forsythia-edThis is a peaceful end to a hectic week. We had snowstorms, medical tests and house guests all at the same time. That is enough to send anyone out for retail therapy.

I had a couple of coupons and a few (very few) needs so it was a good time to take a trip to the mall.

As usual, the things that I really wanted were excluded from the coupons (that’s listed in very tiny print on the backside) but eventually I found some items to buy. I was able to restrain myself. At least pretty much.

colorful t-shirtShopping this time of year is all about the colors — bold, bright and beautiful! It’s a promise of better (or at least warmer) times to come. I don’t know if the colors are brighter than usual or if they seem that way after a snowy white winter.

It took all my will power not to buy the new prints. There were gorgeous tee-shirts, blouses and beautiful printed crops.

floral cropsI have learned that it’s best not to buy anything until you take a look at what you have. I have a track record of buying the same or similar things year after year.

Although I love the “look” of print pants, I find I rarely wear them. (Question to beloved husband: “Do these make me look fat?” or “Why is this big flower positioned at this bad spot?” Of course, husband mumbles something soothing. He is not dumb.)

I came home with my purchases. Then I put away my gingerbread candle. It’s an absolutely wonderful scent but it is associated with winter. I pulled out my rose-scented candle. That is so much better.

The turnover to the new season which is not yet here, has started. Perhaps if Mother Nature peeks in the window and sees my forsythia bouquet with pussy willows, she will have mercy.

In the meantime, I am storing the winter wine and bringing out the limes for the spring margaritas!

I have a date with Jose Cuervo!

Come on spring, bring it on!

Photo credits: Forsythia by thegardenhelper and clothes by Lands End.

35 thoughts on “Decompressing finally

  1. Something tells me you were at Macy’s. I also ventured out to glance at all the beautiful colors and prints that are waiting patiently to make it outside of the store. Spring can’t get here fat enough for me. I am now on my way to switch candles!!


  2. Oh Kate…isn’t it great to have Jose around? Yeah…for sure that’s a most welcome guest. Like you, we’ve had robins around and that’s truly a sweet sight. As for the clothes? I love bright colors…solids as well as prints. However…not print pants. Never liked them on me…I’m 5’4″ and think I look ‘not good’ in them. Tall gals? Aah, now they looked chic in them! I wear my bright tops w/solid color pants/skirts…love ’em. Everyone’s so eager for spring; we’re having nice weather this week with the ‘experts’ saying cooler weather is about a week away…maybe that will be the last cold streak ’til next fall/winter. When it’s 100-105 this summer we’ll be looking for a respite. Happy shopping days are in just now though…love it.


  3. Good Morning Kate! I couldn’t sleep so I came to visit you! Love the bird in the forsythia picture. Forsythia is Spring’s introduction for me. So happy to hear that there is peacefulness and SHOPPING in your life.. 🙂 AND Jose! MargaTEETAS and well marinated green olives.. Oh Yeah!


  4. I’m glad you had fun shopping after such a difficult week. I poked around in a women’s clothing store a couple of days ago, and I think you’re right: the clothes are especially colorful this year. Very wild prints. I love them. Haven’t bought anything yet. Even the flowered cropped pants tempt me. I know, I know. They’ll make me look fat.


  5. Your attitude and approach is just perfect. Is this kind of like “fake it till you make it?” I am just certain spring is going to come and I’ll hear a roar of cheer coming from the east. Your forsythia bouquet sounds just beautiful. Bringing spring right into the house was a very good idea!


  6. Yesterday we had record breaking weather. In the 80″s. Weird, last week it was in the 20’s. I pretty much shop twice a year and I am gearing up for the Spring/Summer shopping. I love the prints and will get some I am sure. Sounds like you have gotten the best of the late winter funk. Onward!


  7. ‘Jose’, he makes a great date! I know your week was hectic, but I’m happy to hear it’s ending on a peaceful note.
    On a less peaceful note, those store coupons tick me off…one store in particular. The back of the coupon is full of exclusions. I stopped saving their coupons because they never work!
    The days are getting longer, so spring is around the corner.


    • Most of the time I can’t read the exclusions because they are so small. We have one store locally where the coupons are only good on sale items. Somehow whatever I want is never on sale so I don’t even bother with those anymore. Yes, Jose is my summertime guy.


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