The nothing box

This YouTube video came from my brother (complete with German subtitles). It explains a lot about the differences between men and women.

I can attest to the fact that as a woman I can never think about nothing. The mind is always going somewhere. It’s a problem I have with meditating. Can’t clear it.

Enjoy and happy Sunday!


22 thoughts on “The nothing box

  1. I think that it’s a little dangerous to generalize. It’s interesting, and I do think men and women often process information different, but I really think some people compartmentalize their thoughts, and others are more global in their thinking, and could sound unfocused when in reality they are “big picture” thinkers. I simply think we are all different in the way we hear, think, and speak…and it may not be as gender-related as we label. I did find this pretty funny!


    • The intent here is humorous over generalizations and I found it funny that way. It was pretty on target with my husband and me. I connect everything but I am a global thinker. My husband compartmentalizes and he is much better at detail. After many, many years in human resource work I found that men and women process and react differently. Maybe it’s a result of slightly different child rearing techniques or maybe it just is that way. I don’t think that’s bad. I always wished I could compartmentalize better but when you do you seem to be less emotionally connected. I never had a man sit in my office and cry. On the other side (generally speaking of course) I found women more passionate about their beliefs and more focused. All of the family friendly changes we made in our workplace were driven by women even though most men had family responsibilities too. It will be interesting to watch new generations coming up. I was surprised that this post elicited discussion. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Ah, this explains so much. I have the “monkey brain.” It constantly jumps around from one not-so-interconnected thought to the next. I envy those who have a “nothing box” and are content with that. Even Zen meditation does not calm my active mind.

    But this video does explain how men can watch someone else play golf for hours and be entertained. 😉 Thanks for the chuckle, Kate.


  3. I should have just gone with the humor and stopped thinking (put this video in the humor box). But I’m a woman, and, according to him, my boxes get all mixed up. So I started thinking about the value (for men and women) in making connections. And then when he said that women’s boxes get all mixed up because of their emotions, I thought about the not-so-pleasant history of blaming women for being emotional.

    According to Mark Gungor’s website, he’s a well-known speaker on marriage and the family. He may be funny, but I wonder how valuable his advice is.


    • I felt much the same, Nicki. The humor didn’t mesh with my current view of women or men. As a result, it didn’t seem funny. (But maybe my sense of humor is MIA b/c I didn’t get enough sleep last night.)


  4. I seldom have a problem stopping the “ticker tape of thoughts” when I want to meditate. I am also able to stay “on topic” during discussions. And I’m not governed by “emotions” as much as by detached observing of the NOW.

    I’ve also noticed lots of men who are easily distracted from “one box” by shiny object, baked goods, or female body parts. :mrgreen:


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