Mixed nuts, a tutorial on life

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey say “we are what we eat.” I say let’s find “them” and “set them straight!” I say we are how we eat!

For Christmas my brother bought me a tin of mixed nuts. I will ignore the fact that there may have been a message there.

Rather, I like to think that he knows we like nuts, salted thank you, and treated us to a special deluxe tin.

The beloved husband and I eat differently. I carefully select the nut I will eat one by one. Sometimes they are all cashews. Sometimes I will inject variety tasting an almond or a walnut or a pecan. One by one. That’s how you enjoy life’s specialties.

The beloved husband does not subscribe to this philosophy. He subscribes to something more like, “He who eats the fastest gets the mostest.”

He will scoop up handfuls and jam them in his mouth. How can you savor the flavor of a gentle filbert when you have a strong Brazilian in there all mashing around?

Just like people, some nuts are delicate and some nuts overwhelm. Walnuts can be stronger than almonds.

As with all the special things in life you need to:




Chew with intent.

That concludes my tutorial on how to eat from a can of mixed nuts or metaphorically speaking how to enjoy life.

By the way the tin didn’t last more than a few days!

The tin as it looks today. Oh wait, is that a cashew there?

The tin as it looks today. Oh wait, is that a cashew there?

39 thoughts on “Mixed nuts, a tutorial on life

  1. They say those who eat nuts live the longest. Also I believe those who eat the fastest live the longest. Ah well. At least we slow folks who do the savoring can enjoy the most even if it is for the shortest. Wonderful post as always Kate! Happy New Year!


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  3. I’m with you, Kate, I like to eat slowly and deliberately, savoring every bite. Like your husband, some of my family members disagree. My oldest daughter and her family seem to think meals are to be eaten as quickly as possible so they can move onto something else.


  4. That’s the way I’ve eaten each Christmas treat: cookies, fudge, Harry & David’s pears, Washington State cheese…hmmmm…and I’m still enjoying them. However, the nuts are gone! Husband eats them by the handful, too! Is a filbert a hazelnut?


  5. From one nut to another, one at a time is the preferred way to eat nuts. Glad you enjoyed them.
    Can we have the tin refilled if we return it!!


  6. One nut at a time definitely.
    Cashews first.
    No peanuts thank you.
    Then a filbert, maybe an almond.
    A couple of cashews and then a Brazil.
    A cashew or two or three to finish off that munch session.
    CH, the husband, scoops them up by handfuls.


  7. I agree with you, one nut at a time. I also like to eat them in sequence…. all the peanuts first (my least favorite), then the cashews, then the filberts…. and leave the best until last… the Brazil nuts! Of course, when sharing with others this doesn’t always work out! And unfortunately, this orderliness does not spill over into the rest of my life…


  8. I love the line…there might be a message there…just remember, he hangs off the family tree too. This essay would come under the heading of mindful eating, every diet guru’s recommendation. I’d say you have it down where nuts are concerned but your hubby is still eating with abandoned thoughtlessness. When he jumps a pants size, you can always remind him of his…one nut at a time 🙂


    • I remember reading about that in a dieting article. It’s how I have always eaten. One potato chip at a time, one Hershey kiss at a time. It drives my friends nuts. I don’t do it for diet reasons but to make the treat last longer.


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