Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is over for another year. My brother sent me this and sometimes I feel like this whenever I host a dinner! As friends get older there is a growing list of what people will and will not eat!

22 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner

    • Usually you can find something you like and can eat without a fuss. I once made a dessert that was gluten-free. Unfortunately I iced it only to have the recipient tell me she doesn’t like icing. She didn’t eat it. Did you ever taste gluten-free stuff? Tastes like cardboard and I was stuck with it.


  1. OMG! This is hilarious. I giggled all the way through, and I’m one of those people who tries to avoid dairy, eggs and wheat. I couldn’t resist the chocolate cake, though, and ended up with a rash the next morning. Oh, well. The cake was really delicious.


  2. Thank you for the laugh – much needed on this uber busy pet sitting day!! Up at 5:45 to start morning pet sits…finished those at 10 in time to come home, eat breakfast, shower, and now will head out for middays. Looking forward to all the high-fat yummy Thanksgiving day leftovers for dinner!


  3. We spent Thanksgiving at my son’s. He was married in August so this is their first Thanksgiving. His bride went all out and it was delicious! But she was cooking all day. I did help while the guys watched the parades etc. 😦 😦
    Is she ever going to be surprised when she comes to my house for the holiday in the future. I learned that my family only wants the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing. And that’s about all I fix. We even cook the turkey the day before, slice it and clean up the pan. Then reheat in oven on Thursday. Am I lazy or what!!! Well, I do make a really good chocolate chip cake which makes up for the lack of vegetables. 🙂


    • Less is more at my house too. You can only eat so much so I don’t do any extras. Even so we are all complaining about eating too much. At our house it’s the stuffing everyone wants because I only make it once a year. (They consider Stovetop Stuffing to be an abomination. It’s what you grow up with.) Anyhow, your dinner sounds wonderful to me! (I don’t even bother with appetizers anymore.)


  4. About the only solution is to have everyone bring something THEY can eat – then you can all eat together, even if all you have is what you brought 🙂

    Holidays at my Grandma’s house were cholesterol-raising, butter-fueled, lard-loaded, brine-sodium-laced events — and I wouldn’t have it any other way! What I’d give now to have some of her Thanksgiving dinner 🙂



    • OMG! I want to have dinner at your Grandma’s too! I try to cook healthy but the various likes and dislikes get to be overbearing. I usually cook what I want and people eat what they like. If all they like is mashed potatoes, so be it. I like my salads full of stuff so people pick out the onions, olives, tomatoes, etc.


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