Done, done, done!

snoopydanceThe detour is gone! My morning trip is easy and quick again. After I did the snoopy dance to celebrate I thought about the past few months of using the detour.

I did not get to be a more considerate driver. If anything, I got crankier (if that’s at all possible). I practiced my analytical skills in determining the best route – the flow charts, spreadsheets and of course the necessary drugs to keep me from totally freaking out.

Keep in mind this is a five minute trip so we are not talking anything too extravagant! Also chocolate is my first drug of choice followed by a margarita.

There is something I do miss. I am a sucker for men in uniform. Not necessarily military although that would work. Neat business suits with ties could do it for me. Probably a bellhop would work but no tassels please. Tassels are too girly.

The other hot “uniform” is that of construction workers – especially the traveling kind that work on road projects. They tend to be lean, tanned and young. They wear perfect fitting (read nice and snug) jeans with t-shirts that display perfect abs. Put a yellow hard hat on top with some blonde streaked curls sticking out and yum!

Stay away from the white hard hats. They are supervisors who tend to be older with beer bellies. This particular species does not age well.extreme sexiness

All good things come to an end and quite frankly, I would prefer to have the easy drive than the road show. Now you can tell I’m getting old!

18 thoughts on “Done, done, done!

  1. I can hear the piano in the background Lucy is playing. As for Men at work without hard hats, I must say, I would like to feast my eyes on them. No men in uniform for this chick.

    Also, can you not just walk instead of driving?


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