A tropical heat wave

Here’s a tune to play while you read this:

Yes indeed! We’re having a heat wave! I’m not complaining. I know I whined through all the cold, damp, rainy spring weather. It’s just that we had 72 hours of wonderful spring and went directly to the hottest part of the summer.

Some of you have temperatures in the 90s for extended periods. Here we get a week or two mostly at the beginning of August. My body hasn’t adjusted yet.

There are some things that I have observed.

Men sweat in different places than women. The men I am generalizing about is my beloved husband and the standard for comparison is me.  I watched as he mowed the lawn this morning. It was 9 a.m. and hot, hot, hot.

His shirt was all wet. He had a v-shaped wetness only at the top of his shorts and his hat looked droopy. I thought it best if I didn’t investigate that further.

I watered my garden and some newly planted shrubs. My hair was soaked under a sun hat and my crotch had enough water to fill a kiddie pool. Seriously, why would women sweat in the crotch and men don’t? I briefly considered a survey That is until I realized how the questions would sound.

Sir, what is your crotch like after you exercise? Would you consider it slightly moist, slippery slidey or like Niagara Falls?

It may get me arrested!

The beloved husband continues to tick off things on his to-do list. On the other hand, I view the heat wave as an excellent excuse to drink, read and nap more. (It’s a great time to pull the “old” card. After all I don’t want to exert myself. It doesn’t matter that the husband is older than me.)

My appetite is off too. Heavy meals don’t interest me. Yesterday I had an ice cream waffle sandwich for lunch and today it was cereal with tons of fruit. Both were better than a sandwich. The only thing that could make it better would be a little chocolate as a chaser.

It’s a great time to increase your intake of salt, preferably in margaritas. Of course a foo-foo drink with fruit juice in it would be healthy too.

My cats seem to survive the weather pretty well. Maybe it’s all that insulation that they leave on sofas and chairs.

Here is Morgan looking through the screen

Here is Morgan looking through the screen

Morgan, the new one, prefers being in the screened porch. Yes, it’s shady but it’s still hot. She lies on the cool tile floor for a while then retires to the comfy chairs for a nap. Then back to the floor again.

We’ve had some visitors.

Wild turkey under bird feeder

Wild turkey under bird feeder

These turkeys (there were 2) were ok with the weather too. They are cleaning out the seeds under the bird feeders. Although the pond is a few feet away they don’t seem to need a drink.

On the other hand, I have been drinking with the Maritimes. It’s 5 o’clock earlier there.  Those Canadians think of everything including a way to drink in the afternoon.

umbrella drink

29 thoughts on “A tropical heat wave

  1. one of the delights getting older has brought is the ability to sweat without moving. Nice.
    I keep a fan near me at all times but am known to wake in the night with hair and jammies stuck to me … ugh! I have stopped buying anything that’s not 100% cotton, too.

    We’ve gone from mild to steamy high 80s with 900% humidity. Just getting up to adjust the fan causes another round of sweating!

    🙂 MJ


  2. Wonder what it means when you sweat in the “nether” regions when it’s fairly cool! I went out to plant just two little potted zinnias after dinner tonight and the “older” woman thing hit, to say nothing of dripping from the forehead into the eyes. There was a cool little breeze after a rain shower and I’m sure the temperature wasn’t much over 75F. Your post is laugh-out-loud hilarious!


  3. It’s been so hot here that Molly finally decided to soak in her little pool. (now if she would only stop dragging in half of the pool’s water with her when she come inside)
    They keep promising us rain….at least there are clouds today.
    Funny, last week ice cream became acceptable lunch here, too


  4. On July 5th, it was 73 here in FL . . . mid-afternoon! And my brother in NJ said it was in the 90’s. We’ve had lots of cloud cover this week, but have now rebounded to the 90’s.

    It’s only 84 at the moment (8 pm), so we’re chillin’.

    If you decide to conduct a Sweat Survey, perhaps you should use Poll Daddy to keep things anonymous. :mrgreen:


  5. Taking Patricia’s idea one step further, I think my crotch area is about 10 degrees warmer due to the heat generated from the friction of my thighs rubbing together.


  6. Stay cool. You have the right idea. Don’t exert yourself. A tall, cool one and that song should set the tone.

    Kate, even though Florida is hot, I thank heaven I don’t live in Vegas where my brother does. The thermometer hit highs of 117 degrees and then cooled off to … 107. But it’s a dry heat. (That’s a joke on one of my coffee mugs. It shows a vulture sitting atop a cactus and a cattle skull lying nearby.)


  7. I have a theory about the crotch sweat thing bu it may be considered R-rated so I will keep quiet. I will say I don’t remember sweating “there” when I was younger so maybe it is an old(er) woman thing…but then my thighs didn’t stick together when I was young either.


  8. OK, where do I even start with this one? Well, I had to stop laughing first! I love the choices on your multiple choice survey! I think the sweaty crotch idea is worth exploring, given the fact that we have both now contemplated the concept and typed out the words and didn’t get completely creeped out. I feel like the only place I never sweat is under my arms, and yet that’s the one spot I’m prepared for it.


    • Not a big pit sweater either. I do sweat under the boobs. Not sure what that’s about since I didn’t do that when I was young. As they say…aging isn’t for sissies. For right now I’m going to shelve the survey but you never know….


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