Tess Tales 2 — A trip to the new house

This is part of a series of tales about my Mother who was a bit unconventional.

Danish brick

Many, many years ago, I built a new house in the country. It was about a half hour out of town. Except for a few other houses it was completely surrounded by farmland. There was a sense of tranquility there and a lot of work.

My mother did not drive that far so after the house was up and bricked I took her to visit. It needed the finish work to be completed but the floors and walls were in. The exterior was complete. It looked like a house with a lot of mud all around it.

I would be the first to admit that new home construction isn’t very pretty. It takes the landscaping and grass to make it look complete. Otherwise it just looks like new construction in the middle of a mud field.

My mother had never built a new home. In fact she had only lived in 3 homes in her entire life and all were built before she was born. Somehow this fact eluded me. I thought she would be able to visualize the finished product. Boy was I wrong.

Oh yes, my mother wasn’t shy. She always said what she thought. Sometimes she forgot to use the filter. Here was our conversation. I included the thoughts not said in parenthesis so you could get the feel of the event.

Me: You will love this new house. The laundry is on the first floor and the kitchen is big. (Very excited)

Mom: Great. Where is this place? (Not so excited)

Me: Just a few more minutes up the road. (Still excited)

Mom: Is it in the state? We’ve been on the road for hours! (No patience whatsoever!)

Me: Mom! It’s only been about 10 minutes! (Somewhat exasperated but still excited)

Mom: Well, it seems like forever. Why do you want to live so far out? (Wondering where she went wrong – raising kids seemed so easy at the time)

Me: It’s not really that far out. It’s a half hour to everything including your house. (Dang! You can’t build much closer to the city because it’s too freakin’ expensive!)

Mom: I guess I won’t see you much anymore. (Really sad face)

Me: Oh for heaven’s sakes! (Getting frustrated) Look! There it is!

Mom: Oh my God, what’s wrong with the brick? (Clearly worried that I had been swindled)

Me: Nothing is wrong with the brick. It’s called tumbled. It’s made that way to give the house an “old lived in” look.

Mom: If you wanted an old house, why didn’t you buy an old house? Building a house is just a lot of trouble. (Yep, she must have gone wrong somewhere)

Mom: (after walking up to the house in the mud) You know, I would have given you the extra money to buy new brick.

That’s my Mom! You hadda love her!


10 thoughts on “Tess Tales 2 — A trip to the new house

  1. Hahahaha! Your Mom was hilarious! Your post is hilarious. You made me recall my Mom too, who couldn’t understand why we moved to “No Man’s Land” so far away from civilization (7 miles to town). 🙂


  2. Sounds a lot like my Mom. Everyone was entitled to her opinion. Funny stuff, Kate. (You can laugh now, right?) I loved moving into a home that no one else lived in, but I also loved the 3-story home … with an attic and a cellar … that I grew up in. They each have their own appeal.


  3. I feel like I would have loved your mom. And agreed with her on everything just to annoy you. A girl has to have fun…


    • I don’t really remember. It was overpowered by the fact that she thought it was too far out. I only lived there about 3 years and ultimately she was right. I prefer to live in town. I loved the peace and quiet but I missed the quick trips to the store or pizza shop and friends never stopped by.


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