The Return of the Shadow – Blue Eye Shadow!

The dreaded spring disease has attacked! I get it every year around this time. I call it “girly.”

I want to be girly. I want to feel pretty! After a winter of heavy flannels and dull colors, I want to break out like a peacock — a horny male peacock in full plumage. Maybe it’s remnants from my mating dating days or that odd surge of estrogen that pops up once in a while.

I threw out all my eye makeup, some of it over 20 years old, and headed off to my favorite mega cosmetic store.

Something I learned a long time ago was to select sales help that looks like you want to look. If I am getting a haircut it would be best not to have a stylist with a Mohawk. I found that to be true with makeup and clothing too.

blue eye shadowMeg Ryan wasn’t there so I had to settle.

Totally disregarding that inner voice, when a makeup person with electric blue eye shadow asked if she could help I said yes. (What was I thinking?)

Aging has made my eyes deeper so I need new techniques to make them pop. Electric blue isn’t the answer. She said she could help. There were just a few key things I need to do.

We tussled over the eye shadow color. Big surprise! My eyes are hazel so I like deep greenish-brownish tones to make the green part pop – very neutral though, nothing like electric blue.

She wasn’t having any of it. She made up my eyes three times, each time saying, “I don’t like it” then taking it off.

My eyeballs were getting sore so I told her to select the next color. She came back with bronze. Now that MIGHT work but it was all shiny.

Rule one says never use shiny stuff on old skin. It makes you look creepy (yes, creepy not crepey but it can make you look crepey too). Think of all those overly made up matrons. Creepy.

I couldn’t go through another application. I could do better myself. I wore makeup daily for all the years I worked. She did sell me on eyelid primer although now that I have it, I think the shade is too dark.

I did what I should have done to start. I came home to YouTube and learned how to apply eye makeup for deep-set eyes. Ta-da! All is well except that bronzy stuff doesn’t work with my skin color. It would do best with tawny rather than my lily-white skin and much younger skin too.

Now I’m on a roll, I stopped back (with coupon of course) and headed to the cheap section. Almay makes eye makeup sets for specific eye colors. I picked up the naked hazel batch and I am good to go. It’s matte, has the three colors I need and with the coupon, was very cheap.

This phase won’t last long. Makeup is work, especially eye makeup when you can’t see what you are doing but I sure feel pretty! Me and Julie Andrews!


29 thoughts on “The Return of the Shadow – Blue Eye Shadow!

  1. I too am lily, blindingly white with brown/hazel eyes. I stick with earth colors, a little shadow, mascara so my eyes don’t disappear (my lashes are creepy white) and maybe a mocha lipstick. Nude lip in style is good because I never remember to put the lipstick on anyway.

    Just one more note–products not tested on animals are much better for all of us. Estee Lauder has never tested on animals, and they have good, reasonably priced stuff. Crap, I think I just fell off my soap box…


    • Eye makeup is work especially as your up close eyesight gets worse. Since retiring a year ago, I hardly ever use it which is why I was so inept at even chosing colors. Lipstick is easy but I don’t like the greasy feel. I do use it though in either lip colors or very muted tones. You won’t find purple lipstick on me! I have used a lot of Estee Lauder stuff and still do to some extent but with eye makeup which “they say” you should throw out frequently, I try to keep it cheap.


  2. P.S. Did I ever tell you about the time I was chased by a peacock? Seriously, I was wearing a blue floral dress and I was videotaping him and he charged after me! He must of thought I was competition, lol.
    In the 80’s I used to wear dark blue eyeliner…ohhhh, those were the best days!


  3. Hahaha. Great post! Word of advice though…next time you need a consultation find a gay transvestite. Seriously! I’ve gotten the best make-up advice from gay men at the MAC cosmetics store than anywhere else 🙂 Once, in Miami, I walked into a store in South beach and the guy said “girlfriend, you need to pencil in those eyebrows” who knew! haha. And, I also buy pretty silk scarves in Spring to brighten up my wardrobe. You can find some really nice ones with colourful patterns and flowers at most department accessory shops for less than $15 and they will surely add a spring to your step with a lot less effort.
    hugs, Leah


  4. This one really did make me LOL! It’s a hilarious diatribe. Maybe because I have been there too of course. Maybe not as extreme as wanting to be as colorful as “a horny male peacock in full plumage” though. Blahahahaha! 🙂


  5. Remember the character Mimi from the Drew Carey show. She looked like a 5 year old colored her face, which is exactly what I fear when I think of eye shadow. It is making a big come back this Spring though, so I might have to take the plunge.


    • Me too which is why I was seeking help. The high end part is scary with big $$ and no idea where to start. I am sure there was someone who would have fit me better. She just wasn’t there that day.


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