An east coast storm watch with catalogs, food and books!

A previous snowstorm

A previous snowstorm

The northeastern coast of the US is under a storm watch/warning. Depending on your location, you can get anywhere from freezing rain to three (yes, three!) feet of snow.

Courtesy of the weather channel

Courtesy of the weather channel

We live on the cusp of the storm. Depending on which local TV station you listen to, we could get anything from freezing rain plus an inch of snow to 3 to 10 inches. That makes for easy planning. (That was sarcasm!)

I have got to say this – weather prediction is the only industry that can be totally wrong most of the time and no one loses their job. I know it’s hard to predict but if we can get to the moon why can’t we better predict the weather? Yes, they don’t know how fast storms move. I could say that about some of the guys I have dated but I still was able to predict……pretty accurately too!

I am prepared for anything. I have a big stack of catalogs with beautiful spring colors on the products (that I don’t need) just asking to be bought. I have a stack of books that need to be read. Some could be called literature but of course there are a few Stephanie Plum books in there so that I can literally “laugh out loud.” Her books are peppered with the most outrageous scenes that include monkeys and horses — not in a bad way either! I have some Golden Girls TV series DVDs too.

We have far more food than we need. We may be able to feed the sixth fleet if they can float up a creek inland. Perhaps I will even make French toast. People make that in a storm because everyone at the grocery store is buying bread, milk and eggs. What else can you do with that?

So with all this wonderful stuff and a very good excuse to not do anything of value, what do I usually do? Watch the stupid weather channel! It is mesmerizing. It’s the same news on a loop that they play every 20 minutes but I watch it as if it was breaking world news on a cancer cure or world peace. I run from the bathroom when I hear the commercials end to ensure I don’t miss a word.

I watch all the pet photos that people post. Of course my pets are so much cuter but they are not stupid. Do you think I could get a house cat to pose out in inclement weather? Get their fur wet? Wander more than 10 feet from the food bowl? Not likely!

So far we are getting a very faint light snow that isn’t sticking to the ground yet. That’s been going on for two hours now. My biggest fear is that my Starbucks run tomorrow morning may be impacted by this weather. Now that is a problem!

NOTE: Wishing my blogger buddies in the New England and the coastal areas well. They are going to get the brunt of this one!

19 thoughts on “An east coast storm watch with catalogs, food and books!

  1. Hysterical post, Kate. I remember my Mom cruelly laughing about the Weatherman’s picnic in Pennsylvania many years ago. It rained. Karma.
    I also am glued to the set when a hurricane is anywhere within a continent or two of Central Florida. It sounds like you’re prepared. I’d fix a good cup of cocoa (or a nice chilled glass of wine), kick my feet up, and read one of my books.


    • Storms are mesmerizing. I remember several years ago when my office closed for two days. I thought hallelujah! I’ll get work done. Nope. Just kept watching the TV. I watch your hurricanes too. Maybe it’s something about the power of nature. Yes, on the cocoa. There is nothing like a hot drink in a snowstorm!


    • I don’t think I would miss them. They come with cold weather before and after for a few months. I would prefer to live in a moderate climate and travel to a ski lodge for a week once a year if I need a snow fix.


  2. Stay warm Kate, and if the snow builds to 3 feet, just tune in to The Golden Girls for long-term giggles. You won’t have to watch the weather channel anymore anyway or run out of the bathroom! 🙂


  3. Of course you can always read the next installment of Shades of Grey (sarcasm). But I know what you mean about the weather channel. I do the same thing! Are we crazy or what!


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