The travelogues have started!

Every Christmas we receive “letters” from distant family and friends. I look forward to most of them. They let me know what’s going on in their lives; events I might have missed; and updates on kids.

I have a few friends that provide a month-by-month travelogue of what they did all year-long. I can never figure out why they do that. I don’t know the people they are visiting and am not interested unless there is a special story.

Certainly the fulfillment of a bucket-list trip somewhere is worthy of mention but I don’t need to know that you traveled two states away for a weekend unless you got married or something spectacular.

I want to know how you are and the life-changing events that happened!

The beloved husband and I have done “the letter” a few times but only when we are inspired. My favorite was the year that we did it “trashy tabloid style.” It was so fun! Each paragraph had a trashy headline. Here is an excerpt:

Divine Intervention – In a miracle similar to the Christmas story, an angel appeared to Kate and told her she needed to get a pet for Mollie (another cat). She drugged Dan, got his ok and proceeded to do what the voices told her. Dan has no memory of agreeing to this and was clearly shocked when a cat carrier appeared in the house with a strange cat in it. Jake (the elder cat) wasn’t too crazy about it either but Mollie and Kate were delighted. Now the women clearly outnumber the men! Dan does have some concern about the voices part. Welcome Hazel (Hazelnut for short!)

Here is another paragraph:

All Hell Breaks Loose – Two new visitors were discovered at the Jones-Crimmins residence.  They couldn’t exactly talk or walk but they could crawl backwards and definitely stole the spotlight from anything else that was happening in the world.  Rowan and Maya, 7 months old, came to visit.

Now isn’t that more fun to read? Come on people! Put some creativity in your holiday messages!

14 thoughts on “The travelogues have started!

  1. I love the soap-opera-style Christmas letters crammed with drama and suspense. Especially the one I received this past Christmas from someone I didn’t know who obviously didn’t know me either but had sent her note of escapades to the wrong address. It was funny, shocking, irritating…and made our family so grateful that we did not actually know her. After the grandchildren went to bed, the adults sipped egg nog and sat around the fireplace, passing the form letter around, each reading a paragraph and then “explaining” what was really happening.


  2. Funny! We’ve managed to derail many of those travelogues (you are so right)
    Really only have one now from friends in CO – and she’s an author so her struggles are interesting. (but I’m jealous – she’s in CO and an author! No fair she gets both! HA AH)


  3. The tabloid version sounds fabulous! We have a couple relatives that do a letter of some form or another with updates on everyone. I have yet in my adult life to even do cards (terrible, I know). One day I will get to that. Probably when we have kids with pictures to show off.


    • Kid photos are great. I have a whole box of pictures with the year on the back. Most are friend’s children and I don’t have any other pictures of them. Every Christmas I look at them all and see how they grew each year.


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