Sunday humor — They cut off my britches!

I rarely do video links but every once in a while I see one that gives me a good belly laugh. I thought that we all could use a good belly laugh.

My brother sent this around Thanksgiving. I look at it whenever I need a pick me up. It’s long at 8 minutes but it is a really fast 8 minutes. Mark Lowery has a great delivery style and his language is clean. The first 20 seconds don’t relate to him but hang on to your hat and he will make you smile. Get your coffee, kick back and enjoy!

PS:  You Texans should really like this!

16 thoughts on “Sunday humor — They cut off my britches!

  1. I was introduced to the humor of Mike Lowry years and YEARS ago. I had forgotten how incredibly funny his stories are. It felt so good to have a few tears ‘of laughter’ again.

    Blessings on your day. Thanks for blessing mine. 🙂


  2. THANK YOU for the laugh. Just the word ‘britches’ alone made my day. 😉 And yes, always listen to your Mother. And, yikes… that story went so far so fast! Who knew? I’m signing my donor card just in the hopes that my Catholic bones will end up providing laughs to a Baptist sometime, somewhere.


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