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When I was much younger I had a boyfriend who was very lucky. Not with me but with raffle tickets, contests, lotteries – you name it, he won it. We hardly ever went to a picnic or dinner without him winning the door prize or the centerpiece. I could never figure it out. Me – I don’t remember winning anything. Oh yes, I once went to a humane society dinner and won the book that I had donated for a door prize.  That is my luck.

When I was in school I was not much of an athlete. I hated games like dodgeball (ouch, it hurt!) and tag made my shoes dirty and why on earth would anyone give hormonal teenage girls a hockey stick and have them run around a field? Not that I was a prissy thing. I did like racket sports but we didn’t play those in school. We played TEAM games. You know what that means. Kids are SELECTED to be on a team. It isn’t that I was always picked last (kids liked me and my best friend always picked me first no matter what) but I certainly wasn’t the first choice. I could always be depended upon to screw something up.  That is until gym class in 10th grade. Basketball wasn’t my game but the teacher split us into two groups and had us select the team captain. I was overwhelmingly selected to be the team captain. How did I get this awesome title? By promising to let people do what they wanted. If you wanted to play, you were in no matter how bad you were. If you had cramps or a debilitating boyfriend problem you could sit on the bench the entire game. It also meant that I hardly ever had to actually play. That was a life lesson for me. People excel best when their heart is in it and in overseeing a project, you could get out of the real grunt work but you worried more.

I may not be lucky in the lottery sense but I have been lucky in other ways. I am lucky that like kindred spirits found my blog and enjoy it. That is far better than a raffle drawing. Despite the fact that there are many better writers out there, I have been selected by my peers for awards. That is just awesome.

I was starting to believe that they had the wrong address but hey, I’ll take them any day! Here they are:

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award comes from the lovely Jensine. She writes about life observations and lives in Dublin. Isn’t that already pretty cool?

The Versatile Blogger Award – I received this from both Life with the Top Down and Miss Four Eyes. Life writes about…well…life. Her last post about catching a rodent in her house was pretty funny! I was almost rooting for the rodent. Miss Four Eyes is a new blogger to me. I like her style and am still getting to know her.

One Lovely Blog Award came from Dor’s Virginia News. Dor reworked her blog and now it reflects life on a farm in Virginia. Her writing is insightful and funny especially for those who are naïve about farm life. It’s a good read especially if you have a yen to live in the country.

The Thanks for Writing award came from Jensine (see paragraph above). Gotta love her!

Check out these blogs and thank you all for reading my posts.

23 thoughts on “Old boyfriends, luck, lessons and awards | For Bloggers

  1. This recognition is so well deserved and your gratitude is beautifully shared. The community of bloggers is a very special one. There’s something about our shared love of words and the connections they foster that is unique and beautiful. If I had an award to give you, other than high praise, I would. Congrats, Kate!


  2. Hi Kate – Just found you and am loving what I’m reading! Thanks for sharing your thoughts in such an entertaining way. And congrats on all the rewards. I’m sticking around and reading more. And, yes, I am a cat woman – two Ragdoll cats rule our roost. I know I’ll have fun here! 😉


    • After I posted this, I realized that you had given me a Genuine Blogger award that I never acknowledged (I am so bad at that!). I will include in a future post. Sorry I missed you.


  3. How sweet is that … the basketball team captain is now scooping up blogging awards!

    Had to laugh at your “winning the gift you brought as a door prize” story. That sounds like something that would happen to me. HaHa. I’ve never been a particularly lucky person, but I don’t consider it as having bad luck. More like being clumsy at most things, including good luck. 🙂

    My sister will tell you she has horrific bad luck, but I have a hard time agreeing with her, especially since she once won a brand new pick-up truck in Las Vegas worth about $40k. It was no cheapo version of a truck. It was full-sized and fully loaded, with all the bells and whistles, and it was super nice. Gorgeous. This story tells you a lot about my sister. Her response to winning the truck wasn’t elation and ecstatic happy-dancing. Instead, she grumbled that “my whole life-time supply of good luck was used up on winning this stupid truck. Now I’ll never win anything, ever again.” And to my knowledge, she hasn’t. Not even the door prize that she brought to the auction. 🙂


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