Men just don’t care about hair

Clipper with guard

All of us have secret talents which are best hidden because they can wreak havoc in your life. I can cut hair. Yes, I know I complain about hair all the time but I really can cut it so it looks like a professional haircut — just not my own hair!

I learned from my mother who used to cut hair in the neighborhood — not for money but as part of a barter system. She would cut someone’s hair and they would give her something in return or do her something for her. My old childhood neighborhood was like that. There wasn’t a hairdresser in the town. You had to go to the city about eight miles away to get a professional haircut so Mom learned how to cut hair.

As a teenager I would cut my girlfriends’ hair – sometimes it came out really great and then sometimes, especially when we were trying to get a new look (like a Twiggy cut), not so good. When we all grew up and could afford real hairdressers, I didn’t do that so much – except for men.

Men don’t care about their hair. They don’t like to take the time to get it cut. They don’t like to wait in a line and good grief – they don’t like to pay for it. That is how I started cutting men’s hair. I always limited haircuts to my boyfriend du jour. Now I just cut the beloved husband’s hair.

He can be really bad about haircuts, going an easy eight weeks between trims. Last week was one of those times when it had to be cut or I would need a lawnmower to cut it. I usually start with an electric clipper to get the bulk out and then finish with a scissor. When you use an electric clipper, there are guards that you put on for the various hair lengths. No guard will give you a buzz. The longest will give you a pretty traditional cut. I always use the longest guard.


I was having a blond moment (or maybe a senior moment – no let’s stay with blonde) and I started without the guard. Major oops! Beloved husband now had two bald spots on the back of his head. I was so angry with myself. How could I be so careless? How would I tell him?

I finished the haircut, leaving it a little longer next to the bald spots so he could do a comb over. Then I broke the news, expecting a negative reaction. His response was, “I can’t see it anyway.” He never even looked in the mirror until he took his shower several hours later. All he said was, “You did cut it a little short on the one side.”

Beloved husband with 2 shaved spots and a stupid comb over!

A little short? I would have thrown a hissy fit, screamed at the top of my lungs, bought a wig (maybe a Dolly Parton one — do they come with boobs?) and never forgiven the person who did this to me. He didn’t think anyone would notice. How could they not notice?

He was right. We had several social functions with different friends in the next few days and no one said anything. I didn’t mention it. He didn’t mention it.  Perhaps they think that he has a serious illness or maybe people just don’t look at the back of men’s heads.

Going back to what I said at the beginning – men don’t really care about their hair. How can that be? By the way, he only has one hair product — shampoo. I will never understand men.

21 thoughts on “Men just don’t care about hair

  1. OK … I’ll be the contrarian here. I have two shampoos (depending on the day), I use conditioner, I will wait in line to get my haircut, and it must be cut by one of two people.


  2. I’ll bet you felt awful … (I mean, seriously, there’s NO HAIR there!) … LOL

    Glad it was like water off a duck’s back with him. Your husband DID get a free haircut out of the deal, one way or another, right? Too bad it didn’t come with the Dolly Parton boobs.

    My husband (when I still had a husband) was balding when I married him, and always wanted to wear a hat (and he ain’t no cowboy). Then he started growing his beard LOOOOOOONG to compensate. I kept telling him that some women really could care less whether or not he had hair on his head, but he wasn’t convinced. We’ve been divorced more than ten years now, and about five years ago he shaved his head completely (and his beard is now almost down to his belly button). Not a look I find attractive. Not even a little bit. Sometimes when I run into him now , at family functions, I wonder how I could ever have found him so cute, back when we were dating. Of course, he probably says the same thing about me. That’s okay. He doesn’t have to be cute to me any more, and vice a versa. Hair or no hair.

    p.s. I don’t know why, but even though your blog shows me “following,” I haven’t been getting email notifications when you post new blog entries. I just signed up again, and hope it will re-set the system so I’ll get updates when you post. That’s happened with a few of the blogs I follow regularly. Glad you commented today … it made me wonder how come I haven’t seen anything new from you lately, so I popped over here, and sure enough, you’ve been blogging just fine … I’m just not getting the notifications. Anyway, hope it’s fixed now.


    • Someone else said the same thing. The only thing I did about 2 months ago was to buy my own domain. Since I don’t understand all the nuances of that, I don’t know if that’s the reason some have not been getting the notification. Actually, after I did that my blog was blocked by my former employer’s security system. No wonder I am terrified to change a thing. Glad you came back.


      • WordPress can be user-friendly at times, and other times it is pretty much a complete mystery. I’ve actually been contemplating buying my own domain, too, but in my blogging life (about 10-12 years now) I’ve had so many different blogs, it kind of doesn’t make sense to lock into one name. Maybe. How’s that for decisive decision making? LOL Still giving it consideration.


  3. my mum use to cut my hair and I have cut peoples hair too … but with curls I don’t really like others cutting it, if I do it my self and mess it up fine, but otherwise it’s a hairdressers job, sadly they mess it up too at times. currently my hair is way too short and I am not happy


  4. Does he still use Prell? I swear that stuff kept me blonde for many years longer than it should have been. I don’t have to worry about these things with my hubby. 😉


  5. Yikes! No offense, but my revenge would be your baldness..hahaha! That’s how women roll…stick to the men, they honestly don’t care. My husband came home with a “haircut” and said “I know its bad, but it will grow back”… really?


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