The age-old (or old-age) mysteries of life

As I get older there are some things that I don’t understand. Certain things just don’t make logical sense to me. Perhaps they should or maybe they are just mysteries.

  • Despite the fact that menopause happened a while back, I still get the urge to eat junk about once a month. Sometimes I even bloat just for old times sake.
  • I cannot check any box that says age 65-74. It just looks gross. I actually lie on surveys. What are they thinking anyway? Why not just say over 60? Sooooo much better!
  • The hair on my head continues to thin and gray but my leg hairs are nice and healthy and dark. What’s with that?
  • Does this look like 60?

    Why are all the cosmetics that are supposed to help with aging skin modeled by very young models? Do they think we would believe that the model is really over 60 but their product made them look sooooo much younger?

  • It seems a lot of “aging” products are directed to 40-year-old women. Why do cosmetic companies think 45 is old. Heck, that’s when you lose your training wheels!
  • Why can’t I remember why I walked into a room but I can vividly remember that my niece ate my chocolate bunny ears 55 years ago?

If you have any answers, I’m all ears — preferably chocolate ears!


Photo credit to MemphisTNBuss via Flicker (model) and CALYZNCB via Google (question marks)

21 thoughts on “The age-old (or old-age) mysteries of life

  1. My mum is reading a wonderful book about age related memory loss. Maybe you want to check it out? It’s very light hearted 🙂

    Let me know and I will get the title for you!


  2. The woman in that pic doesn’t even look 30!
    I solved that shower problem by using Pantene because the conditioner and shampoo bottles are different shapes making it easy for me to tell them apart. The product’s pretty good too!


  3. Kate, you’ve done it again. Asked age-old questions about old age. I believe advertisers use much younger models for their products because they wouldn’t be able to convince us their products work by using someone who might actually need the product.
    My question is why do they make the print so tiny on products that you need a maginifying glass to read it? Real convenient when I’m in the shower and have trouble telling the difference between shampoo, conditioner or body wash. 🙂


    • Oh my! You hit on another sore spot. I have purchased a magnifying lamp because I can’t see instructions on pills and other products. I don’t use the same brand for the shampoo and conditioner so I can tell them apart. We need to get some older people in product testing!


  4. Too good…especially about those “age defying” cosmetic product models. Easy for them to defy again…they aren’t old…as you so aptly point out. You’ve nailed it once again!


  5. And when you know some of the models are as young as 16 yrs. It’s no wonder women in their 30’s and 40’s worry they look old – just stupid brainwashing by marketing for products. So harmful.
    (I feel like wearing a T-shirt that says “I made it this far – and you should aspire to be look this good at this age.”)
    You can say I’m off my rocker – but having fun.
    GREAT post


    • Being off your rocker is not a bad thing. It makes you interesting. As Snoring Dog said even when they use older models (think Diane Keaton) they airbrush the photos so she looks like she’s 30. Too bad there isn’t an airbrush for life in general.


  6. And even when they use older models to show off anti-aging cosmetics, they’ve airbrushed the wrinkles out of their faces after photographing them! I say pay no attention to the number that is your age. And don’t let people remind you what it is!


  7. I have always wondered why they use 20 and 30 something models to model anti-aging creams and cosmetics. Those women don’t need them and anyone old enough to feel the need to buy those products isn’t stupid enough to think that it will make them look like a 20 year old.


  8. My beauty secret is to not wear my glasses anywhere near fluorescent lights, and often not in m own bathroom. I am very good at denial! Your observations tell me that you are more grounded in reality than I am. How’s that working for ya? 🙂 Debra


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