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Riatarded wrote “The Uninspired Chronicles” about her writer’s block and challenged bloggers to post their thoughts. We all have writer’s block from time to time. Sometimes I am just too lazy to put down my thoughts and sometimes there aren’t any to put down. Over the past six months I have come up with some ways to help curb it.


  • My best blogs (at least I think) are written when I am fired up about something or someone (mostly idiots). I try to write it during the emotional phase before the fire cools. If I can’t do that I jot a couple of notes or phrases to help me recreate my emotions. You can always find idiots to write about. Just look around.
  • Much to the dismay of my friends and family, I look at every experience as a blogortunity. (Feel free to create new words if necessary!) It’s like a salesperson looking at everyone as a sucker potential customer.
  • Sometimes what is funny in person doesn’t translate into a good blog and vice versa. You may have to leave out the best part or people will not talk to you and something gets lost. However, you do carry a poetic license to enhance a story, much like a boob job and some nip and tuck. Use it!
  • When I’m hot, I’m hot. Sometimes I can write three stories in an hour, so I do. The best posts are the ones that sit a couple of days to ferment just like wine or maybe sauerkraut. When I come back to use them, I can usually add a few things I forgot the first time around.
  • I’d like all my posts to be riotously funny but it doesn’t happen. Keep your expectations low so when it all comes together, you are on top of the world!
  • When you are really stuck, get the cats to post for you. Animal people laugh at everything! They are the best followers in the world.
  • Always finish off with chocolate! That will ensure there is a reward at the end even if Freshly Pressed misses their opportunity.
  • Keep writing even if its gibberish. Nothing happens if you don’t write.


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41 thoughts on “The uninspired chronicles challenge | For Bloggers

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  2. Terrific advice! I find myself going weeks without any bloggortunities presenting themselves. Or when they do, I can’t seem to find the time to get them written. It can be really frustrating. One of my bad habits, I have discovered, is to think too long about something, miss that “fired up” window, and decide it wouldn’t make a good post after all. And it might very well have been if I had started typing instead of thinking.


  3. “I look at every experience as a blogortunity. (Feel free to create new words if necessary!)”

    Two of my biggest vices as well (or “vicitudes”, if you will), and I refuse to give up either!


  4. Thanks … and yes I do see what you mean, I still only have a few reader and my blogs are not always that great but I’ll keep trying and put chocolate in the fridge just to make sure


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  6. Love the new word, but here’s the thing — shouldn’t that be spelled bloggortunity? Otherwise, the pronunciation would have a long “O.” After all, opportunity is spelled with two Ps. I think it was in grade school that I learned to use a long vowel sound for a vowel that is followed by a consonant and another vowel. Am I remembering that correctly?

    And yes, I admit it, I am a picky-britches. 😉


    • Ok Miss Picky-britches, bloggortunity it is! Actually I thought about that when I wrote it but didn’t know the rule. Now I do. Of course, spellcheck is of no help when you make stuff up. Heck, it’s barely any help when it’s a real word!


  7. ntexas99 sent me by to look at your fabulous coined word! I love “blogortunity”! It’s a totally blogarrific idea!

    I’m happy that ntexas99 suggested I come over— I enjoyed reading your advice very much. YAY for blogortunities!


  8. If you and I were to sit down and have coffee together, I’m guessing we’d both have oodles and oodles of blog-worthy notes to inspire countless blog posts. *smile*

    Adore the “blogortunity” word. I might have to send a friend over here … she LOVES words that people make up, especially when they really, really should be in the dictionary!


      • Silly me … I thought I put the link in my comment to you … I guess in the century of time it took me to have the thought, and begin typing, I must have forgotten to include the link (what was I saying?) … sorry about that … memory loss get to me every time. Actually, I was referring to Courtenay Bluebird, who regularly features a “this word should be in the dictionary” segment on her blog, (about once a week). She loves finding new words that “belong in the dictionary,” so I couldn’t wait to tell her your new word. Here’s the link :

        However, you certainly won’t get an argument out of me about yearstricken being the biggest wordiphile we know. She can wrangle words better than any person I’ve ever come across, and that’s no joke. I’ll just bet she would loved to have come up with “blogortunity” herself. Careful there … you’re playing with the big boys (or girls) now! I really do love that word you created. Fun stuff.


  9. I like your list, Kate, and feel they suit me well. I now have family members telling me what they think a good blog topic might be! That always makes me chuckle…it’s a group effort. I am really intrigued with those who post daily…I don’t think I have that in me, but there is always something to say. It’s just the discipline of sitting down to say it 🙂 And you were NOT in my Spam folder, so I guess you were in temporary hiding 🙂 Debra


  10. Thank God for idiots. Where would bloggers be without them. Of course, sometimes I’m the blogger and sometimes I’m the idiot; either way I have something to write about.

    Thanks for the great advice.


  11. Dear Coffee Kat,

    My cats can’t type. The dogs have tried, but mostly it looks like: dc;ONlVNSoXCiklNSo;cIJA8r03927307w49ef;oiefuj;ofdkns naosidjsk nmsi748wueirtjk;lpo

    Any other advice? You know I can use it. 😉


  12. hahah you are the first one to write a post! Very funny and extremely accurate!

    Thank you for the late night laughs Kate! You are awesome!


  13. You know people have caught on to your blogging habits when they start looking really nervous because you are scrambling for something to write on after they did something funny! I like the way you said some of your posts “sit a couple of days to ferment” – it’s so true! – excellent way of expressing that!


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