Spring fever attacks the young and young-at-heart

Rainbow striped toe socks worn with thong sandals

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Here in the northeast we are having an early spring. The weather has been unseasonably mild for the past week or so and highs in the mid-70s are expected through this week. Normal weather for this time of year is low to mid-50s with howling winds, crazy rain and cranky people. It is amazing what a little good weather can do.

First, I love the kids. When the temperature goes up a notch, out come the shorts and flip-flops. I love summer clothes but the mid-60s is too cold for me to even think about flip-flops. As for shorts, well, that ship has sailed but I haven’t even cracked the capri’s yet. Ok, I did buy two pair but I didn’t wear them yet! There was this sale…..

It reminds me of last November. As soon as the weather went below 80, all the kids broke out their UGGs. They wore the high boots during the warmest of our Indian summer. I think there is a theme here.

I remember as young adult, washing my car in short shorts (yes, there was a time when I did that sort of thing) in the very early spring with my mother yelling that I would die of pneumonia. I never did die of pneumonia but my car was sparkling. There must be something about youth that makes us impatient for the next chapter.

I love spring probably more than any other season…at least when it’s a nice one. There is a promise of renewal and a wonderful fresh smell in the air. Our magnolia is blooming and it is just lovely. However, being an old realist, I know that it is the start of the huge cleanup, weekly lawn/garden care and work, work, work. It’s outside work which is more satisfying sometimes but it’s still work.

During the winter there was just the dreaming about the work (and fresh tomatoes and fruit) and cuddling up with a book. When you write it down, it doesn’t sound so bad but when you live it, winter just is too long. I really think I could live someplace temperate all year round, near the beach and maybe get a job making margaritas at a beach bar with all the hotties. I could get a thigh-lift for those shorts….


13 thoughts on “Spring fever attacks the young and young-at-heart

  1. WOW. I actually had these socks! (but used with Dr Scholls original wooden sandals). They still make them? When it does get warm, go with the capri pants or crops. You’ll be great in them – sorry have to go clean off from all the yard work…trying to get stuff done before it gets so darn hot I can’t stand it!


  2. I think you’re right about the young being eager for the next chapter. Here in Wisconsin all kinds of people put on shorts and t-shirts when the temperature gets in the 50s. It’s amazing.

    I love your humor at the end. I didn’t even know they did thigh-lifts.


  3. When I lived in Central New York, I thought no one ever loved Spring as much as we did.. After our long, sub-zero winters, those first shoots of green grass, hardy tulips pushing thru the snow, and a robin’s sweet song were all just heavenly.


  4. This has been my kind of winter. I agree with you that the thought of a warm cup of tea, cozy jammies and a book are more appealing in theory than in reality. I have a huge flower garden and spring and summer mean a lot of additional “work”, but I’m outside so I don’t mind it so much. It’s a small sacrifice to make to get to spend time in my hammock with a book.


  5. Here I am in my usually very temperate climate–COLD! We have switched climates for our introduction to spring! I realize “our” cold may be your “moderate” –a bit relative I guess. But I am cold 🙂 I don’t own an UGGs, but I must admit they look comfortable. Spring is here…I love spring, too, and even if it is a little chilly, I’m enjoying all the new green shoots. And we can now officially begin to dream of summer tomatoes! Debra


  6. er in the South, we’ve had a run of 80+ days. So weird for mid-March. Dogwood winter, though, is just around the corner!


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