Chick lit light and a belly full of laughs

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The beloved husband is one of the most supportive people I know. He thinks I am wonderful (which I am) and compliments me on my accomplishments. However, I had a hard time getting him to read my blog.

At first, he read the articles before I posted.  I wasn’t looking for an editor so I MADE him subscribe to my post. Seriously. MADE.

Unlike my brother, who at least said he wanted to read my blog but would lose my link (yeah, I made him subscribe too), the beloved husband just didn’t read them. He said it was chick lit light which is like a chick flick only um….worse.

He would also prefer if I didn’t blog about him. That won’t happen. He lives with me. Where can I get better material? I also know I can get him to read it if I tell him it’s about him.

I started to include guitar comments in my posts. That perked him up. My passion is to make him laugh and it takes more than a guitar comment. He doesn’t laugh easily. I can watch a TV show or a movie and really laugh out loud. He, on the other hand, cracks a smile. How about some gut-splitting laughs?

I am in search of the big hardy guffaws. I want people to made obscene noises while reading my blog. Go ahead! Spit on your computer or laptop or whatever. One reader commented that she squirted a drink out of her nose when she read my blog. Gotta love that!

Maybe men prefer more flatulence in their reads. I could use the word more. It would give me some Google hits.

Speaking of chick lit, I just finished my first Janet Evanovich novel. I must admit I did laugh out loud a lot (is that lolal?). Is that chick lit? It was full of monkeys and a fire-farter and some really odd relatives (more odd than mine). The beloved husband usually reads Baldacci, Connolly, DeMille, Grisham and he liked the trilogy by Stieg Larson. If there isn’t a murder in the first 50 pages, he is not happy. I should have him read about the monkeys and the fire-farter. It will help him grow and maybe have some hardy guffaws!

10 thoughts on “Chick lit light and a belly full of laughs

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  2. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!


  3. I prefer my husband does not read my blog. He’s a very serious guy and I like to poke fun at him. I don’t want to feel like I have to be “sensitive”.
    He laughs at “World’s Dumbest” – nothing like a kid hitting himself in the head with a skateboard to get him to laugh.


    • That’s a wise decision. It’s so much easier. After I post we do have discussions. Someday I want a secret blog where I can post about anything without being sensitive. Nothing kills humor like sensitivity but it does preserve relationships.


  4. This is too good, Kate. It’s hard to get a man to focus on things that interest “their” woman when they’d prefer the opposite. Maybe that’s how we got to the “opposite sex” label. Anyway, you’re on to something here about a really good laugh. I read a Evanovitch novel and she spins a riotous tale. Good for what ails ya!


  5. My hubby likes mine if he’s in them, also. I use real names and so far neither he nor the kids have been upset – but not sure if the kids read them anyway.


  6. If it makes you feel any better, Kate. My dad didn’t subscribe to my blog for 4 months. He wanted to see if it was funny before he made a committment. My siblings still have not subscribed.

    As for men and humor, if Oregano sees a spit take or pratt fall, I practically need to give him oxygen because he laughs so hard. I don’t get it.


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