It’s Award Time!

Several weeks ago, Lauren from Rein Rant ‘N Rave nominated me for the Versatile Blogger. I didn’t follow up as I should because there were many awards circulating at the time and I thought I could take a different approach. Silly me. Since Sally Field has been done many times (They like me, they like me), I was stumped for a new twist. I gave up on winning the Pulitzer for this post…maybe next time.

Then, this past week I was nominated for either the Versatile Blogger or the Liebster award by yearstricken followed by inclusion on RVing girl’s blog so I thought I better respond properly. First, I am thoroughly honored. As I have said before, bloggers, especially new ones, are needy. I love to hear that someone actually liked something I wrote. I truly want to thank anyone who has clicked a “like” or entered a response. That is the best gift you can give a blogger.

I had received the award a couple of months ago and did the required routine. Instead of boring you again, I have included the link. The bloggers I noted on that blog are still some of my favorite bloggers. Blogging is amazing. I have come to know people by their first name – Nancy, Rita, Dawn, Helen and the elusive Paprika and they are my internet BFFs. The make me laugh and cry (hopefully I do whatever is appropriate for the occasion). I have listed some new (for me) bloggers that I have found (or they found me) more recently. Most of them post on life experiences.  I have a short attention span, so people I follow usually keep it short.

Thanks to Lauren ( Her posts are great. They are about life — upbeat, positive and fun. I always like that. And thanks to year-struck ( I love her musings on life and her use of the English language. RVingGirl ( and I have been together for a while. Her blog is life mixed with spirituality.

Must read blog series:

Pschodynamom’s series on the adoption of a Russian child . It is heartwarming. I would check email everyday to get the latest news as the story unfolded. Her series on breast cancer is riveting for anyone who has gone through that experience.

More favorites:

Everyone needs a blog to keep them young. I visit Ashley to see what the young folks are thinking She did an interesting post on blogging tips.

There is Life is a Bowl of Kibble  who posts some unusual stuff, like a pixelized picture of herself. Brave woman!

Angrymiddleagewoman makes normal life funny or maybe funny life normal.

A new friend is Today I Think She posts short pieces almost daily – quick easy reads, sometimes just a quote or photo and sometimes a story or a book review. I found her because her Gravatar looks exactly like a cat I used to have. Oddly enough, after I found her, her cat passed away. I wouldn’t keep following just for that. I enjoy her work.

When I want to live a fantasy life in a foreign country, I visit Help! I live with my Italian mother-in-law She posts about life in Italy with her Italian mother-in-law. Do I need to say more?

I am a cat lover and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have at least one cat blogger noted here. Kittybloger is a hoot. There are several posts every day — no words, just pictures, graphics or clips. I always go there when I need a chuckle

There are others too (in alphabetical order):

There are many others too. Some I have just found. The best part of the whole award deal is that you get introduced to new bloggers.

Thank you all, especially my eighth grade nun teacher who didn’t think I couldn’t write! You inspired me to prove you wrong! (She thought I’d be a good auctioneer because I could certainly talk a lot!)

14 thoughts on “It’s Award Time!

  1. YAY for you. You recognition is well deserved…more to come…just keep pounding out the great posts. I’m thrilled to be one of your blogger BFF’s. Mutual admiration is a wonderful thing. May 2012 be another banner blogging year for you! Your first name buddy, Dawn


  2. Congratulations! And thanks for the list. Since the roofing business slows down this time of year, I will have time to check out the other bloggers – but you will always be my favorite. Best to you and the beloved husband in 2012.


  3. Congratulations on your nomination and thank you for giving us non-bloggers who love to read blogs new sites to visit. I truly enjoy reading yours!


  4. Thanks so much Kate!
    Hey you deserve all the awards roaming around in cyber-blog-space!
    I always enjoy your heartfelt posts!
    I fully intend on delving into these other blogs you have mentioned here. Thanks for the tips!
    Have a brilliant day!


  5. Congrats, Kate! These awards are well deserved. I remember when you were a brand new blogger and now look at you, receiving multiple awards 🙂 I look forward to reading your blog because each post is different. Here’s to many more posts!


  6. Congrats on the nomination. That’s really cool. I’m pretty new at this as well, the technical aspect of blogging has slowed down my posting, but I hope to get better at it because I agree that it is fun and a great way to “meet” a variety of interesting people. And thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning me on your list of blogs you like! Best way to start my day!


    • I remember the early days. It took me hours to download a picture through Flickr. I have learned so much about the internet, Photoshop, links, my camera and other things technical in addition to writing. I used to get annoyed because the writing took 20 minutes and the rest took 2 hours!


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