I hate buying underwear.  The days of buying leopard print bikinis (yes, I KNOW bikinis are considered old-fashioned these days) with cute, matching bras are long gone. They don’t make them in orthopedic versions and I gave up on having a clean matching set at any given time. These days I buy a beige tone that never matches the other beige tones I have and of course, the black set for…well…black clothes. If they sold them by the case I would buy them that way.  There is no creativity or excitement.  It’s just something you need like white athletic socks for sneakers. Basics – like flour and sugar or air and water. I only buy them when I need them.

This was a very hot summer on the east coast — hotter than we have had for a long while. Since I spent more time at home, I not only had two-shower days but in some cases three-shower days. That can make a person run through a lot of clean underwear.  I decided to use my 20% off coupon to fill up the drawer. It was either that or buy the Bullet blender which I really don’t need. After all, you can’t waste a 20% off coupon.  It’s just not right.

After you purchase new underwear, you wash it and put it at the bottom of the pile (Mom always said you rotate your undies so they don’t get stale – I am not sure what stale underwear looks like but I am not taking a chance). They must wait their turn to get to the top of the pile and today was the day!  Today I finally got to wear the first of the new stuff I bought three weeks ago.

Wow, a brand new pair of underwear is a wonderful sensual experience – so soft, good fit (why do underwear shrink?), no pilled fabric or pulls, clothes side over nicely.  It was a bright shade of beige, different from all my other beiges. I must admit, I reveled in the luxury for a full ten minutes before I ate breakfast and trudged off.  Within an hour, it was all over. The bloom was off the rose and the excitement was over but just for today. There are two more new pair hiding in that drawer, waiting to make my day!

5 thoughts on “Underwear

  1. Ok, Dawn & Kate, I feel your pain. I went for new underwear last night at the store I always buy my brand and good grief!-they stopped making them. Now what am I supposed to do?? You finally find the style that fits just right and Kate, they did the unthinkable. Well, Bon-Ton sent me a $10 off an order of $10 coupon so off I went to Bob-Ton at lunch. Of course, they have nothing like the ones I really like!! Now what. I’m going to Ireland and Scotland 10/1/11. I can’t travel without new underwear!!!!!


  2. So true. I often stock up on underwear that I like for fear that one day I’ll go shopping for it and the style will be discontinued. As a kid, I was taught to save new clothes, including underware, for good–meaning special occasions. When it came to underwear, I wasn’t sure what that meant. I’ve got an idea now! I still don’t wear new underwear until all the old ones are so stretched out that I’ve got no choice. How pathetic is any of this!


    • Good grief! I felt deprived because my mother didn’t buy me the pastel ones with the days of the week on them! She knew I was too anal to wear something that said Wednesday on a Friday and managing me and underwear wasn’t something she wanted to do.


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