Last year I didn’t do a lot of flowers. I tried a few things in the existing window boxes and they didn’t work. The box was the problem. Not enough drainage holes so the flowers were either dry or overwatered. Out ye damn boxes.

This year, after the deck was done, I splurged on new boxes and an old standing planter that I had at the old house. Things are flourishing and everything is beautiful.

Verbena with a few vincas mixed in. You can see the canna lily in the background and my one tomato plant on the side.

This canna lily is from last year. Wintered in the garage without much light or love. The window box has verbena and torenia.

Ain’t summer grand? We could use some rain. Most of the rain coming east in the past few weeks has missed us. Yesterday we spent the day watering all the new plantings. We are lucky we can that. We are lucky that almost all of the new plantings were done in April. They got a good start and are doing well. A few were planted in the last few weeks and we are working to make them happy. The deer did a little pruning but not much.

63 thoughts on “Summertime!

  1. Beautiful flowers and I like the Canna. We used to have them in the planters box when we lived in Canada and I remember we could see the hummingbirds dancing around them from the living room window. My father didn’t want them when we moved here so he planted Yucca plants instead, which were beautiful but took a while to bloom. so looked a bit boring ’til thy got going. Is that your shed in the background? We have an all-day rain today, mixed with storms throughout the day, so I’m seizing the opportunity to try to catch up here before I shut down once it begins storming. Like everything else these days, the rain will not be normal, but multiple deluges. We just had one of them.

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    • Because we did a lot of new shrub/tree planting this year we have to watch the rain carefully. Late spring and early summer we had enough natural rain but the last week or two has been dry or a sprinkle that doesn’t even wet everything.


    • Thanks. I was worried that by the time the deck was done all the boxes would be sold out. There were only a few black ones left and I didn’t want the green or white. I was fortunate that there were some great flowers left too. Those get picked over. Last year the supply wasn’t great and we were in mums by mid-July. This year there are beautiful summer flowers still available.

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    • I’m not a fan of the oppressive heat but I do like summer. Fall isn’t bad. Still great flowers and the weather is comfortable but it always comes with it’s sister winter of which I am not a fan. Too old to deal with snow and ice.


  2. So pretty. Looks awesome on your well-deserved new desk. We were dry the whole month of June. Had to water just about every day, as we were getting dry spots on the lawn. Now, in July, we’re getting rain – a little too much now. It’s either all or nothing. 🤷‍♀️ Have a nice weekend, Kate.

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  3. Beautiful. I would love to plant flowers all around our house, I just don’t have a green thumb. But I think next spring I’m going to give it a go and put them everywhere! We’ll see. Beautiful deck with all the flowers!!!

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    • I’ll post pictures of the front of the house. I have two beautiful planters (so easy to water) and I did a front row of hot pink flowers in front of our pachysandra. Pretty pleased with it but I will downsize it a bit next year. Part of the area got more shade than I expected. The pots on the deck take less than 5 minutes to water but they need to be watered every day because of they are in the sun almost all day. Worth it though.


    • Except for today when a critter (squirrel?) took down my only tomato plant on the deck. I lost almost all the tomatoes on it. Next year I won’t bother. I’ll see if it’s worth it this year. Boogers. Other than that it is nice. We have decided to put awning fabric under the pergola to make it cooler in the mornings.


  4. Looks beautiful…….I love things that come back year after year like the canna lily and outside of a few pots of impatiens, a fern, and a mandavilla on my front porch everything else is perennial. We are either in feast or famine with rain here so far this summer. Sadly the rain usually comes in the “violent storm” category – we lose power/internet, etc. Nice summer rains like I remember from years ago would be JUST PLAIN WONDERFUL!

    Hugs, Pam

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