Happy Groundhog Day! Goodbye January!

Weather-forecasting groundhog, courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s been a grim January in many ways but it always is. Although it’s my birthday month, many of the most tragic things in my life happened in January including losing both parents (in different years). When you are a moderate optimist like I am, you do things to switch it up. Many decades ago, I started to celebrate Groundhog Day. Not for any weather or rodent related reason. (You know that groundhog really can’t predict weather! That whole thing is a scheme to somehow make money.)

January is over and I’m grateful if no one I knew died. My relatives die in freezing cold weather where your butt turns into an ice cube at the cemetery. (Note to self: No outdoor celebrations after my death. Just a margarita party in July!) Our coldest (but not snowiest) weather is in January so that’s done. You start to see chocolate bunnies and valentine hearts in the stores. How cool is that!

It signals a shift inside me just like the shift to holiday time in the fall but better and without pumpkin spice. Not that I don’t like the whole Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas thing but I like spring better. For me it signifies renewal of life. And S’mores.

Since my auto accident last summer (and I’m sure my aging has something to do with it) I don’t like driving at night. My eyes aren’t as sharp and reflexes as fast. The days are getting lighter longer so more activities. Outdoor walks may return! Super yay!

Coupled with the pandemic, I was almost reclusive in December and January. Even the cats were suggesting I get a life. Today I will dance the snoopy dance of life and enjoy every moment.

Phil, you silly rodent, may you have a great day as you get ripped out of your warm comfy nest to predict the unpredictable!

64 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog Day! Goodbye January!

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  2. Between the weather and the pandemic, it’s safer to stay indoors, but the weather is messing with my miles. I’ve tried to get some bike riding done, but it lacks the ambiance of the Park and the begging critters. The long-range forecast across the U.S. wasn’t very nice for the upcoming months and I was kinda sorta sorry I read it.

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  3. We in the much warmer west look at news reports of the snow in the east and shake our heads, knowing we aren’t hardy enough to even survive that much cold! I can only imagine how the first signs of thaw and spring must cheer the heart! I don’t think a groundhog can truly predict weather, but I must admit I still cross my fingers for an early spring!

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  4. I feel like a hermit anymore. It’s not that I don’t want to venture forth, it’s there’s nowhere to go safely. As for a groundhog not predicting weather, are you sure? Yesterday the little bugger said 6 more weeks of winter, and today Winter Storm Landon is here. Just saying.

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  5. I kinda like January. It is close enough to Christmas and the holidays that I can enjoy that festive mood without the drama and ridiculousness of what goes on in December. I just stopped listening to Christmas music and I am still watching the virtual Yule Log. I got married in January 48 years ago so that makes it fun to celebrate with good food and wine. I am with you on driving at night.

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  6. How exactly do you celebrate groundhog’s day? A groundhog piñata full of Starbuck’s gift cards? Dress up as your favorite groundhog? Write poems to groundhogs? Sing them songs? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  7. What?! There’s no consistent correlation between a groundhog seeing its shadow and the subsequent arrival time of spring-like weather?!! Next thing you will be telling me that there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny!
    I am totally with you in cheering on Spring!!

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    • I started young like that and it was cataracts. Even after they came out, it was much better but the aging effect on eyes cannot be reversed. I just plain old cannot see as clearly or react as quickly as I once could. Maybe that’s why Uber is so popular. I hunker in mostly during the winter.


  8. What I don’t like about this time of year is never knowing what the weather will be like. It can start out warm and in a few hours, it’s cold. The next day, cold then warm. Start out sunny then downpour rains. Never know what to wear if going out.

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  9. Yay for Groundhog Day! We’ve passed the midpoint of winter. I don’t like driving at night either…and for me it is definitely due to changes in eyesight due to aging. Darkness and wet roads are the worst. I’ve tried yellow lenses to cut down on glare and they do help, but I still don’t like it.


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  10. It’s astounding how silly the whole Groundhog prognostication thing is. Wake up basically a large member of the squirrel family (seriously, can anyone trust a squirrel for anything real?) and with a straight face say spring will (more often than not) be in 6 weeks (I just need to look outside at the foot of snow that fell yesterday). Umm, I could have told you that by looking at the calendar. Me thinks this whole Candlemas tradition must have happened because it was a slow news cycle. Stay warm and enjoy those few extra moments of daylight every day. I think now is as good a time as any to bring home a bouquet of tulips instead of believing in a rodent.

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  11. My horrible month is always March. It was my mother’s favorite month, and she died on the first day of spring. It’s when my pets die, or I get laid off, or the Pandemic really takes off.

    This is probably why I like fall so much better!

    I’m glad you made it to February and chocolate hearts intact.

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  12. We’ll still have a lot more icy winter weather coming our way but my mood is lighter already having survived January. I will be happy to return to taking walks with my husband and ending up at the little cafe in town afterward and eating outdoors at favorite restaurants……bring on the Spring!

    Hugs, Pam

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  13. Hi Kate – I can relate to your night driving scenario. In addition, I am getting so tired of erratic drivers that my vehicle lease is up next March and I am likely going to just turn the vehicle in and walk away (to an awaiting cab!). Driving used to be fun, but not anymore and, for the few times that I really need a vehicle, I can get a cab and save my vehicle insurance, gas and maintenance money!! I shall miss the freedom to go wherever, whenever … but it will be Limos and extra treats for Colin!!!! 🙂

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  14. The winter months are hard for me too. We put up some multi-colored twinkle lights on the front porch for Christmas and I’m not taking them down yet . When our walking the dogs at night it is so nice to see the lights that are still up. I’ll take them down, maybe, after Valentine’s Day when spring looks closer and the days get less gray and grim!

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      • I like that idea! It cheers me to see lights in the dark this time of year. In summer I don’t mind the dark at all, but this time of year we need all the light we can find.

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